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I was going through my wardrobe looking for a suitable dress for the party, I kept on dropping clothes on my bed, I’m kinda confused on the one to wear.

A call came in on my phone, I looked at the caller, it’s an unknown number. I stared at the dialer for a while before picking up.

I don’t talk first when it’s an unknown number, I wait for the caller to talk first. So I waited too.

“Hello” a female voice popped up, no, not just a female voice but a damsel voice, so soothing and muah. I recognized the voice immediately.


“Awwwww… How come you recognized my voice so fast”

“It’s an impossibility not to recognize the voice of your heart? ” I don’t know where that came from.

“Hmmmm…. ” I bet she smiled, or maybe she blushed. “Anyways are you getting ready?” she asked

“Yeah.. ” I said picking up a cloth to check “Just that I’m confused on what to put on” I said tryna whine

“Put on a nice suit” she said.

Suit, what I don’t have a suit? Thank God I have some suits here (God no go shame us).

“Ohhhhhkay.”I said drawing the ‘o’ “but wait… How did you get my number? “I asked surprised as she laughs.

“I have my ways” she said as she laughed.

“Okay o… ” I said as silence follows.

“Bye” she said as she hung up.

“Bye” I muttered to no one in particular smiling.

I looked through my suits and I found a suitable one. A wine suit and black trousers with a white shirt and a black bow tie.

*****************THE PARTY*******************

I got to the gate of Anita’s house as I knocked. The small gate opened revealing a young stout man. He looks so huge, I was still staring at him with mouth opened when his deep voice came out.

“What do you want” he said without smiling. I gulped before answering almost loosing my voice… But wait why I’m I afraid.

“I’m here for the party” I said confidently

“Where’s your invitation? ” he asked and I was surprised, invitation, why didn’t Anita give me one.

“One minute” I said to the man bringing out my phone as I dial Anita’s number. She didn’t pick up. I was about dialing again when I heard her voice.

“Let him in, he’s my guest” he said to the man as I was let in.

I came in as I stared at Anita, she was wearing a red long gown with an opening from the thighs downwards revealing her nice legs. How can somebody be so beautiful. She stared at me too, I smiled within me, I know I look good.

“Follow me” she said as she turned to go, damn this dress is just too hot, her back was revealing too. I don’t know where the courage came from but I held her hands back, as she turned to face me and I hugged her.

“You look too gorgeous” I whispered in her ear

“You look cute too” she replied giggling “Come let’s go meet my parents.” she said as she held my hands moving forward.

The inside of the house was so beautiful and magnificent, the party was going on there, the place was large, people of high classes are the ones in here.

Thank God I’m not dressed like a beggar. Everyone had wine glasses with them.

We got to her parents.

“Dad, Mum, this is Dave the one I told you about.” she said smiling

“Oh.. Dave.. “her mom said as I half postrate to greet her “How are you doing…. Anita has said alot about you ” she said lifting me up as I smiled.

Her accent doesn’t look Nigerian. Her mom’s beautiful too, that explains where she got her beauty from, she’s a complete replica of her mum, her mum is just the older version of her. Her dad is dark and tall, handsome too.

“Dave, the hero……” her dad said shaking hands with me, I was surprised at that, I wonder what this girl told her parents. “…… Anita said a lot about you, it’s a miracle our ears ain’t bleeding with the way she goes around talking about you” her dad whined as we laughed. “Make yourself at home” he said patting me as he walked away with his wife.

“Your parents are nice, They make a great pair” I said as she smiled “Your mum looks beautiful too, Your dad must be really good at making choices” I said as she laughed.

The party started fully, a tray of glass wine was brought to me as I took one from it. Speeches were been given, and Anita was called too to give a speech for her mum.

“I really don’t have much to say… “she said smiling.

I didn’t hear her finish her speech when I heard a familiar voice whispering behind me.

“Look who we have here” that is Mark.

The fuck.. What is he doing here. I turned back to look at him and his friends

“What are you doing here” I asked him

“I should be the one asking you that man. What’s your business here. if I can remember well, you are not someone with a high profile neither your parents ” he said basically to annoy me.

” For Christ sake Mark, Not here” I said anger clear in my voice

“Then where our little Dave” he whined. That answer would have earned a glorious punch from me if we ain’t here.

“Mark, Have you lost it?” I asked moving closer to him “This is a dinner party man, a fucking dinner party, you don’t have to display your stupidity” I said through clenched teeth. He smirked looking straight into my eyes more serious.

“Does it matter Dave ” he said “You can raise your stupid fists and punch me right here and get yourself disgraced” he said moving his mouth in a kinda annoying way.
I wanted to reply him but Anita came in

“Dave how was my….. ” she was saying with a smile but stopped on seeing Mark with me and in that kinda position “Mark, what are you doing here How did you get in the first place? ” she raised her voice.

I had to calm her down as attentions were already drawn towards us. Mark stared at us for while and left without saying a word alongside his friends

“Your speech was a good one” I said as if I heard it.

“Thank you” she replied

“The dance floor is opened now” someone announced as couples went there. As a solemn song was played.

“Won’t you mind dancing?” she asked me

“I’m a lame dancer” I replied her

“It doesn’t matter “she looks at me as she winks. Okay, she’s tempting…

“Okay” I said raising up my two hands in surrender as she took my hands and we went to the dance floor. I held her waist holding her hands up as she also place her hands on my neck as we moved slowly to the song in silence.

“Why did you save me that day even after what I did?”she said breaking the silence.

“My dad always say ‘help a lady in distress'” I told her as she nods.

“I’d like to meet him one day” she smiled. I just nodded and faked a smile.

“Ask me a question too” she said.

Now we’ve started playing games..

“Why did you get angry that day we met at the hallway even when the fault wasn’t mine”

“My dad refused me of something that day and he has never done that before” she said. Now that’s funny.

I didn’t bother to ask her what it was. “Tell me more about yourself” she said.

“Not here” I said

“Then where?” she asked

“Somewhere cool and sweet, where no one would disturb, I’d even get to know you more too” I said as she “Hmmm hmm”

“Let’s go on a date” I said

She smiled “When”

“Maybe this coming Saturday, 6pm”

“Okay” she replied smiling

“One last thing” I said

“What? ” she asked

“I know this might sound kinda too awkward and too early, but I’ll say it……” I stopped giving her a ‘should I? ‘ look and she nodded

“Anita….. Sukida” she looked at me confused

“What’s that? “she asked

“It’s a Japanese language of saying I LOVE YOU, I love you Anita, I love you so much ever since that day I asked you what the time says ” I said she stared at me, her face void of emotion.

“Will you be girlfriend Anita? ”

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