This is a popular Nigeria Nollywood Actor, Mr Jomiloju Olumbe, a man that really know the tete-atete or the nitty gritty of film’s gamuts. Let’s celebrate him…..


1. Please guys save the date.
Join me as I walk 🚢 down to the market to buy my chicken πŸ” πŸ” on the 23rd of December. Thank you.

2. She is in the kitchen fixing dinner for u, & u balance for room dey chat another girl & u think the food will not choke u?


3. Pls where can i buy mosquito net, the one i saw in SHOPRITE is 20k. Am preventing mosquitoes not Vampire πŸ€£πŸ™„

4. *When I thought I have seen it all, I saw Wedding Invitation written, Gloria wed Simon, GLoSim 2020*


5. Always keep yhur secrets to yhurself. Gone are the days when a problem shared is a problem solved. Now, a problem shared is a topic for gossip.

6. A group of short people coming together is called πŸ€”Shortcomings πŸ™„
Dhey won’t teach u dis in school dat’s why I’m here πŸƒπŸƒ

6. She saved my number as “HMM” in her phone and she told me it’s means “HE’S MY MAN”.

I am still not okay deep down 😩😩

7. If someone borrow 5k from you and comes to your party to spray you 20k,is the person still owing you ?


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