❤️🧡FOR LOVE🧡❤️



I kept on tossing on the bed, I tossed and turned, smiling sheepishly, I couldn’t sleep. How would I sleep, when he has stolen it away, Dave, he has stolen my breath, my sleep, in fact I lost my brains to him. Everything happened so fast.

At that party, when he had asked me to be his girlfriend, I ran out of the party, I ran to the balcony upstairs in the backyard, facing the sky. I was smiling ‘cos I was happy he asked me out.

I had loved him even before he met me. I had loved him the very first day I saw him.

That was the day Mark and his friends were harassing a young female lecturer, she should be in her thirties. They were insulting her, it was Dave who came to her rescue.

I don’t know why, but Mark and his friends seems to be afraid of Dave. He made them leave the woman alone. Poor lady, she was already crying. Dave hugged her and pet her taking her to her office. I had loved him since that day. (back to reality)

He followed me upstairs and hugged me from behind..

“It’s fine if you don’t want me. It’s kinda too early ” he said.

I faced him and hugged him placing my hands around his neck.

“I love you too Dave, I’d be your girlfriend” I said. I knew he was surprised but he didn’t show it. He hugged me deeply..

“Thanks Anita…….. I love you loads” he muttered against my ear.

He disengaged from the hug as he landed his lips on mine, kissing me passionately.

Mehn….. His lips tastes so good, he stopped as he looked into my eyes,

“Why did you stop” I asked him, I was already on cloud 4.3. I leaned up since he was taller than me and kissed him, he returned the kiss as it deepens….


I couldn’t sleep, how can I, when she has taken it, my sleep, my breath, even my brains. I sat down placing my legs on my reading table with my hands behind my head, smiling sheepishly.

I never knew this is what love turns you to, if someone was here, they’d think I’m nut.

At the party, when I asked her out, she left me there standing alone as she ran out, I felt stupid for confessing so early.

I followed her, she stopped at the backyard balcony upstairs as she faced the sky. I thought she was angry, I hugged her from behind thinking maybe she’d jerk off but I got the opposite answer, as she faced me smiling.

She accepted and I was happy.


I moved around pissed and angry, smoking endlessly on my cigarette. My plan didn’t work out as I thought. I had thought Dave would raise his hands and fight me at the party, so he would loose his respect with Anita’s parents and he would have been thrown out like a dog for causing nuisance at a dinner party. But everything worked out wrong.

“Let it go man, we’d get a new plan” Pius said as he went upstairs.

“You know I had told you the plan wouldn’t work out right? ” Stanley said.

“Shut up man” I said lowly. But he wouldn’t stop.

“Even if he had been thrown out, you can’t withstand his come back…..” I didn’t let him finish his statement as I went to him holding him up with his shirt.

God… Remind me how I met him, always going against me.

“I said shut the fuck up “I seethed as I let him go.

My temper, I can feel my anger building up. I don’t know what amma do with him we’re friends still.

“If you are on this team, you had better show that than supporting some goddamn forsaking asshole” I said as he stood up and walked away.

“Calm yourself down and get a good plan “Silas said as he walked away.

Okay…… A new plan, absolutely………

This time would be different.

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