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|•DAVE •|

That Saturday came for us to hangout, as I had proposed, a cool place, where no one would disturb. Just me and her.

I put on a black jean, a white top and a white jean jacket. I put on a white head warmer too with a canvas that has the mixture of white and black.

I don’t want us hanging out in her car, and I don’t have a car either. That led me to this funny crazy neighbor of mine, ‘Baba Samu’ as everyone calls him, he has this fancy bike that looks sweet for this kinda outing.

“Baba Samu good afternoon” I greeted

“Hey, eyan mi, oko gbogbo girls (my person, husband for all girls)” he said. I told you, he’s a crazy man. I just smiled at his compliments.

“I wanna ask you for a favor” I told him as he smiled. He dipped his hands into his pocket as he brought out the bike’s key.

Handing it over to me he said “I no say na wetin you wan ask be this, make sure you fuel it full tank, and don’t fall the bike down or I’ll trash you so hard” he said feigning a frown as he smiled again.

“What if that isn’t what I wanna ask?” I replied laughing

“Fine boys like you always ask for favour when you need a bike to take your girlfriend out” I laughed again “Don’t break her heart… Guard her jealously… She’s a jewel” he said as I smiled.

“Thanks” I said.

He’s a crazy man. That’s what we do for him anytime we need his bike. Business man.

Arriving her front gate, I texted her….

“IT’S PAST 6 PRINCESS?” almost immediately she replied


“I’M OUTSIDE YOUR GATE” I texted back

“Awwwww……I’m almost done…you can come in na” she replied

“Nah….. I can’t come in I’m shy… ” I laughed at myself typing this.

“okay then”

“Did you tell your parents we’re going out? ” I asked

“Yeah.. ”

I was about typing again when a drunk man walked passed me…

“You know you could’ve just called right?, Instead of wasting your time” he said as he gas. I turned to face him.

“Drunk ass” I muttered ignoring him.

“I’m a drunk ass but you’d have to save your ass soon…..” he said as he staggered away.. I was thinking about what he said when Anita came out.

I stared at her, she was putting on a short gown with just a strap.

“You look classic, classical and classic” I said as she laughed.

“You don’t look bad either. Where are we going?” she asked

“Come on the bike first then you’ll know” I told her as she came up on the bike wrapping her hands around me. I ignite the bike engine as we zoom off.

“Are we going to the movies?” she asked behind me.

“Nah…. We’re going to a love garden” I announced as we got there. ‘Peace and love love garden’ was boldly written at the gate. Weird name. They could have just written peace and love garden.

I parked the bike in the parking lot as we got down. I went to pay for our tickets.

“Double love Huh” she said as she giggle.

“Yeah double love, this place is full of love” I replied as I smiled. She smiled too.

I held her hand leading her to the exact spot I had planned we would stay. It is a place filled with carpet grasses and a lake beyond. Little coloured bulbs were placed on tress around the place to illuminate it. Only a few people come here.

“Wow! This place is beautiful” she said staring at the lake.

“Welcome to the mini paradise milady” I announced bending my head low demonstrating what I said.

“Tell me something, How did you know this place? “she asked. I motioned her to sit as we sit on the grass staring at the water.

“My dad brought me here when I was Nine alongside my mom. Unfortunately, that was the last outing we had” I said

“What happened” she asked placing her head on my shoulder.

“He died” I announced. She stiffed on my shoulder as she raised her head to look at me.

“I’m sorry hun” she said feeling pity.

“It’s fine, You don’t need to feel pity” I said. She placed her head on my shoulder again.

“How did it happen” she asked.

“Mum told me we once lived in India……. That we came back to Nigeria when I was age two. She said dad was a martial artist in India before we came back. I sensed that anyway since he taught me some skills on how I can defend my self….. She said we came back to Nigeria because my dad was implicated about something she didn’t tell me. She told me all this after dad’s death…. My uncle is still in India right now. Long story short….. Dad died committing suicide by hanging after receiving a phone call. No one knows what happened on phone, his death is a mystery. I was only ten years old then. ” I said holding the urge not to cry. She sensed it as she patted me.

“Sorry” she said as I nodded

“So tell me, why are you this beautiful ” I asked her as she laughed.

“I don’t know o, let me say maybe because mom is from Israel” she said as she let out laughing and shrugged giggling.

“That explains it all” I said as silence followed.

“Where’s your mum now, and do you have any sibling? ” she asked breaking the silence.

“My mum’s in Akure, Ondo State, We live there, And siblings?, nah, I’m the only child”

“How old are you? ” she asked

“I’m 22…… you?” I asked her

“I’m 18” she said…. So young, but she looks 21……

“What’s your biggest dream” I asked her

“I wanna be a good lawyer…. Human right activist.. You? ”

“I wanna be an actor” I said as she mouthed a ‘wow’

“The hero actors right” she asked as we laughed.

Okay enough of this questions and answers. I stood up as I started taking off my clothes. She gasped seeing my bare chest, but she hides it.

“What are you doing? “she asked.

“I wanna have a ride with the fishes” I said as I jumped into the lake.

“You wanna join?” I asked after popping out my head from the lake. She shakes her head signaling no.

“Come in…. It’s save” I said.

“I don’t wanna remove my clothes” she said giving me a puppy face.

“It doesn’t matter sweetheart… No one is watching” I said.

She looked at me for a while before standing up to undress. She removed her clothes remaining just her bra and panties. At this moment, the man down there started reacting. She looks hot right now and I feel like consuming her.

I swam towards the bank of the lake as I took her hands bringing her gently in.
I snaked my hands around her waist drawing her closer as I whisper to her ears.

“Right now there’s a catfish in between ur thighs….. ” the look on her face shows she’s afraid.

“What!!?…. “she muttered as I clamped my lips on hers.

“I was just kidding” I told her just as I stopped kissing her.

“You’re a naughty boy…..” she said tweaking my nose.

I smirked as I kissed her again. She returned the kiss, I started steady moving on a slow rhythm. The kiss grew deep and deeper, it grew more passionate. I found my ways to her butts as I cupped them in my hands, I traced her pants line to the front as I snapped it against her skin. She skipped a breath at that.

I unlocked my lips from hers and looked into her eyes. It was filled with emotions. If I’m not careful, we’ll make out here in a lake, cos I have a whole meal in front of me right now.

“Why did you stop” she asked looking at me. As she kissed me deeper and hugged me tightly………..

I took her back home that night, as I dropped her in front of her gate. After she came down.

She looked at me and kissed me deeply. She waved at me after stopping the kiss.

“Goodnight prince…” she said

“Goodnight princess” I said as I kicked the bike and zoomed off.

When I got home, I went to the bathroom for a quick shower. I was smiling althrough, whistling. I was happy at my experience with her today at the lake.

When I got out of the bathroom, I found my phone ringing. It was an unknown number. I picked it up.

As my custom, I waited for the caller to talk.

“Dave I’m dying…… ”

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