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” Dave I’m dying” I was confused.

This is Anita’s voice, what could have happened.

“Anita, where are you” I asked in panic.

“I don’t know where I am I just know that I’m dying” she said as she cut the call.

I was confused.
I dropped her at their gate, what’s happening. Or is she playing pranks?

“Did you watch her enter the gate?” my subconsciousness whispered.

Wait, that’s fucking true. I thought as I widened my eyes. My fear grew.

I placed a call through to her parents asking them if she’s home and they replied with a no saying she went out with me and they had thought maybe she wants to spend the night at my place when they haven’t seen her yet. They were in panic too as they asked me what happened. I explained to them what happened, and i promised them telling them I’ll get back to them

Now.. I know there’s trouble….

That night marked the beginning of the tragedy and pain in my love story.

Using the number that called me, I traced the location using a tracking app on my phone, and I was shocked at the location I saw, that place seems like the middle of no where.

I called Anita’s father and told him the location telling him to bring the police along.
I rushed out of the house taking baba Samu’s bike as I zoomed off following the leading of the tracking app.

I was riding furiously and too too fast. Dodging between cars just to get there on time.

I don’t even know what this cars are still doing. This is past 10 for fuck sake. Anyways, this is Lagos.

When I was getting closeer to the place, fear gripped me, cos everywhere was now dark and there were bushes everywhere.

I arrived at the location and it was an uncompleted building, partially roofed.

I stopped the bike, switched on the torch light on my phone as I moved towards the house. I summoned courage and went in, searching everywhere quietly cos I don’t know if someone had trapped me here.

I was walking towards another room when I stopped as I heard someone moan in pain. Anita! That’s her voice.

I moved towards that direction, and there she was, my Anita, lying helplessly on the floor, crying as she called my name, her face was red showing she was punched severally. Her clothes ain’t in the normal way it should be. Her panties was lying on the floor.

“God, it shouldn’t be” I muttered to myself.

I felt pain with the sight I’m seeing, I felt anger towards whoever has done this, and I felt weak immediately ‘cos I couldn’t bear seeing my loved one hurt.

I cried as I moved closer to her knelling down beside her crying.

“Anita….. What happened” I asked her sobing. And with the last strength in her she explained….


After Dave had dropped her at the gate and zoomed off, as she was about moving inside the gate, someone covered her mouth from behind, she tried to struggle free but two others joined holding her hand down as they stuffed clothes in her mouth and tied her mouth to resist her from screaming. They threw her into the car and drove off. While in the car they tied her hands and legs too.

“Hello princess” the first voice said.

She was surprised at the voice she heard, looking closely at him. It was Mark and the two other guys were Pius and Silas. She would have talked but her mouth was tied she couldn’t scream.

“Don’t worry princess, you don’t need to talk now, We’d talk later, We’re taking you to a safe place” Mark said as the others laughed.

They took her to a deserted place. An uncompleted building. They brought her out of the car, took her into the building and placed her on the ground as they loosed the clothes in her mouth without removing the one in her hands and leg.

“Here we are princess” Mark said raising his hands up in a ‘here we are manner’

“You losers, what do you want from me” she shouted. As they laughed.

“Even in such state, she can still run her mouth? ” Mark said as they laughed.

“She’s a never run dry tap” Pius let out as they laughed.

Mark walked around her body stopping and crouched down beside her.

“We need you for something little. We’re just gonna use you to weaken Dave that’s all” he said as Anita spat on him. He got angry and slapped her so hard as she yelled.

He didn’t stop, he kept on hitting her, she was helpless. He stood up.

“Let’s get to business guys” he said as they started unbuckling their belts, it was then it dawned on her that they were going to rape her.

“No no no…”she said as she sobbed “Don’t do this… Pls… I can do any other thing for you but please don’t do this” she said as Mark smirked and head signaled Pius to go on.

As Pius wanted to go down on her, she stiffened her legs so he won’t penetrate but Pius slapped her so hard as he parted her legs and ripped off her panties down by force.
As he was about thrusting she yelled…

“HELP!! ” But no one could hear her, no one was near or around, she was helpless.

With every thrust he made she yelled but she was helpless, as she yelled he hits her to stop yelling, but she never stopped, she yelled and yelled, they hit and hit her until there was no more strength in her to yell anymore.

Pius was done, Silas came down on her too and Mark had his way too. They had on their faces the feeling of satisfaction.

When they were done, they stood up and left. Mark came back inside with a phone in his hand. Nokia 3310.

“I’m giving you a chance, you can call anyone if you still have the strength. But in case you don’t, sorry to inform you, no one will ever find you” he said laughing as he dropped the phone beside her and walked away.
By the time she finished explaining, anger and pain was clear in Dave’s emotion, he was crying profusely at the same time clenching his jaws.

And as she laid down there, weak and tired, with a teary eyes, she poured out her heart with her last breath… Holding his hands…

“Pls I beg you… “she weeped “…..don’t let this slide”

“I won’t let it slide my dear…… ” he weeped also, he was in pains “…but please…. Please dear…. Stay….. Stay with me… “he cried holding tight to her hand

“Just pls…. Don’t let it slide…. “she said as she groaned “I love you D….. “she said not completing the statement as she gave up the ghost with her eyes wide open.

“ANITAaaaaaa!!! ” he screamed in pain.

At that moment Anita’s parents arrived, both them and the police as they all stood still with eyes wide opened……..

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