*Season 1*

Wife: Tilly come take ur breakfast it’s getting cold.

Tilly: I wanna take it with dad together on the dinning table.

Dad: Tilly baby, I’ll soon join u dear, go start it.

Tilly: okay daddy.

Dad joins Tilly no sooner after she got to the table.

Tilly: Dad, my tea is too hot.

Dad: Sorry dear, let me cool it down a little for u.

Wife joins from the kitchen.

Tilly: Mum are we going to school tomorrow?

Wife: No baby, u will go to school soon but not now OK.

Tilly: Okay mum.

Wife goes to the kitchen to pick something.

Tilly: I love u dad, u are not like the uncle who comes here when u go to work. He does not eat on the dinning table, he eats with mum in your room.

Dad in shock, stops taking the breakfast and sighs.

Wife: Honey u ain’t eating your food, are u OK?
Why the sudden mood swing?

Dad: I’m good dear I just lost appetite.

Wife: should I make something else for u?

Dad: not really babe, I think I’ll eat later. (He leaves the table)

Tilly: Mum, why did daddy stop eating? Is he sick?

Wife: Daddy is fine, he needs to do something inside.

Later that evening, Dad was watching TV in the hall.
Tilly runs to him.

Dad: Tilly baby, have u taken your bath already.

Tilly : Yes daddy.

Dad: good girl. So tell me, do u know the uncle who comes where any time I go to work?

Tilly: Yes daddy, one day he left something on the table so I took it and use it to play, it’s in my school bag.

Dad: Go and bring it.
( Tilly brings a voters πŸ†” that fell from the said Uncle’s wallet)

Tilly: This is it dad.

Dad: Good girl, is that the only thing he left here?

Tilly: yes dad

Mum walks in from the bedroom.

Mum: Daddy and daughter, what are u guys discussing.

Dad: Quickly he replied, we are watching movie and discussing it.

Mum: Smiles and asked Tilly to come for her medicine.

√√ Watch out for Season 2…


√√ Season 2

Dad woke up from bed but didn’t give wife the usual good morning peck on her forehead.

Wife: honey, my good morning kiss😌

Dad: stares at her for a while and walks away in silence.

Wife : Honey are u okay?

Dad: I’m fine!

Wife prepares breakfast but Dad refused to eat.

Tilly: Mum it’s like daddy is sick, call the Doctor.

Mum: Smiles, Dad is fine my dear don’t worry.

Dad: Tilly baby! Tilly baby!! he called out.

Tilly: Yes daddyyyy.

Dad: how are u

Tilly: I’m fine daddy but I know u are sick. U are not happy, I told mum to call the doctor for u ok😊

Dad: smiles, picks up Tilly and taps her at the back, saying I’m fine my dear. I don’t need a doctor OK.

Tilly : OK daddy then smile for me😊

Dad: 😊😊😊.

Wife gets closer and joins the conversation.

Wife: Tilly, how come u and dad are both smiling 😊, what are u talking about.

Dad: We are talking about my health.

Wife: that reminds me, honey we need to talk.

Dad: About what?

Wife: I think we should go inside.

Dad: Alright then. (Tilly, go watch TV in the hall I’ll be with u soon OK.)

Tilly: OK daddy

Wife and Dad begins conversation.

Wife: Honey, I’ve realised uv Bern behaving weird since yesterday after u abandoned my food on the dining table.
What’s the problem?
Have I done anything wrong.

Dad: Hmmmm, I’m sorry dear. It’s just about the lockdown and how I’ve been idle doing nothing. It’s getting me boring.

Wife : Is that enough reason to abandon my food? Honey the lock down is affecting us all but u shouldn’t make me feel I caused it by abandoning my food and acting weird towards me.
U refused me of the usual good morning peck on bed this morning, what about that?

Dad: I’m sorry love. It won’t happen again.

Wife: Honey, This is the time u got to spend with your family, I’ve always been all alone with Tilly whenever u leave this house for work.
I’ve missed u and this is the time I have u, old make this moment lovely for me.

Dad: I understand babe, sorry for my actions πŸ™.

Wife’s phone rings.

Wife picks.
Wife: can I call u back pls?
On phone : I miss u dear pls do call me when u are done with whatever you doing kk.

Wife: OK bye.

Dad: who was that?

Wife: Colleague from work.

Dad : Alright. So as I was saying, I’m sorry for everything OK.

Wife : OK dear. U still owe me that peck😊

Dad: smiles and pecks her on the forehead as he whisper I love u to his wife.

Later that day, mum was in the kitchen, her phone was on charge in the hall then a text came in.

It reads *” hello baby, I know he was around that’s why u couldn’t speak to me, I’m sure he has always been around u that’s why we can’t talk, but I still think about u all night. Our last meeting was a blast. How I wish this pandemic is over so u ride me again like a polo horseπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹. Take care baby, and don’t let him enjoy it all alone it’s mine too bye’*

Dad: takes a shot of it with phone and sits to watch TV.

Tilly goes to the kitchen.

Wife: where is dad

Tilly: He is watching TV in the hall.

Wife: Go get me my phone dear, it’s on charge in the hall.

Tilly brought the phone and mum saw the text.

After meals.

Dad: Honey, have I done anything wrong that u didn’t tell me?

Wife: No honey.

Dad: Are u sure? I wanna apologize if I have.

Wife: Come on honey, u have done nothing against me, what I wasn’t happy about, we resolved that in the morning. I’m cool now.

Dad: Okay babe. But don’t forget I love u.

Wife: I love u too.

Moments later dad went out to have some fresh air outside.

Wife makes call with the number that texted her in the noon. Tilly hears part of it and goes out to ask the meaning of statement from dad.

Tilly: Dad, what is the meaning of banging, and I lost my period?

Dad: Shocked, where did u hear those words?

Tilly: Mum was telling someone on her phone so I want to know the meaning.

Dad: They mean nothing my dear, they are words u will understand when u grow okay??

Tilly: Okay daddy.

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*√√ Season 3*

Dad calls a friend at work and tells him about what is going on in his house, making the lockdown a hell for him.

Later in the day

Dad: Babe, about Tilly, I’ll be going to get some foodstuffs for the remaining days of our stay at home so I’ll take her along to the mall kk.

Wife: okay babe, u should be cautious about the security personnel.

Dad: Okay baby.

At the mall Tilly saw a young boy of her age and they run to each other.

Dad: Tilly! Don’t touch him!

Tilly: I know him dad.

Dad: where do u know him from, your class mate?

Tilly: No dad, he has been coming with the uncle to the house sometimes when u go to work so we have been playing together.

Dad: Hello madam, is that ur son?

Woman: Yes pls, how come ur daughter knows him??

Dad: I think u should ask your son.

Woman: Mike, where do u know the girl.

Mike: Dad said I shouldn’t say it.

Woman: Dad said u shouldn’t say what? Tell me dear I’ll buy you ice cream and anything you want at the mall today.

Dad: Yes, I’ll buy you a nice parcel if u tell mum what dad said you shouldn’t say OK. ( Dad orders a container of ice cream for the kids)

Woman: Now tell me Mike, what did dad say you shouldn’t say.

Mike: Mum, promise me u won’t tell daddy about it.

Woman: I promise u dear. Dad will never hear this.

Mike: When dad takes me that we should go to the mall, we go to Tilly’s house to visit her mother before we come home.

Woman: Is that all?

Mike: And he said if I don’t tell u he will always buy me chocolate when I am going to school. And he promised to buy me a bicycle. That’s why he bought me the bicycle we brought the other day.

Woman: Do u know Tilly’s mother’s name?

Mike: No mum.

Woman : (Angrily asks) Mr. is that ur wife my son is talking about??!!

Dad: Hmmm, madam, calm down OK. We are not at a conducive place to have this conversation, if u don’t mind let’s exchange contacts and talk about this proper since we can’t meet anywhere because of the lock down OK. Pls calm down. I understand how u feel, I’m going through same thing.

Woman: This is why my husband has taken his attention off me all this while and he refused me having any kind of conversation with my own son. We had to leave the house without his notice while he was asleep to come to the mall.

Dad: don’t worry let’s exchange contacts and deal with this I’m a more appropriate manner madam.
(Dad and Woman exchange contacts)
One more thing, promise me you won’t ask your husband anything about it till we get to the bottom of it.

Woman: sighs…. U have my word. Anyway I don’t know ur name ,sorry for my actions I was tempered, I’m Mina what about u. I’m Bill, says Dad….

Watch out for *Season 4*!


*√√ Season 4*

Dad calls Mina.

Dad: Hi Mina it’s Bill, hope u good?

Mina: I’m fine, your self?

Dad: I’m doing well. Sorry for what happened yesterday anyway. Hope u didn’t show any sign of it when u got home?

Mina: I gave u my words. I didn’t. But he was mad at me for taking the boy out without his notice. But I apologized and cautioned the boy not tell him about what happened. From now I’m gonna keep an eye on his movements.

Dad: Alright. I have your husband’s Voter’s πŸ†” card with me. How can u trick him to look for it?

Mina: Really? What’s the name on it?

Dad: Louis Adepa. Is that his name?

Mina: of course!!

Wife walks in as Dad makes the call.

Wife : honey, can we have a word?

Dad: Pls let me finish this call.

Wife: Alright

Mina: That’s my rival I guess. Hmmm

Dad: Well, she was the one. So as I was saying, what can u do to make your husband look for his πŸ†” card?

Mina: I really don’t know but I’ll be glad if u can send me your wife’s picture on whatsapp. I wanna see if I know the face.

Dad: Well, I’ll do so. I’ll get back to u shortly OK. Bye.

Dad calls wife.

Wife: Who was on the phone?

Dad: A friend I met on my way to the mall.

Wife: A friend, So u ignored me because u were speaking to a friend? When did u start this honey.

Dad: I’m sorry dear, I didn’t know u needed me so urgent. I’m here for u. Let’s talk.

Wife: OK, I’m cool. I wanna go visit my mum and dad in the village and educate them a little on the pandemic and as well give them some foodstuffs. I think I’ll get some farm produce from my dad’s garden so we preserve as well.

Dad: That’s not a bad idea. When do u intend going?

Wife: My junior brother the soldier said he will bring me a permit to show to the security personnel on my way, so if he brings it today I’ll leave the day after tomorrow.

Dad: Well, u can go if he brings it. Are u going with Tilly?

Wife: Of course granny misses her.

Dad: For that I won’t allow. I think u should go and come since u will return the following day. Just prepare something and keep in the fridge for us, we will stay behind so u go and come.
Just tell ur mum I didn’t allow her to come with u because of the of the pandemic.

Wife: OK, if u say so.

Dad goes through his phone and sends a pic of his wife to Mina.

Mina: Thanks Bill. I don’t think I’ve met this face before.

Dad: OK.

Mina: Anyway my husband told me yesterday that he will be visiting his parents. He said his dad needs him urgently and he wants to take the boy along. But I refused. He hasn’t said anything about that yet. But he said he will leave tomorrow.

Dad: Really, how is he gonna drive through town?

Mina: well, he said he has sorted that already.

Dad: wow. My wife equally said same story but she said she will leave a day after tomorrow.

Mina: For real, where does he parents reside?

Dad: Prampram

Mina: Huh😳, my husband’s parents are in New Ningo, not far from Prampram.

Dad: Really?!

Mina: Yes.

Dad : well I have plan.

Mina: Tell me!

Dad: U give me ur husband’s car registration number, I have a police friend I’d employ to track him for me.
Which guest house do u think is conducive that he may book?

Mina: GT 501-17 A. He drives a charcoal black ford escape. He only has one guest house he goes, it’s called Micah’s Villa at the outskirts of New Ningo on the Prampram road.

Dad : OK. I’ll give u updates just in case OK. Chat u another time. I still have ur word. Don’t show signs of anything kk.

Mina: Kk Bill. Thanks

*Season 5*…


*√√ Season 5*

Dad called his school son back at senior high now a police officer in Prampram and feeds him with info about Louis and how to track him in Prampram.

Later that evening.

Wife: honey, I’ve prepared jollof rice and banku with palmnut soup for u and Tilly
Hope u like it?

Dad: Nods in agreement.

Wife: well, so I’ll be leaving early tomorrow, my jnr brother brought me the permit so he advised I leave early.

Dad: OK dear. Hope uv got ur stuffs ready?

Wife: Yes honey. But I’m gonna miss home. U and Tilly…

Dad: we gonna miss u too, just come as u promised so we won’t miss u more OK.

Wife: Kk dear, I will.

Dad: That reminds me. It’s a new month and per ur calendar you should be menstruating by now or experiencing signs of it, but you didn’t add pad to the list we sent to the mall.

Wife: Come on babe, u are so caring but sorry I didn’t tell u, my menstrual cycle changed last month so I’m expecting this one a week from now.

Dad: Is that so? Well I was just thinking aloud.

Wife: I know dear. I love u honey.

Dad: Love u too.

Wife kisses husband and leaves.

Dad on whatsapp with Mina.

Dad: Hello Mina, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with stuffs in my mail.

Mina: Don’t worry, I got busy during the day too. Anyway, Louis left around 11am this morning, he left Mike behind.

Dad : OK, I’ve worked on how he will be tracked so keep calm OK.

Mina: Hmmm, seriously Bill I’m running out of patience. I can’t watch my husband cheat right in my face while I sit and watch. seriously loosing it.

Dad: Take it Easy Mina, we need enough evidence to track them down, we can’t do anything now since we both have little info about their relationship. So keep calm OK.

Mina: Alright, if u say so.

Dad: Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed OK.

Mina : OK, I’ve heard u.

Dad: Take care OK. Let’s chat another time I’ve got stuffs to do bye.

Watch out for Season 6…

*Quarantine Diaries*

*Episode 6*


Characters break down:
Dad – Bill
Wife – Bella
Loius – Mina’s husband
Mina – Louis’s wife
Mike – Louis and Mina’s son
Tilly – Bill and Bella’s daughter.
Police – Bill’s school son.

Early morning!

Bill on phone

Bill: Yh, have u any info for me?

Police: Yh, the car came to pass by the barrier but he picked a friend who works in one Micah’s Villa off Prampram road. That was in the evening yesterday but I couldn’t call u because I went on an operation.

Bill: Good, can u trust ur friend? Can he give u info about his in and out in the hotel.

Police: Sure, he normally assist me with invsteigagtions.

Bill: Good, let me know if he books the place and watch out for my wife and tell me when she will get to ur barrier and her whereabouts in the town as well.

Police: Well, u know I can’t arrest your wife, so I’ll let a friend do that then I interrogate her. I’ll give u the feedback.

Bill: Good.


Bella: Honey, I’m set to go. Please take care of yourself and Tilly for me kk. I love u babe.

Bill: Love u more babe, drive safely. Give me a call in case of anything OK.

Bella: Okay dear. Bella drives off.

*Later in the day*

Bill on phone

Police: She came to pass, she said she was going to her parents in town.

Bill: OK, give your friend info about my wife’s car and describe her to ur friend. Let him inform you if she comes there ok.

Police : OK.

Later that evening Bill had a call from Mina.

Mina: Bill, u won’t believe what I found in my husband’s wardrobe.

Bill: What did u find?

Mina: I found a visa for a holiday trip booked in my husband’s name with ur wife.

Bill: Really?

Mina: Yes of course. They were supposed to be in South Africa by now for a holiday trip but for the lockdown.

Bill: Send me a pic of it kk. Just calm down, everything will be fine.
I remember she told me her sister in South Africa asked her to come over for a visit, I didn’t know that was the plan.

Mina: Bill, how can ur wife be this wicked. How can she destroy my home to that extent, what have I done wrong?

Bill: U can’t conclude like that Mina, just calm down OK.

Mina: Sighs and gasps. So till when cos I’m really loosing it Bill.

Bill: Very soon we will finish this OK, don’t interrupt it OK. Just put the file back there and pretend u never saw it kk.

Mina: Okay, later then.


Bill receives a text from Police. And it reads..
” *Bro, the man has told my friend to reserve a room for him at the top floor*’

Bill replies : Seen, just update me when he gets there and who visits him.

Police : Okay bro. Are u suspecting your wife or something?

Bill: Just help me get the info, but it should be between u and I pls.

Police: Sure.

Louis goes to his hotel room and calls Bella over.

Police gave info about Bella and Louis at the hotel with pics of the their cars sent to Bill.

Bill called Bella that night through out and her lines were off.

Mina did same and Louis’s lines were off too.

Mina was worried so she sent a text to her husband and it reads.

*I don’t know why your lines are off, but I just hope u are fine. Never the less, OK beginning to suspect u.*

Bill called a friend to get him permit from his wife, a health worker so he can drive through town. Which he got.

*Quarantine Diaries*

*Episode 7*

Bill drove off early in morning from home with his daughter to Prampram and visited Bella’s parents. He asked Mina to go wait for him at the Hotel reception.

Bella wasn’t with her parents, so he called Bella in front of her parents and she said she was home with her mum and they are even cooking in the kitchen so she will call him back. Her mum and dad heard her clear.

Bill quickly drove off to the hotel and met Mina.

Louis’s car and Mina’s car were both parked at one place.

Bill and Mina waited at the reception as Louis and Bella descend the stairs cases with kisses and soft touches.

To their amazement, Mina and Bill were staring at them right at the spot.

Mina collapsed at the spot and was driven to the hospital where she regained consciousness.

Bella was so comfortable as thou nothing happened while Louis was shivering in his boots.

Both families got back home to solve the issues.

To be continued………

*Quarantine Diaries*

*Episode 8*

Bill had been quiet on the issue for almost a week waiting for Bella to come up with an explanation, but she wasn’t coming forth.
Whereas Louis had been begging Mina for the past 7 days trying to explain what caused it.

Mina has still not recovered from the trauma and anytime she recalls what she saw at the hotel, tears roll down her chicks.

Louis had since rejected Bella’s calls for the past 6 days. But picks on the 7th day.

On phone…

Bella: Hi, u know I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m very sorry for the conduct of my husband, little did I know of the whole scenario.

Luois: Bella I should be apologizing here. I’ve since rejected ur calls because I can’t stand the shame I’ve caused u and myself. I barely eat these days. My home is disorganized, my wife is yet to recover from the trauma and it has been hell for me. I’ve not eaten since morning. I’ve being begging her all day but all she does is cry.

Bella: Hmmmm, my husband has been quiet and calm as thou nothing happened, but I’m not too bothered about that. I want your home to stabilize so u can be happy with your family once again. I can sort myself out. Don’t think about me that much.

Louis: Are u sure? U mean he has not said a word for the past 6 days? It’s really strange, he might have a plan. I think u should start apologising to him, he might find a reason to forgive u.

Bella: Louis, I told u not to bother about me that much, I can handle it. Let’s see to how u can restore happiness in your home.

Louis : Well, I’ll get back to u soon. Let me see to what Mina will eat.

Bella: OK, just keep showing her love and attention it may work. Find a convincing explanation to tell her. Let’s see what happens kk.

Louis: I’ve been trying, but let’s see what happens. Later then.

*That evening*

Bill: Babe, I’m from the dinning table and there’s no food. Can u serve me pls, I’m hungry.

Bella: I’m sick, and since u have refused to know how I’m faring for the past 6 days how will u know I can’t cook? Well I couldn’t cook and I’m hungry as well. I was waiting on u to come so we think of what to eat.

Bill: For real? Bella, upon all that happened that I’ve kept mute about, u still got the guts to tell me I refused to check up on u?? Should I ask u why u did it before u give me an explanation??

Bella: Bill, what did I do? What did u see me doing? Tell me what explanation u need so I’ll give u.

Bill: Bella, so u saw nothing wrong with what u did?

Bella: Bill, why should u inform my parents u saw me with another man. Should u tell my parents whatever goes on in our home? How did my parent know about this?

Bill: U ignored your mum when she tried talking to u about your actions, u told your dad to excuse you when he tried advising u, how will u know how they got to know about your doings? Is that why u have been unconcerned all this while? That’s what u want to defend yourself with right??

Bella: Among the four of us, who on earth would have informed my parents if not u? Are u telling me u didn’t tell my parents about this, are u saying u are not the one?

Bill: Bella, I didn’t call your parents to report u to ur mum or dad. If u want to know how they knew u should have listened to them.

Bella: Bill, I’m not ready for this right now. I’m not feeling fine and I need some food and rest.

Bill: Well I don’t think we can get food from anywhere by this time. Manage something from the fridge, I’ll sort myself out.

To be continued!

*Quarantine Diaries*

*Episode 9*

Bill calls Mina

*On phone*

Bill: Hi Mina, how are u? How do u feel now?

Mina: Bill, I’m deeply hurt, I’ve been crying all this while. I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused, I’ve been having heart burns anytime I remember the scene at the hotel. Seriously I need someone to talk to.

Bill: Take it easy dear, I know how u feel but don’t hurt yourself after he has hurt u. What has he said so far?

Mina: I’ve not paid attention to him Bill, what else does he have to say. He has been apologizing all this while with stories that he was having a deal with your wife to get something done for him so they met at the hotel for that business. But u and I know it’s a lie Bill.

Bill: Well, at least he has been trying to convince u, perhaps he has regretted his actions, that’s good. At least he is showing remorse.

Mina: What do u mean? What’s happening in your home? Has she said anything yet?

Bill: Sighs…. Mina, for the past 6 days Bella has not uttered a word to me in this house neither has she shown any remorse for her actions. She refused me dinner last night when I complained she rather blamed me for not checking up on her and telling her parents about what happened.

Mina: Bill, u don’t mean it!!

Bill: I’m telling u the truth. She is still in bed as we speak. That has been her normal routine. She wakes up after 10am after what happened.

Mina: Are u sure everything was alright between u both before this happened?

Bill: Of course yes, I did nothing wrong to her.

Mina: Hmmm, I think u should take heart and pls don’t stretch your hands on her no matter how irritating her actions become kk. Just take heart.

Bill: Don’t worry dear, we will get over this. Just wanted to check up on u. We will talk some other time kk. Take care.

*Later that day*

Bella’s dad (Mr. Kim) called Bill.

*On phone*

Mr. Kim: How are u my son?

Bill: I’m fine dad. Hope u are fine with the family as well?

Mr. Kim: By God’s grace we are doing well. Eeerm, my son, first of all I’d like to apologize on my daughter’s behalf for what she has done. It’s a disgrace to the family and I’ve not been myself all this while. What hurts me more is she has refused to hear from any of us. I don’t know if she thinks we informed u of her whereabouts. But frankly speaking my son we didn’t know she was up to something like that. Nobody was aware of her whereabouts. All we knew was she was on her way to her matrimonial home. So we were just expecting her call to inform us that she has arrived safely due to the fear of the lock down. So my son just take heart and exercise patience okay I hey u.

Bill: Dad, I understand how u feel, but I just couldn’t hold it anymore that’s why I wanted you and mum to know what I’ve been going through. It hurts to know this is what my wife does in my absence, and as we speak she has shown absolutely no regrets to what she has done. But all the same I’ll keep calm and handle it as a family issue, but when it exceeds me I’d have no option than involve you.

Mr. Kim: Thank u very much my son, just exercise patience, we will find time and come after the lockdown to meet u both. Anyway can u give me details of the man she was doing that with?

Bill: Sure dad.

Mr. Kim : OK, then send it to me on whatsapp, I’ll make one of the children open it for me on the phone.

Bill:Ok dad.

Bill sends info of Louis to Mr. Kim shortly after the call.

Moments later, Bella goes to the washroom to vomit.

Bill: U have been showing signs of pregnancy for past week, I’ve been expecting you to tell me something but u have remained silent. Can u deny u are not pregnant??

Bella: Bill, I am not ready for your trouble this morning at all. If u care about me, u should know the appropriate manner to ask your wife what’s wrong with her. Since I told u I’m sick, what have u done about it?

Bill: Bella, has it got to this? Don’t u know the implications of what u are doing?

Bella: Pls, let me be. Since u don’t care about me I’ll sort myself out. She walks out on Bill.

Bella’s phone rings on the bed, Bill checked and it was Louis. He calls Bella to come for her phone.

*On phone*

Bella: Hi, how are u doing? How is your wife’s condition now, and the home?

Louis: It’s been tough Bella, really tough. I don’t know, but she seems to have monitored me for long. Because from the way she talks she seems to have known about us for a while before the incident.

Bella: Hmmm, I really don’t know how she got to know Bill and how they managed to track us to that extent. It really baffles my imagination. It got me thinking all this while. And I’m not cool with him so I can’t ask him either, I’ve not picked my dad’s call for the past week likewise my mom.

Louis: U need to pick up, they might say something vital.

Bella: I can’t bare the shame I’ve brought the family dear. How do I explain myself to this retired soldier I call a father. So I’ve just ignored their calls for a while to figure something out.

Louis: That reminds me, the other time I called u when I was home, u remember I mentioned your full name?

Bella: Yh, the afternoon.

Louis : Sure, my mum asked who bares that surname but I told her she doesn’t know u.

Bella: Really, anyway that’s not the problem now. So are u seeing any improvement in her actions?

Louis: Not really, she has been rejecting me all this while. The only thing she does is cook for me and tidy up the house. I had to use the laundry myself yesterday, I couldn’t find the pecks to hold my clothes on the line but I couldn’t ask her either. The wind blew them and I had to wash them again. Dear, it hasn’t been easy at all.

Bella: Hmmm, it shall be well. Let’s talk some other time. Keep trying.

Louis: What about your husband?

Bella: He has been trying to raise it but I find ways to ignore cos I’m in a serious mess right now. Let’s talk later bye.

To be continued!

*Quarantine Diaries*

*Episode 10*

Mr. Kim sends SMS to his daughter, Bella. It reads…

*Good morning my daughter. I hope u are doing well. I haven’t heard from u since u dropped the call on me the other day I tried questioning u. All the same my dear, don’t forget I am your father, I built a home before u were born, so I’m ahead of u when it comes to managing a home. What u have caused your home is a disgrace to my home as well, all the same u are no longer a kid, u should have explanations to your actions. Talk to me as a father, u need someone to talk to, u really need a motherly or fatherly advise. Let me hear from u my dear.*

Bella: (Reply) I’m so sorry dad. I’ll call u later in the evening so we talk about this pls.

Hours later, Bill calls his family doctor to enquire a few things from him.

*On phone*

Bill: Hello Doc. It’s been a while we spoke. I’m sure uv been busy at work with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hope you are coping well.

Dr. : Yh Bill, its actually been a while. U are lucky u got me on phone this morning. This is the only period I make calls, trying to hear from my children in Cuba.

Bill: Oh really, I’m really a lucky man thou. Anyway let me not waste your time, let me go straight to the point. You have been our family Doc since I married my wife, she complains everything to u even headache. So I just want to know if she complained about any health problem to u recently.

Dr.: Ohk, I think two weeks ago she sent me a text that she was feeling feverish and nausea. So I recommended a drug for her to try and get back to me, so she later texted me that the feeling is getting severe over days so I wanted to get a free day so I can visit you guys at home to check up on her. But it won’t be anything serious than pregnancy if I may guess. Just take time to ask her. U know how they behave in times like this, and u should know ur wife better.

Bill: OK Doc, thanks so much. I’ll do exactly so. But kindly find time within the week and come check up on us. Pls come with temperature to test us OK. We stepped out days ago. We were careful anyway.

Dr. : U stepped out!! Pls Bill kindly stay home with your family, the pandemic is no joke. It’s more serious than what you see and hear on social media. We know what’s going on, so pls stay home, I beg you. I’ll come tomorrow morning to test you with the temperature. Stay safe, I got stuffs to do now. Later then. Bye

Louis and Mina in a conversation.

Mina: Louis, I’m seriously fed up with this your apology stuff. How can u continue telling lies and claim u are apologizing. I’ve been quiet as though I’ve not heard u speaking to your cheat partner. Upon all the mess u caused the family with that slot, u still have the guts to speak to her.

Louis: Hmmm, Mina u won’t understand. It’s just because I’m confused and don’t know how to go about this whole thing.

Mina: I’m highly dissapointed in you. I never expected this from u. U and I have had conversations worst than this when u wanna do something naughty to keep something intact. Sometimes I put myslef in your shoes and allow u the chance just to make sure u don’t cheat. What business do u have with this lady that u never made mention of all this while? How do you want me to understand and believe all u are saying today? My mum has realised I’m not fine and she is finding her way here to know what is happening to me. My mum knows me too well that she can determine from my speech when I’m worried. I can’t even bare the shame, telling anyone about this. How will they see me if they loose respect for my husband.
What have I done to deserve this from u Louis? (Mina asked in tears) 😭

Louis: Mina, I’m so sorry. Pls forgive me, I know u are hurt but I’m so sorry. I promise this won’t happen again. I’m very sorry dear. Pls don’t tell anyone about this, I can’t bare the shame.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Mina: (Still crying) Louis I want to be alone, just leave me alone pls. (Mina leaves Louis in the hall).

Moments later, Bill had a call from Bella’s dad. (Mr. Kim)

Mr. Kim: Bill, hope u are fine. Shortly I want you to do something for me. It’s very urgent. Pls.

Bill: Dad, I’m all ears.

Mr. Kim: Pls try your best to get me the full name of the young man’s (Louis) mother. I seriously need it.

Bill: But Dad…..

Mr. Kim: My son, u won’t understand. Just do this for me pls.

Bill: Okay dad, I’ll try.

Mr. Kim: Pls do. Thanks.

Bill on phone with Mina.

Bill: Mina, how are u? Hope u are doing well by now?

Mina: I’m managing Bill, but for this lock down I’d have gone to my sister for a while to clear my head. I get hurt anytime I set eyes on Louis.

Bill: Just take heart dear. U can’t keep hurting yourself. Just keep calm, it shall soon pass away.

Mina: Hmmmm, what about Bella? What’s going on?

Bill: Talking about Bella, the whole thing is looking here as though I was rather caught by her. Cos any word I utter she uses it against me. We haven’t had the platform to discuss what happened. Her dad called to calm me down. But he called me moments ago and requested for something, that’s what made me call u even. He said he needs the full name of Louis’s mother. I tried asking why but he wouldn’t allow me speak. Can u pls help with that?

Mina: Seriously Bill, I don’t want this to reach his family, my family will then hear this and this whole issue will just light up again. What for God’s sake will he need the name for?

Bill: I seriously don’t know.

‘Bill’s background’ (Bill! Bill!! Bill!!!)

Mina: Is that not your wife screaming?

Bill: Yes, let me check what’s wrong. Bill rushed to check on Bella only to find her restless in bed and has embraced her tommy with both hands.

Bill: Bella, what’s wrong with u, why are u holding your tommy so tight.

Bella: Groans in pain….Bill, I can’t stand it, my tommy hurts so bad.

Bill: What did u eat last night and this morning. (Bella was silent)

Bill called an ambulance and rushed Bella to the hospital. After test results were out, she was confirmed pregnant and the cause of the pain was because she took too much coffee the past night and took chilled water earlier that morning. She was then advised to desist from that else she can cause a miscarriage since the pregnancy is young. They were later discharged and they went home.

That evening Bill got the full name of Louis’s mother and sent it to Mr. Kim.

Bella then confronted Bill to talk about the pregnancy.

Bella: Bill, I don’t know how to start it but I think we should try our best to settle whatever is between us and face the unborn baby.

Bill: What do u mean by face the unborn baby? Are u trying to pursue me because now you are pregnant?

Bella: Not really, but I think it’s better we do away with whatever has passed and face what’s current. I’m sorry for my actions after what happened but I had nothing doing with him. I was just offended at the scene you created to disgrace me and even in front of my parents. U went too far. U should have at least asked me. It was far different from what you thought.

Bill: Look Bella, I’m not ready for any fabricated stories right now, when u make your mind to tell me the truth, I’ll listen to u, otherwise excuse me. (Bill walks away).

*End of Season One*


#Quarantine #Diaries #Reloaded

#Episode 11#

Bella calls her dad for the first time after what happened.
After 30 minutes on the call with her dad, Bella begun to shed tears. She was quiet for the rest of the period till her dad hung up the call.

Since then, Bella had been cold, speechless, so confused and depressed.

Bill had tried asking Bella what the problem was but she wouldn’t speak.

Later that day, Mr. Kim called Bill and gave him strong caution not to touch Bella and make sure she sleeps alone. He said there’s a a ritual to be performed before he can do that. He even cautioned Bill cook his own forbid and eat alone and he meant it.

Bill calls Mina

Bill: How are u Mina? Hope u are fine?

Mina: I’m managing, yourself?

Bill: I’m good but seriously confused right now. Bella’s dad called me and gave me a strong warning not to get closer to Bella I’m anyway, he claims there’s a ritual to be performed. I don’t know if if will affect you and Louis too. But I didn’t ask about that anyway. Bella herself had been acting strange for some time now. She hasn’t picked any call for hours now and she has refused to eat, talk or even take her bath. She has been sitting in the porch for the past 4hrs.

Mina: Maybe she is now regretting her actions. But come to think of it, what taboo deserves the ritual her dad is talking about. Because what I know is, if a ritual will be performed, it should be for the culprits, but he didn’t make mention of adding Louis to the ritual. It’s quite confusing.

Bill: That was exactly what I was thinking. But the man spoke with some kind of authority and he sounded so serious and disturbed.

Mina: Did u ask him what he did with the name he requested for?

Bill: No I couldn’t ask him anything. Myself I’m confused at the moment.

Mina: Takes a deep breath. Well let’s wait for what happens next. Louis has also been trying to convince me with lies but I kept ignoring him.

Bill: It’s same thing Bella tried doing, but I barely have her a fair hearing.

Mina: Well I’m in the kitchen now, let’s talk later. Bye.

Back to Ningo where Bella’s parents reside.

Mr. Kim goes to the chief palace to summon one Mad. Akorkor who hails from Prampram but lives in Ningo with her family.
The summon was about a case that was settled in the palace barely 30 years ago.

*The Case*
Mr. Kim refused to take responsibility of a pregnancy carried by the said Mad. Akorkor. But after the verdict of the chief, Mr. Kim was made to take responsibility and cater for the pregnant woman and the pregnancy till she delivers.
Mr. Kim did as said by the chief for some months before he was called to go for military training after his medicals. It was impromptu so he left without informing anyone. The lady gave birth to a baby boy in his absence and everything was done by the woman’s family in the absence of Mr. Kim.
After training he came to take his child but the amount the family requested was so huge so he couldn’t pay until he was transferred to his station.

Both parties got married and lived their separate lives for the past 30years. During this period Mr. Kim tried to know the whereabouts of his child and the mother. He found out where they lived and once again confronted the family for his son, the lady refused giving the son back to him and refused showing him whom he is even.

That was the last time Mr. Kim made an attempt getting his son.

With the situation at hand, Mr. Kim’s investigations proved that, the man in question (Louis) is the son he has been chasing all this while.

He has therefore summoned Mad. Akorkor to tell him why she refused giving his son to him and now his children have caused an unknown taboo.

Bill called his brother and told him about all that happened and what Mr. Kim told him to do.
His brother then advised him to go to Mr. Kim and enquire what the taboo is about and why it needs to be performed since they are Christians. Or better still send Bella to go stay with her family till the lockdown is over.

Bill then decided to rather go see Mr.Kim to seek clarification on the taboo.

Louis on the other hand didn’t grow in the midst any brothers and sisters, all he had was childhood friends he had while he stayed with his granny. So he called on of his trusted friends and told him about everything that had happened and how hia home is disorganized at the moment.
His friend advised he doesn’t allow his wife go anywhere and she should not be left alone, she might figure something out or perhaps take advise from a friend and do something silly.
Louis understood and accepted to do so.

Bella had since remained cold and depressed.

Mad. Akorkor was informed of the summons and was given the date to report at the palace for the issue to be solved.

Bill informed Bella of his intentions of going to see her dad to discuss something. She initially didn’t like the idea but had no choice but give in.

Bill drives off to Prampram the following morning.

*Quarantine Diaries Reloaded*

*Episode 12*

Bill arrives to meet the absence of his in law who was at the shore getting some fish for the family use. He then called him to inform him of his arrival. Mr. Kim hurriedly rushed home to meet Bill.
Food was prepared and they ate. After the meal, they went to sit under a mango tree behind the house to discuss why Bill came to visit.

Mr. Kim: My son, welcome once again. What brings about your unannounced visit once again? Hope all is well?

Bill: Thanks dad for the warm welcome and the meal. Well I came with no bad news, I just decided to come seek some clarification of a few things from you. I deemed it fit to come in person than ask you on phone.

Mr. Kim: OK, go ahead. What is it about?

Bill: Eeerm, it’s about the ritual u spoke about and the distance u asked me to keep from my wife. I want to know why the ritual should be performed.

Mr. Kim: Hmmm, that’s a brilliant question my son. But what I want u to know is, what my daughter has brought to my family is not just a disgrace but a problem to solve, and a very difficult one for that matter.

For the ritual, it’s a traditional demand. It’s in the family and it must be done for cleansen.

Bill: Hmmm, I came because it’s against our religion as Christians to appease the gods after committing sin to God.

Mr. Kim: Bill, this has to do with my family, I want to do what’s right. I know u don’t understand but what I see from where I sit, u can’t see it even if u climb this tree we are sitting under.

Bill: I came to suggest if we can rather go see our pastor to pray and break any bond should there be any so we can let the ritual be.

Mr. Kim: U know what Bill, I’m old enough to be your father, what you are suggesting isn’t a bad idea but what I know, u don’t know that’s why I didn’t involve u, I just ask u to stay away from my daughter for a while. So kindly do that for me OK. Let’s not drag this my son.

Bill: Hmmm, okay dad. That’s the only reason why I came here.

Mr. Kim: Really, what about the real issue at hand? What have u intended doing?

Bill: I haven’t thought of anything yet, but the little I know is, as a man I should be able to handle issues in my home. Maybe I’d involve you when necessary.

Mr. Kim: I sense true love in your speech my son. I know how it feels, I’ve been in your shoes before. U have spoken well and I pray you are granted the wisdom to do what’s right. Once again I’m sorry for what my daughter has caused you. I’d like to know if you have informed your family yet.

Bill: I haven’t dad, I actually want to do a few things and I’ll decide on what to do. But for now, I’ve not thought of anything yet.

Mr. Kim: Well, as u said. U need to handle your home as a man. Let me leave that to u for now.

Bill: Okay dad. Thanks for hosting me.

Mr. Kim: My pleasure my son. Are u leaving immediately?

Bill: Yes dad, I don’t want to drive in the night due to the lock down.

Mr. Kim: Alright, I was thinking since u are locked down, u would like us to go take a walk at the sea shore for a while so u can at least move around freely. But I understand, u may leave now.

Bill: Thanks dad. I’ll give u a call when I arrive home.

Mr. Kim: Safe journey my son. Bye.

Bill drove back home and informed his in law of his safe arrival.

Bill later realised he left his second phone behind when he was leaving. He checked and it was flooded with calls from Mina the whole day.

Bill returned Mina’s call.

*On phone*

Mina: Where have u been Bill? I’ve been calling all day.

Bill: Sorry, I went on a return journey I just got home. I actually left this phone behind.
U called many times, what’s the problem?

Mina: Louis left home in the morning and returned about two hour before u called back. I didn’t want to call him so I was calling u to know whether you are home and your wife was around.

Bill: Well, I wasn’t in town and I met her at home so I can’t tell whether she went somewhere or not.

Mina: I seriously suspect they planned to meet, which I’m sure they did. Because I read Louis’s actions before he left the house.

Bill: Well, I’ll try some tricks to see whether I can verify if she went out or not.

Mina: Can you ask your gate man??

Bill: He left to the north to stay with his family amidst the lock down. But don’t worry, I’d find out.

Mina: OK, I need to leave u now. U must be tired. Later then. Bye.

Bill took a shower and got to the dinning hall to eat. Tilly went to Bill.

Tilly: Dad, where did u go today? I didn’t see u in the morning.

Bill: I went to work my dear. Where did you also go?

Tilly: Mummy took me and we went to eat with uncle. He bought me rice and kitchen. (chicken)

Bill: 😊 Its not kitchen dear, it’s chicken,say chicken.

Tilly: Chicken.

In the night, Bill stayed in the hall watching movies and sipping wine. He has been chatting Mina throughout the night. They both slept on the chat.

To be continued!

*Quarantine Diaries Reloaded*

Episode 14

It was time for Mad. Akorkor to obey and go to the palace for the summons. She wasn’t told why she was summoned anyway, she was taken by surprise when the matter was raises at the palace.
She was asked to tell her own side of the story.
She narrated just as Mr. Kim did. But she gave a little explanation to why she refused giving the child to Mr. Kim the second time he came.
She said, Mr. Kim during his active service days never bothered to check up on them and to know what his son fed on. She toiled to cater for her son and if Mr. Kim couldn’t pay the amount he was charged to pay when the boy was young, what shows he could pay a bigger about when the boy was fully grown?
That’s why she decided not to give the child to Mr. Kim.

After deliberations, the house decided to fine Mr. Kim for not taking responsibility during his active service days. And also fine Mad. Akorkor for not regarding the chieftaincy to report such an issue but take the sole decision to refuse giving the child to the father. In the sense that, it was the same palace that made him take responsibility before he left for service,so she should have equally informed them rather than taking that sole decision.

Mr. Kim then brought the current problem at hand to the floor of the house.
He said, I have accepted my faults and I’ll pay the fine, but due to what Mad. Akorkor did, I never knew my son to introduce him to his siblings, as I speak my son has had an affair with my daughter unknowingly. Is that one too my making?

The house was silent for a moment.
The senior elder the said, then the usual ritual must be performed with immediate effect before 6 weeks.

Mr. Kim then said, that’s all he knows so far about their relationship, he is yet to meet both parties and ask them how they met and how long they have been together.

The house then ordered Mad. Akorkor to quickly tell the story to her son and introduce the son to his father. The both parties should meet the children and interrogate them to know more about their relationship.

Mad. Akorkor was shocked to hear that her son was involved in such act. She argued strongly that it is not his son they were talking about, cos his son is a responsible married man.
But she had to verify.

Two days later, Mad. Akorkor called her son to come urgently.

Louis did went as her mum instructed.

Mad. Akorkor: Louis, I want u to tell me everything u know about what I’m about to ask u. I’m your mother, u have not hidden anything from me before and I believe u. Do not out me to shame.

Louis: Mum, what is it?

Mad. Akorkor: What is happening in your home?

Louis: nothing mum, we are fine. Do u want to pay us a visit?

Mad. Akorkor: Louis, I’m begging u in the name if God, tell me what is happening in your matrimonial home.

Louis: Mum, everything in my home is fine, have u had one of your scary dreams again?

Mad. Akorkor : Louis I’m asking you for the last time before I loose my temper, what is happening between you and your wife? What have u done to her?? !!!! (she screamed)

Louis : Did she call u mum?

Mad. Akorkor: Louis….!!!

Louis: okay okay mum, I can explain πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚.

Mad. Akorkor: I’m all ears.

Louis: I met her in the University, we were both sports persons. We became close when we once went for games at Cape Coast. I was an athlete so was she. We then became close on campus as well. We later started dating before I had the scholarship to study abroad. She was pregnant before I left, but I wasn’t in the known. She actually worked the scholarship for me, when I got there there was an extension so my stay had to be prolonged. When I was robbed, I lost her contact, so we barely heard from each other for the past 2 years. I saw her wedding pictures one day on a friend’s instagram page. The one who posted the pictures is a decoration specialist, she did the wedding decorations for them so I enquire led from her and she was able to get me her number. That was how we became close again. By then she was married and I was equally preparing to marry Mina.
The first day we met was at a beach where we reminded ourselves of the past.
We met again at a birthday party she invited me to, that night we both got tipsy so, in the car on my way to drop her, she grabbed me on the wheel, I had no option than to stop and the unexpected happened.
I felt guilty the following day and told her we shouldn’t do that again. Then she threatened to tell Mina I have a child outside the marriage which I denied severally before marriage. That was how come I couldn’t remember sister ger any time she needed me. I later became addicted and one day her husband tracked us together with Mina to the hotel where we logded and they caught us kissing. That’s how this whole mess started.
I’m sorry mum. How did u know?

Mad. Akorkor: (In tears) Louis u have killed me, u have finished me. My enemies have gotten me finally. Aaaah (she screamed with her hands on her head)

Louis: Mum I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Mad. Akorkor: Are u saying sorry, do u know what u have caused to yourself? do u know what you have caused me? Do u know the mess you have caused?

Louis: Mum, she has been calm for a while now, just help tell her I have child outside the marriage. Let’s find a way to make her understand. Pls.

Mad. Akorkor: ”Akodaa na wode3, wohu kootor aniaa wose abaa” an Akan adage that literally means u are a kid, when u see the crab’s eyes u call them canes.

Louis: Mum, is there anything u are not telling me, u are over reacting.

Mad. Akorkor: Louis u have committed a taboo and it’s an abominable act in our family. U have been having an affair with your own sister all this years Louis!!!

Louis : What are you talking about? U have a daughter u never told me?

Mad. Akorkor: (In tears) No my son, that’s your father’s daughter ooo. I’m sorry I didn’t show u your real father all this while 😭.
I was summoned to the palace and it was said there by your father.

Louis: Who is my father, who is my sister? Mum what are u talking about. I thought u said my dad is a soldier who never returned from peace keeping, how come I have a father today who’s daughter have had an affair with today???
U mean Bella is my sister? Oh my God, I’m doomed.

Louis walks out and drives off.

Authored by Raynolds Agbenyenu

Quarantine Diaries Reloaded
Episode 15

Mr. Kim and Mad. Akorkor both paid this finves and bought the itema fur the rituals.

The rituals were performed on behalf of both parties.

Mr. Kim then met Mad.Akorkor to discuss and agree on something.

Mr. Kim: what do u think we should do about what our children have done? I’ve been trying to figure something out but my pillow can’t carry what I have on my head.

Mad. Akorkor: I’ve been confused as well, I haven’t been able to talk to my in-law all this while.

Mr. Kim: I think we should both meet their spouses and tell them the whole truth and hear their opinions because we can’t predict what is happening in their homes now. They are all traumatized at the moment. This is the time to show our parenting abilities.

Mad. Akorkor: That’s no t a bad idea anyway, just hope it turns out positive. I wish we could go there but for this lockdown.

Mr. Kim: Well, since they can find their way here let’s find a day and call them over.

Mad. Akorkor: What has your wife said about this whole thing.

Mr. Kim: she tried confusing the whole scenario at a point in time so I told her to step out if the issue and leave it to me.

Mad. Akorkor : Well, when do u intend calling them over then?

Mr. Kim: I am always available. What about you?

Mad. Akorkor : I’ll be available anytime, my son’s home matters to me.

Mr. Kim: Since they are experiencing the lock down I’ll enquire from them when they can find their way here so we can meet.

Mad. Akorkor : Alright then, see u.

Mr. Kim then scheduled to meet both couples in his house.

Bill suspected something like that so he called Mina and informed her about it.
To Mina’s surprise Bill made mention of Louis’s father.
Mina had always know Louis to be fatherless.
She did show any sign on the call anyway.

She asked Louis later that evening where his father was and Louis was tempted to voice out everything. But after taking a deep breath he said, it’s the reason why my mum wants to meet us. Old calm down and be patient everything will be alright OK.

Mina: Hmmmm, I’ve heard you.

Two days later, both couples met in Mr. Kim’s house.

They had a very long conversations, Bill wasn’t so shocked upon hearing the rest of the story he never knew of.

To Mina, everything was like a movie show. She taught it was dream, she was in dismay, she couldn’t hold herself but burst into cry.

Bill played the man role by trying to accommodate whatever was going on and helped to calm Mina down.

After the conversations, no secrets were left and both innocent spouses(Bill and Mina) were asked by Mr. Kim to say what they got and what they ought to do.

Bill: I am very shocked at everything that happened but the other side where Louis and Bella ain’t aware of is another worry to me. All the same, I promised to build one home and keep it till the end, but I’ll need some time to say my final words.

Mina: Dad, I don’t have anything to say. But knowing Louis, I know very well that if he knew he had a child who’s whereabouts he was aware of, it wouldn’t have been hidden to me. But what I’m finding difficult to forgive him is what he did with Bella without my notice. I found in his wardrobe a visa that was meant for the two to go spend holidays in South Africa. Bill here has Louis’s Voter’s πŸ†” card with him. I am veryuch aware of all that they have been doing. But I can’t loose my husband for anyone. I love Louis and I want us to maintain our home. The boy should be brought to me, I’ll take care of him, the unborn one should come I’ll take them all. I love my husband and can’t let him go.

Mr. Kim: Well, Mina u have been my worry all this while, but u have relieved me from trauma a little. U are a lady so I was contemplating on how under going to take this whole scenario, I’m very happy u made a decision to keep your home. Let’s give Bill sometime to tell us his mind, probably some days.

They all agreed as such and the meeting ended.

Days after, Bella woke Bill from sleep so depressed and worried. She apologized for everything and confessed she didn’t live him from the onset, but for how he has stayed around her upon all she has done, she is not going to loose him for any man. She pleaded with Bill to pardon her so they restore happiness at home.

Bill told her to sleep so they talk in the morning.
In the morning Bill woke and prepared breakfast in bed for Bella. She was shocked.

Bella: Bill, it’s been decades u treated me this way.

Bill : I miss these moments too my dear, I’ve let go of everything. I don’t mind taking care if that child when it comes. Let’s maintain our home and make sure we don’t commit same mistakes anymore.

Bella smiles as tears roll down her cheeks. She grabbed Bill and they kissed for some minutes.
They sat to take their breakfast like newly married couples in joy and happiness.

Mina and Louis also reconciled at home and we’re perfectly cool.

Bill called Mr. Kim that evening and told him to worry no more for he has solved everything with his wife and they are happily living.
The news got to Mad. Akorkor and she was overwhelmed with joy.

Mr. Kim then called both sides on phone advised them as a father.

Both couples became friends and planned a get together dinner to take effect after the lockdown.


There are three major lessons in the story above
1. Tolerance
2. Forgiveness
3. Love.

*We need the above in our daily lives to overcome complicated issues that baffles our minds.*

Authored by: Raynolds Agbenyenu


IG: @raynoldsnat

Twitter: @raynoldsnat.

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