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He came down from the bus with a bag hung around his shoulder, he inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

“Here we are” he said.

Not far from where he stood was a group of five goons trying to harass a girl.

“Hey pretty” said one of them.

“Who even talk say she fine sef” said another of them as they laughed.

The girl tried to move away from them but one of them held her hand stopping her as another spanked her butt. She became furious and slapped the goon who spanked her. The goon whom she slapped opened his eyes wide alongside the others.

“I’ll kill you….” He seethed and slapped the girl.

The guy who came down from the bus saw this and moved towards them.

“Hey you shameless fellows, will you let the girl go?”

“You wan die for am?” a guy among the rascals replied with a serious face.

“ Leave the girl alone.” He said with a cold face.

The guy who seemed to be the leader of the goons held the girl up from the ground with her hair and signaled them to beat the boy up.

He dropped his bag as they came rushing towards him, four out of the goons, the first goon came reaching his hands out in a fist to hit him, he ducked and grabbed his hand breaking it as he kicked the second goon on the chest as the goon collapses on the floor. He grabbed the third guy by the neck as he jumped up with his hands still around the guy’s neck and kicked the fourth one with his knee on his nose as he slammed the third guy on the floor as the fourth guy collapsed also. He then walked towards the fifth guy who seemed to be their leader.

“For your mind now you don fight be that o, if i……” before he finished talking the guy who came down from the bus punched him on the nose as he grunts and passed out.

“You talk too much..” the guy said referring to the guy who passed out.

“Are you okay? ” he asked the girl.

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