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In a dark warehouse, inside it is a table, two chairs, a bunk bed, a bathtub and a bar with drinks and an automatic bulb that illuminates the house a bit from total darkness. On the table lay two pistol guns, and there is he Stanley tied to a chair and blindfolded by me.

I stared at this unconscious Stanley for a while before moving towards the bar to get a drink.

“Where am I” I heard Stanley say. I smirked, picked the drink and walked towards him,

“You’re awake?, that’s nice” I drank from the bottle.

“Where the fuck am I ” he said on a low tone grunting.

“You’re somewhere” I said as I dropped the bottle on the table.

“What do you want from me?” he asked.

“Nothing much, You’re just gonna help with something little”

“What? ”

“Just give me the current locations of Mark, Pius and Lucas” I tell him

“Who are you ” he asked me.

“That doesn’t answer my question man”

“Who the fuck are you” he shouted.

I smirked, I picked up a gun and crouched down to his level on the chair.

“Who I am and who I am not, does that really matter now? All that matters now is for you, to give me what the heck I asked for” I tell him.

“Who are you ” he insisted

I stood up and removed the blindfold on his face.

“I’m Dave, Remember me? ” I asked him as he opened his mouth wide and widened his eyes as I cork the gun and point at him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m ain’t ready for talks man” I said with a cold face,

“Give me what I’m asking for”

He laughed and looked at me,

“I’m telling you nothing ” he said as I hit him with the bottom of the gun. He groaned.

I slapped him multiple times across the face, I can’t even count, his face now red and mouth busted.

“Are you gonna talk now?” I seethed as he just stared at me blankly and spit out blood on me.

I got angry as I pulled the trigger. I run my hands through my hair in anger and pain…..

******** FLASHBACK (ONE YEAR AGO) ********

I can still remember vividly that day when we met,

“Later mum” I said as I ended the phone call. I stood opposite a show glass with snacks in it.

“Give me two scotch eggs and a bottle of coke” I said referring to the lady behind the kiosk.

While she was packing my order a girl came standing beside me, damn she was too beautiful, that word beautiful itself is an understatement referring to this girl, the sun added to her beauty as it shines on her. She is fair in complexion or should I say white cos she looks like an halfcast. I zoned out staring at her.

A hand tap startled me outta my thoughts…..

“What says the time bro” the guy who tapped me asked.

“This is a chance”my subconsciousness whispered to me “ask her the time” my subconsciousness whispered again.

” Excuse me.” she looked at me.

“Please what says the time” I asked.

She looked at me then back to her watch before replying me,

“The time says go and get yours, Am not a public clock” she said. I was wowed.

“Anita” a friend of her, I think, called her as she walked away.

Okay, I’ve just been disgraced. I watched in awe as she walks away. But nothing spoil, at least I know her name now.

“Sorry bro” the guy who asked me the time said as he patted me and walked away.

“Take ur order sir” The lady behind the kiosk said stretching the package to me, I closed my mouth ‘cos it’s been opened since as I payed her and walked away in shame.

On the second occasion when we met, I was walking down a hallway with a cup of coffee in my hand when I saw her standing all alone, she was holding her books to her chest and busy with her phone sitting down on the corridor of the hallway.

“Go close to her and talk with her again” my subconsciousness whispered to me again.

“Will you shut the fuck up” I whispered to myself answering my subconsciousness,

“I’m never gonna follow you anymore” I whispered.

I so much hate him. I don’t wanna get trashed again by a girl.

I was still in the middle of the battle with my subconsciousness that I didn’t notice when she got up and was walking towards me still looking at her phone, and me, I was still busy with my thoughts as we collided against each other, her phone fell as the screen destroyed, her books too fell all lying on the floor, to worsen it all, my coffee poured on her. I looked up meeting her face and all I could see was anger.

“You bloody fool…..” that was coming from her.

Okay, I’m so grounded today……

Thanks for reading ❤

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