Dr. (Mrs) Korter Grace Oluwatoyin is a renowned lecturer and the immediate past Asup Financial Secretary at the federal polytechnic Offa, kwara state. She did her B.sc and M.sc in 1997 and 2006 respectively at the University of ilorin. Mini Gallery Of Dr. (Mrs) Korter G.O She progressively did her P.hd at the University of Ibadan in 2015. All her degrees are in Statistics and she is a member of professional statitical bodies. Latest News Page Dr. (Mrs) Korter G.O is the former H.O.D of Math & Stat department and presently she is the Dean of Research And Innovation at the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.


Full Educational Background Of Dr. (Mrs) Korter G. O

  • University of Ibadan

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Econometric Theory and Methods


    Activities and Societies: Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA); International Research and Development Institute Research and Development Network (IRDI); West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA); Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

    My research to date have brought together a range of development themes with practical guide to policy formulation and governance for road traffic crashes management, technological innovation, health care, educational advancement and promoting socio-cultural values.

  • National Teachers’ Institute



  • University of Ilorin, Ilorin

    Master’s DegreeStatistics


  • University of Ilorin, Ilorin

    Bachelor’s DegreeStatistics


  • Kwara State Polytechnic,Ilorin

    Project Management


  • St. Monica’s College,Kabba



    Activities and Societies: Deputy Head girl; Debate Team, Literary and Maths Club


  • A Spatial Analytical Framework for Investigating Under-five Mortality Rate

    ABACUS. 43(2):200-214. (Published by Mathematical Association of Nigeria)  

    The objective was to introduce a mathematical approachthat incorporates locational values to solving the problem of Under-five Mortality Rate(U5MR). The Moran’s Index and a complimenting Statistic Getis and Ord were used. Data for this study was drawn from Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey for 2008.The Moran’s I Index, Z-score, P value equal 0.77,18.23 and 0.01 respectively. Also, theGetis and Ord statistic, Z-score, P value equal l 0.07, 3.09 and 0.01 respectively. The null hypothesis of…

  • A Spatial Analytical Framework for Examining Road Traffic Crashes.

    Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods/Published by Wayne State University, USA  

    A number of different modeling techniques have been used to examine road traffic
    crashes for analytic and predictive purposes. Map-based spatial analysis is introduced.
    Applications are given which show the power in a combination of existing exploratory
    and statistical methods.

    See publication

  • Characteristics, Causes and Spillover Effects of Road Traffic Crashes.

    Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany  

    In many instances where regression analysis is applied to spatial data, various measurement
    problems, spatial externalities, spatial dependence and other spatial effects which may lead to
    dependent error terms could arise. As such, the standard econometric modeling techniques
    become invalid. The main methodological problems stem from the existence of spatial effects
    in the form of spatial dependence (also known as spatial autocorrelation).
    For illustration, data were obtained…

    Other authorsSee publication
  • Information Communication Technology and the African Student.

    African Research Review/International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR) with its base in Bahir Dar, ETHIOPIA  

    To engage students, improve learning and become a cutting edge educator, it becomes necessary to combine traditional classroom instruction with online or mobile learning activities through the technological world which moves so fast and changes so rapidly. The objective of this study was to build an evidence-based framework that explains the challenge of the developing countries’ students in respect of maximizing the full potentials of the computer for educational activities. Questionnaires…

    Other authors See publication
  • Modelling Road Traffic Crashes using Spatial-Autoregressive Model with Spatial -Autoregressive Disturbances and Additional Endogenous Variable

    STATISTICS IN TRANSITION new series:17(4): 659–670/(Published by Polish Statistical Association, POLAND)  

    Road traffic crashes have become a global issue of concern because of the number of deaths and injuries. The model of interest is a linear cross sectional SAR model with additional endogenous variables, exogenous variables and SAR disturbances. The focus is on road traffic crashes (RTC) in Oyo State, Nigeria. The number of RTC in each Local Government Area (LGA) of the state is the dependent variable, while the explanatory variables include land area, population, major road lengths and travel…

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  • Nigerian Statistical System: The Evolution, Progress and Challenges

    African Journal of Sustainable Development (UNDER REVIEW)  

    The product of a national statistical system is the official statistics which is the bedrock of any national transformation agenda. This study examined the evolution of the Nigerian Statistical System (NSS) from 1928 to date. The historical development was categorized into four stages: Phase I – Early Stage (pre-1957 Statistics Act), Phase II – Development Stage (1957-1988); Phase III – Reorganization and Consolidation (1988-2007); Phase IV – Implementation of the National Strategy for the…

  • Agrosearch/Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin, NIGERIA  

    The past decade has been one of agro-pessimism. The objective of this study was to investigate the level of participation of males and females in crop farming and examine whether there is any spatial dependence (spill over effect) in the level of participation within geographical locations. Data on employment in crop farming by sex and category of workers was obtained from www.nigerianstat.gov.ng. The simple trend line and multiple bar charts were used for comparative analysis, while Moran’s…

    Other authorsSee publication
  • Spatial Analysis of Digital Technologies and the Impact on Socio – cultural Values in Selected Communities in Nigeria.

    African Journal of Sustainable Development/University of Ibadan Centre for Sustainable Development, NIGERIA  

    The objective of this study was to determine the spatial distribution of digital technologies and ascertain whether digital technologies have significant impact on socio – cultural values or not. Moran’s index and Getis and Ord’s statistic were used for cluster and hotspots analysis. The unique locations of digital technologies were investigated through standard deviational ellipse and standard distance deviation, while, the Chi-square statistic was used for test of significance. The Nigerian…

  • Lifestyles and Cancer Risk: The Case of Kwara State, Nigeria

    Journal of Social Development in Africa. 30(2):51-70/Published by School of Social Work, Kopje Harare Zimbabwe  

    The objective was to establish the level of public awareness of cancer risk factors and to conceptualize public programs with activities that can create behavioural change towards involvement with the causes of cancer.A cross-sectional study was conducted among 117 people that include pupils, students and teachers in selected primary and secondary schools in Offa local government area of Kwara state, Nigeria. The focus was on alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, obesity, poor diet, physical…

  • Estimating Bias of Omitting Spatial Effect in Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) Model

    International Journal of Statistics and Applications  

    Regression models commonly used to analyze cross-section and panel data assume that observations/regions are independent of one another. Relaxing this assumption of independent observations in a cross sectional setting requires that we provide a parsimonious way to specify structure for the dependence between the n observational units that make up our size n data sample. Spatial econometrics techniques allow us to account for dependence between observations which often arise when observations…


  • Multivariate Association in Road Traffic Crashes and the Policy Implication for Maximum Remedial Effect

    African Journal of Governance and Development 3(1):46-63  

    In 2010, the governments of the world declared 2011-2020 as the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The unanimous support for this Decade of Action from member states explains the growing awareness of the devastating scale of road traffic injuries as a global public health and development problem. Despite the enormous toll exacted by road traffic injuries, they have for many years been neglected by global health and development agendas, and funding for interventions has not been commensurate wi


  • Spatial Analysis of Road Traffic Crashes in Oyo State of Nigeria

    Journal of Sustainable Development 7(4):151-164  

    Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) are a global concern because of the frequencies of deaths, injuries and material losses experienced by countries as a result of the menace. The significance of the effect of RTC to individuals, societies and nations at large call for investigation into the pattern of the menace across neighbourhoods. This paper examined the characteristics, spatial pattern and concentrations of RTC in Nigeria, Oyo state and across Local Government Areas (LGA). Data on RTC were…

  • Spatial Dependencies in Under Five Mortality Rates in Nigeria using Proximate Environmental and Maternal Determinants

    Journal of the Nigerian Statistical Association (JNSA), Vol.26  

    The high incidence of Under-five Mortality Rate (U5MR) in Nigeria had been widely reported in literature. This paper identified the hotspots of U5MR, that is the probability of dying between birth and age 5 expressed per 1000 livebirths, using two proximate determinants-environmental contamination and maternal factors. Data from the Nigerian Demographic Health Survey (NDHS, 2008) were used with a focus on seven variables, namely, source of drinking water, toilet facility, type of cooking fuel…

  • Spatial Modelling of Road Traffic Accidents in Oyo State, Nigeria

    African Journal of Sustainable Development (AJSD) 4(2): 99-118  

    Roads often become sources of sorrow and venues of loss. Road accidents are a global scourge characteristic of our technological era, whose list of victims insidiously grows longer day by day. Most families have found themselves mourning, surrounded by indifference that is all too common as if this was a price that the society has to pay for the right to travel. The basic underlying assumption is that there is a spill over effect across the study area. The neighbourhood characteristics focused…

  • Practice, Knowledge and Perceptions of Antenatal Care Services among Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers in Southwest Nigeria

    International Journal of Maternal and Child Health 1(1):7-16  

    High maternal death in Nigeria is a concern to public health practitioners. Knowledge and perception of antenatal care (ANC) by pregnant women and nursing mothers are important in usage of ANC facilities. This study bridged existing gap in inadequate report of perception and knowledge about ANC services. We conducted cross-sectional study among 460 randomly selected pregnant women and nursing mothers in Okitipupa local government area and used questionnaire to collect data on antenatal issues.

  • Spatio – Temporal Analysis of Characteristics and Causes of Road Traffic Crashes in Oyo State of Nigeria

    The Nigerian Health Journal (TNHJ) 13( 4):166-181  

    Millions of people each year will spend long weeks in hospital after severe crashes. The WHO estimated that 1.3million people were killed by road traffic crashes (RTC) and 50 million injured on the worlds road annually, adding that over 80 percent of the figure occurred in developing countries, with Africa having the highest death rate. Also, WHO predicted that if nothing is done by countries to stem the tide, death by RTC would increase by 65% by 2015 to 2020, overtaking malaria and…

    Other auth.
  • Modelling the Academic Performance of Students’ in their First Examination in a Polytechnic

    International Journal of Research and Sustainable Development 4(1):21-27  

  • The Statistical Significance of Gender in Entrepreneurship Education

    International Journal of Advancement in Physical Sciences 4(1):51-56  

  • Building Regression Models to Describe the Significance of Statistics in National Development

    Continental Journal of Applied Sciences 6(3): 53-61  

  • Employment Gender Ratio Perspective in Nigeria

    Nigerian Journal of Science and Technical Research NIJOSTER 2(1):166-171  


  • Modelling Road Traffic Crashes using Modified Spatial Autoregressive Model


    Spatial contiguity of locations is a major factor in modelling Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) to enable a proper understanding of Spatial Dependency (SD) in RTC occurrences in order to maximise information for effective delivery of road safety remedial measures. The Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) model often used in modelling RTC accounts for SD only in the Endogenous Variable (EV). This method ignores SD in the Disturbance Term (DT) and Instrumental Variable (IV) which does not allow complete and…

    Repeated Measurements Data Analysis

  •  – 

    The project presents the basic philosophy of the statistical approach to experimental design. Repeated Measurement Data Analysis (RMD) was introduced with examples.

    Other creators
    • Reuben Ipinyomi
  • Hierachical Clustering Analysis of Ten Nigerian Languages


    The basic objective was to discover natural groupings of ten Nigerian languages using three methods of clustering namely, single linkage, complete linkage and average linkage methods.

    Other creators
    • S.I.Onyeagu

Honors & Awards

  • Networking with Think Tanks for Policy Dialogue & AES 2014

    African Development Bank / African Development Institute

    Grant to attend Workshop on “Networking with Think Tanks for Policy Dialogue & AES 2014” Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 16th -18th July, 2014

  • Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation

    Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation

    Grant to attend the 2014 VIII World Conference of Spatial Econometrics Association SEA2014 from June 11th -13th, 2014 Zurich, Switzerland

  • Tech4Dev International Conference UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: What is Essential?


    Awardee 2014 EPFL UNESCO grant to attend the 2014 Tech4Dev International Conference UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: What is Essential? in Lausanne, Switzerland. 3th -7th June , 2014

  • World Social Science Forum

    World Social Science Forum

    Awardee 2013 World Social Science Forum Sponsorship to attend The World Social Science Forum in Montreal, Canada. 13th – 15th October, 2013

  • Tertiary Education Trust Fund

    Tertiary Education Trust Fund

    2011 Tertiary Education Trust Fund Conference Attendance Intervention grant to attend VI World Spatial Econometrics Conference. Othon Bahia Palace Hotel, Brazil. 11th-13th July, 2012

  • Education Trust Fund

    Tertiary Education Trust Fund

    2010 Education Trust Fund Academic Staff Training and Development scholarship to complete MPhil (Statistics) Programme at the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


  • English

    Full professional proficiency

  • Yoruba

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Hausa

You can reach her through the following means.

Email- kortergrace@gmail.com

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