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As soon as Anita’s mother saw her child, she fainted, we shifted our attention from Anita and started reviving her mother, both I, her father and the police.
After much effort she woke up.

Her mother held me,

“She went out with you… “she said shouting and crying

” she went out with you o.. What have you done to my child……. What have you done” I was perplexed,

“Will you leave the poor boy alone… I trust him” her father said.

I was happy at that. It only took the man in him not to shed tears. Apart the fact that she’s dead, the way she was isn’t a good sight.

“Let’s pack her up” one of the police officer said.

That very night, she was buried. I had thought they’d make an autopsy on her so as to get fingerprints but they didn’t.

Right now, I only had one thing in mind, getting Mark killed.

*******THE NEXT MORNING*********
I couldn’t go to church, I was with Anita’s parents at their home. Some of their family members are already there consoling the mother upstairs. While I, Anita’s father some of his friends and some policemen were downstairs.

“Should we start investigation on this?” one of the policemen said.

“Who could have done this?” her father muttered

“I know someone” I announced as they gazed at me.

Then I explained what Anita told me to them and showed them the phone.

“Who’s this Mark?” the father let out angrily. I told him everything they need to know about him. Then a police man let out.

“We can’t arrest him based on this, since the boy….. ” he said referring to me “……..wasn’t there” I wanted to reply him but I held my peace.

” If there’s no evidence, Just arrest him and torture him, he’ll talk” her father said.

A desperate father.

On Monday, I accompanied the police to school to arrest Mark, getting to school, we searched for him but he wasn’t found. I then took the police to his favorite arena. Students aren’t much there since it’s a secluded place.

On getting there, sighting him I jumped at him, held him by the collar and slammed him on the floor punching him severally, his friends tried to intervene but they retreated when I jacked them off with my elbow making Pius to bleed in his mouth.
It took the policemen and other people sometimes to restrain me, by the time I was done with him, he already had a bleeding mouth and nose.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you good” I shouted at him.

They handcuffed him and his friends as they led them away.

While taking them away, Stanley gave Mark a glare, I understood that face, it’s a ‘you know I wasn’t part of this’ face.

I ran my hand across my face stopping the urge to cry. Just one thing was on my mind, REVENGE.

I felt a presence behind me, this isn’t ordinary, I turned back as I saw Anita, I felt like my head swell. I was shocked and surprised. Is this some kinda illusion.

“Dave, leave everything for law to handle” with that she was gone. I couldn’t reply as I muttered to myself…

“Those guys cut our dreams short, and sooner, I’ll cut their life short. And you made me promise too, I can’t let you down”

I was sure nothing will be done to them, even if they get prosecuted. That wouldn’t satisfy my thirst for vengeance.

I was too sad through out that week, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. To worsen it all, the next week was my final year exam. How would I cope.

I spent almost everyday at Anita’s house, to stay with her mom and to stay with her dad.

Two days later, a shocker came, as Anita’s father received a call from one of the policemen that Mark and his friends had been granted bail through the influence of his dad.

‘WHAT!!!? What nonsense’ he had exclaimed. They said there were no evidence to back up the case.

Anita’s father is rich but Mark’s dad is richer, he’s a senator, a politician while Anita’s dad is just a business man. That said it all.

“This is injustice” I had muttered.

On that very day, Mark’s father came visiting us. At Anita’s home. It took excessive calming down and tolerance for Anita’s mum not to have torn him apart. He was speaking as if what happened was nothing.

He had started with.

“I’m sorry about what happened… Deeply sorry, I heard you’re the boyfriend….”he asked referring to me, I ignored him as he continued. “……..I’m sorry too, but what has happened as happened, the knife cuts the child’s hand, the child got angry and threw the knife away, the knife had done what it wants to do.. ” I looked at him with clenched fists and teeth as I looked away.

He continued.. “let’s just forget about it, and again I heard she’s rude, but that has nothing to do with my son, what happened to her might be from someone she’d been rude too… You know… “he laughed a Lil bit.

Althrough, her father was keeping quiet. It’s like this idiot doesn’t know what’s happening. He continued again “……but I won’t like it if any accusation is taken against…….. ” I didn’t let him finish as I stood up angrily.

“HEYY!! ” I shouted “…….you’re talking in the rubbish, I’m only respecting you as an elderly man or I would’ve graced you with a nice beating…..” I stopped clenching my fists, trying not to cry, I was not only angry but I was feeling pain too.

“……your son did the worst thing imaginable and you’re here speaking jargons…….” I paused stopping the urge to hit him. “……..Look, I’d like to warn you, flee, cos in this game I won’t spare anyone, I won’t let it slide….” I said as I stormed out angry. I stopped at the corridor to calm myself down.

“Just pls… Leave my house now like a gentleman” I heard Anita’s father mutter.

I walked away.
Walking out of the gate, Mark’s father’s car followed me as he whined down the side glass and stared at me for a while and faced front, his car zooming off.

The next day, I was at that love garden staring at the lake reminiscing our moments together, the day we met, the day I rescued her, the day at her house, her smile… Everything about us. Then I heard my name,i looked back to see who had called me, and it was Mark.

The fuck what is he doing here, but something was different, he wasn’t alone, I mean he isn’t just with his friends but this time they were like ten in number, holding a plank each.

Anger rushed through me as I charged towards them, a stone rock was infront of me, I ran towards it as I climbed it jumping up hoping to collide my fist on Mark’s cheek on landing, but that was a wrong move, ‘cos Mark also came forward jumping as he landed a plank on my belly as I fell down.

I tried standing up to retaliate but various plank landed on me holding me down. They kept on hitting me until I was able to hold someone’s hand using that as a support to get up as I used him to block planks from hitting me, I kicked two guys down and pushed the guy towards them. Now that’s two men down, progress.

Turning to my left, I was welcomed with another plank as Mark landed a plank on my forehead, I felt dizzy as I felt myself falling down. Before I touched the ground, two guys held me from behind lifting me up as they slammed me on the floor ‘GBAS’ even the ground felt the effect. The dizziness disappeared. But I was now weak, I couldn’t stand anymore, I was wheezing, groaning, grunting and coughing out blood as my whole face was now covered with blood.

Mark came, walking round my body drawing his plank on the floor as he said.

“Look how the hero as fallen….. “they laughed as he bent down beside me “………i heard you wanna revenge and you ain’t sparing anyone……” he smirked

“I’d advise you, don’t make a fool of yourself, just give up on it… It can’t work…. You’re gonna be a looser if you try that. ” I felt angry again as I held his neck, but various plank landed on my hand and head as I left him alone. I feel so weak.

He held me up as Pius and Silas held my hands, he punched me..

“That’s for you been challenging me”, he punched me again.

“That’s for you to know you’re a looser” he said.

He jumped up like a martial artist (dunno where he learnt that tho) as he kicked me in the chest as I collapse on the floor wheezing out blood. “That’s for all the pains and headaches you’ve caused me” he said.

Policemen arrived the scene. I was happy that someone would save me but I was surprised when they shook hands with Mark.

“That’s him arrest him…. ” Mark said as the officers moved towards me to handcuff me.

Despite my state, they still kicked me to get up. As they dragged me along like a dog towards their van.

God…. What have I done to deserve this.

Maybe Mark was right, I should give up on revenge.

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