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I stood rooted on a spot waiting for the worst to happen.

As the first guy was about grabbing my hands, I flinched as I heard a ‘GBAS!’ sound on the bonnet of my car, the third guy as just been slammed on my bonnet by someone.

Thanks Christ, you sent someone to save me, but who is this savior, I looked at the direction of the incident and my savior was no other person than the boy that bumped into me earlier today.

I was surprised, in fact everyone was, it showed on their faces.

As the guy who was slammed on the car fell down holding his belly, another of the guy brought out a small knife to stab my saviour, he tilt his head sideways dodging the knife as he holds his hands and knee-kicked his balls and collected the knife, the third among them approached him with a plank, he bent down dodging the plank as he stabbed him in his side abdomen, he yelped as he scurry away.

Damn, This looks like a Bollywood fight scene. The guy who brought out a knife earlier was now on his feet approaching my saviour, he just slapped him and stabbed him on his shoulder removing the knife very fast.

“Piss off” he mouthed as he dropped the knife.

|•DAVE •|

I stood in front of a provision store wanting to buy bread, when I heard the voice of a girl talking harshly to someone, I looked at the direction of the voice as I saw my angel, the girl I am falling for, Anita. She was talking to Mark, I shook my head for her, her sharp mouth is a problem, if only she knew how dangerous Mark is, she wouldn’t do that.

I wanted to mind my business when I saw her slapped Mark. Now that’s trouble for her, Mark turned as Silas, Pius and Stanley got out of the car moving towards her. I knew the ado in that, so I decided to interfere.

Talking about Mark, he’s the richest on campus, and he’s also a notorious boy, and he and his gang were known as the most notorious gang on campus. They ain’t cultists though, but they’re dangerous.

Everybody knows him except for the newly admitted 100L students. No one dares him. His father is a senator, he should have been in USA studying but his bad acts got him expelled there and was sent back to Nigeria here.

Don’t ask how I knew all this, we were once friends, we had a beef and separated.

I moved towards them as I lifted Stanley up and slammed him on a car, he’s the weakest, I faced the others as I beat them up.

When I was done beating them, Mark came out of the car moving towards me as he stands in front of me. Looking at me eyeball to eyeball.

“Must you always get on my nerves” he seethed angrily shaking his head like an impatient dog, he would have raised his hands to beat me if I was someone else but he wouldn’t dare.

“Do you have a phobia for respecting ladies or it’s just in your blood….” I paused moving closer “……to disrespect them” I answered him.

“Watch your back” that was all he said as he moved to his car driving away with his friends.

I looked back to check Anita and I found her smiling at me, so she smiles.

I shook my head and went back to take my bread and pay for it. Anita came standing beside me.
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” I’m Anita” she said stretching her hands towards me for a shake.

“I know” I replied coldly without taking the hand. It’s my turn to shenk. Her face changed from smiling to hurt, I smiled within myself walking away.

“What’s your name?” she asked after me. This girl sure doesn’t give up

I stopped and faced her.

“David, But call me Dave” I said walking away again

“Thanks” she said as I stopped walking but didn’t look back. I smiled and raised my first two index fingers up and continued walking. I was happy.

That day marked the beginning of the comedy and joy in my love story.

******NEXT DAY*******

I just got out of the lecture room, I was just a few inches away from the door when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked back and it was Anita.

“Good morning” she grinned

“Afternoon” I replied with a smile

“Oops…. thought we’re still in the morning, I don’t have my watch with me and I’m yet to get a phone.” she replied still smiling.

” Can you tell me what the time is? ” she asked me. I nodded and checked my wrist watch and faced her.

” The time says go and get yours” I said as she bursted out laughing giving me a playful tap on my shoulder.

“The time says 12:03 tho”. I replied her.

“You’re using my words on me” she said as I smiled walking forward as she followed behind.

” Sorry for that day and thanks for yesterday”she said as I nodded. By now we were now walking side by side.

“It’s nothing Anita” I replied her

“You’re in 300L right? ” she asked me

“Nope, 400, You? ” I replied asking

“100L, JJC” she replied giggling

“Yeah, No wonder you don’t know who Mark is” I muttered

“You said” she asked

“Nothing” I replied smiling

“I heard that anyways… “she said “I knew him, That wasn’t the first time we would be meeting. He’s a stalker, that was why I decided to speak roughly the other day maybe he’d stop following me.” I nodded

“But I never knew I would have got my ass kicked if not for you” she smiled again as I smiled too, silence followed. I’m shy right now, I don’t know what to say.

“I wanna take a bike home” I finally let out breaking the silence as we got to the bike stand.

” I wanna tell you something” she said nervously, looking down and fiddling with her fingers.

“What’s it you wanna say” I replied facing her.

“There’s a dinner party at our house today….. To celebrate my mum’s birthday ” she said as she looked up to me “If u don’t mind…. Can… ”

“What time” I replied. She looks happy with my reply.

“8pm today”

“What’s the address?” I asked

“Phase 5 Magodo Estate” she stated

“Expect me” I replied smiling. She mouthed a ‘thank you’ as she hugged me.

Holy molly, my eyes widened… Did she just hug me? Hell yeah she just did…. I felt so happy, I couldn’t even hug back.

She disengaged from the hug and looked at my face, I looked so happy I couldn’t hide it. She giggled as she stopped a bike for me. I mounted the bike still happy as she giggled and waved me bye.

|•MARK •|

I sat down on the couch smoking, as I butt the cigarette in my hand on the ash tray, this seems like the hundredth cigarette today. Pius, Stanley and Silas sat round the table shirtless as they play whott.

I was still thinking about today’s scenario. Pius already got his abdomen treated and Silas shoulder too. Stanley took meds too.

“What’s up man, you look worried” Pius said still playing the whott.

“Yeah… I noticed that too” Silas said as Stanley nods in agreement. He rarely talks.

“You know……” I said as I stood up lighting another cigarette moving towards my mirror “I’m worried about Dave” I let out.

“What’s up with him” Silas asked as they focused on me.

Fuck sake, are they shitting me? Someone who inflicted wounds on them, they’re still asking what’s up with him?

“He’s got a kinda audacity others don’t have, He challenges us anywhere. I’m worried guys, what to do about him” I said facing the mirror as I dipped a hand in my jean pocket.

“Should we make his sun set?” Pius said.

“Yeah, Let’s cause his sun to set” Silas seconded.

I turned around and faced Stanley giving him a ‘what about you’ look.

“How will you set a sun that scorches the hell out of you?” Stanley said.

I faced the mirror again as I blow the smoke in my mouth on the mirror.

“We won’t kill him” I said still facing the mirror.

They looked at me. “We would only do something that would silent him, make him weak that he won’t even get a grasp of himself” I said. But they were confused.

“What would that be” Stanley asked.

“We’ll know when the time comes” I said without sparing them a look.

“What about that girl, Anita.. What do we do about her” Silas asked as Pius nodded in agreement.

I looked back without turning to face them, I looked back at the mirror and smirked spreading smoke on the mirror as it forms a vapor on the mirror, and I draw a cancel mark on the vapor, two lines across each other. I dropped the cigarette on the mirror table.

“Dress up guys, we have a party to attend” I said as I walked out……

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