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God I’m so much in trouble, and this girl she’s not gonna stop shouting and ranting

“You bloody fool, Do you know the worth of what you just did? Nah, you don’t, Douche bags like you don’t…… “her ranting continues.

Worst thing is students are already gathering. Damn, this is more than a disgrace. But if I remember very well, this wasn’t my fault.

“I’m sorry, I really am” I let out.

But this girl before me won’t stop shouting.

“You’re sorry? ” she said and scoffed.

“I don’t know why UNILAG will even admit morons as students ” she added as the students around laughed, some just saw us and passed by, no one could even beg for me.

This is too much for me to bear, if she was a guy like me then I’d have felt the urge to give her a slap, but I can’t cos my dad always say “thou shall not beat a woman”.

When I realized she won’t stop shouting and disgracing me, I moved closer to her and held her hand to her side then looked into her eyes.

The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, I felt like I’m in heaven holding her., Fuck! What I’m I even thinking, I’m in the middle of a mess and I’m here drooling.

“Anita, I’m sorry, I really am” she weakened immediately as she stared at me surprised.

“How did you know my name” she asked

“I just guessed and called what came to my mind first” I lied grinning from ear to ear.

She jerked herself free from me.

“Get your hands off me” she said as I bent down picking her books.

“I’ll get you a new pho……” if I hadn’t let out that statement I wouldn’t have said

I froze immediately I picked up the phone, iPhone 11 pro max, The fuck! I’m dead

“You said you’d get me a new what? ” she said when I didn’t finish the statement.

“A new phone” I said as I looked up to her smiling foolishly.

“Better” she muttered.

I don’t know where in goddamn heavens I’m gonna get a new iPhone 11 pro Max.

She took her books from me as she moved ahead of me. I followed behind.

When we got out of people’s stare, she just told me to fuck off. When I told her what we’re gonna do about the phone, she hissed and walked away.

“Your phone” I called her back yelling stretching her phone towards her and ran to meet her, “Your phone” I said panting

“You can keep it” she said scornfully as she walked away.

I looked up at her figure walking away. What am I gonna do with a destroyed phone?, I just threw it aside and hissed.

“Rich spoilt brat” I muttered to myself as I walked away.


I kept on walking away from that guy. I was just too angry and pissed. I knew it wasn’t his fault but I just chose to pour my anger on him.

But wait, that dude is handsome, he’s tall, dark, good dark hair, pink lips and a good physique. I’m sure he’s got a nice torso and six pacs.

I stopped on track when I remembered something.

“Oh my! my sim….. I didn’t remove my sim from that phone” I muttered to myself as I began running back to see if I would find the boy. But I didn’t see him. I started looking around maybe just to find him around but no I’m not sighting him at all. I tried to remember what he was wearing when someone intruded my thoughts.

“Looking for something princess?” I looked at this intruder as I rolled my eyes, men and how they approach women.

“No thanks, did I write you a letter of me looking for something?” I said dismissing him. He looked at me for a while as he smirked and left.

I kept on walking when I saw him all alone in a basketball court.

“Hey” I called out to him but he seems too distracted with whatever he is thinking as his eyes were closed.

“Hey” I called again as he opens his eyes, he looked at me and puffed out a breath rolling his eyes as he gave a face like ‘what is it I’ve done again’ and stood up to walk away.

“That’s rude” I said as I stopped.

“Why walk away when I’m calling you” I tell him.

“For the records ma’am, I don’t seem to look like a maid to you” he replied

“Where’s my phone” I asked.

His expression changed as his face showed he was surprised.

“I thought you…….. ”

” Told me to keep it…. ” I said completing his intended statement. “So you wouldn’t have been ashamed to keep it right? ” I asked scowling at him. He didn’t reply as he stared at me.

“I just wanted to take my sim from it. So give it back” I said stretching my hands forward raising an eyebrow.

” Seriously….. ” he scoffed looking sideways ” seriously Anita…. So you knew you would still have to take your sim back and you had to move your stupid mouth to tell me to fuck off?” I was surprised at his outburst.

Dude’s pissed judging by his expression. He made to walk away as he stopped,

“If you need your sim you can go get it where I threw the phone….. ” he paused to go and stopped again, “And don’t step on my toes anymore, ‘cos the next time you do I’d slap you so hard you’ll have an ear malfunction for three days. ” with that he walked away.

“What just happened” was what I found myself saying.

That evening I was in my car driving home tilting my head as Asa’s Maybe played from the stereo….
“Maybeeeee maybe the sun will rise
Maybeeee maybe the star will shine”

I took a turn entering the junction that leads to my house.

I haven’t driven long when I had to stop the music playing and halt the car. Looking at my front I saw a car crossing the road as a guy sits on it. I couldn’t see his face well since he was wearing a cap and was facing me sideways. I pressed the horn of the car for him to leave but he isn’t answering. I jammed my hand on the horn again but he was still sitting there unbothered. So I decided to come out of the car.

“Hey junk head…. Will get your box out of the way?” I said referring to his car.

He turned to face me as he removes his cap, I recognized him immediately.. He was the guy I dismissed earlier while looking for the boy who bumped into me.

“Now what ” I scowl.

“Look If you know you don’t have a job I could find you one in my house, but you have to know not everyone is as jobless as you are. Get your ass outta the way I have important things to do” I let out confidently.

“Would you at least for once control your loosed mouth and stop running it like a tap? ” he asked me. I was shocked and hurt at the same time by his words.

Who does he think he is?

“Me…. running like a tap?……..” I asked

“Yeah, you… You talk anyhow, anywhere and you don’t know who to talk to and who not to talk to” he said as he stood up from the car and started moving towards me.

He stopped right in front of me as he lifted my chin.. “Talking might be dangerous sometimes you know princess, and….. ”

I didn’t let him finish that statement as I slapped his hands away from me and slapped him across the face. He looked up at me, his eyes bloodshot as he clapped his two hands.

As soon as he clapped, three guys got out of his car and were walking towards us, he smirked and turned back from me.

“Bring her along” he said as he walks to his car.

Okay, I’m dead now, I don’t even have a phone to call anyone.

I stood rooted to the ground as I expected the worse, I couldn’t even run cos it seems I lost my feets. My sharp mouth has landed me in trouble today,
Lord, remind me to keep my mouth shut another day,

I’m in for it…

Thanks for reading ❤

But this Anita get sharp mouth o 😐
What do you think will happen to Anita now 🤔

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