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Their flight landed safely, both Dave and his mom, they boarded a train to Punjab where his uncle stays.

They got to the uncle’s house and knocked

“Good morning Mary and Dave” he greeted them with a smile on seeing them. Mary, that’s Dave’s mom’s name.

“Good morning Danny” his mom replied, Dave just waved and gave a small smile without talking. He’s been like that for sometimes now.
Danny, that’s the uncle’s name.

“Stephanie ” Danny called, that’s his daughter’s name, “Come take this loads” he ordered.
Stephanie came to take the loads. She doesn’t look Nigerian like her dad, she looks Indian. Dave gave her a cold stare asking her to leave his loads and just show him his room.

Danny noticed that as he made a ‘what’s wrong with him’ face to Mary and Mary just shrugged ‘I don’t know ‘.

“Where’s your Indian wife?” Mary asked Danny.

“She left, went for an Indian man, and I’m not ready to remarry.” he said moving towards his bar to get a drink for her. “How was the journey” he asked her.

“Journey was fine”…

|•DAVE •|

I sat down on the bed in my room as I thought about what I’m to do next, I’m definitely not going back to school, cos I can’t stand enrolling for college here and learn what I’ve learnt before over again.

‘the learning skills here might be different and learning never ends’ my subconsciousness whispered.

‘I’d better find something else to do’ i replied him.

And then, something occurred to me, I picked up my laptop as I searched for ‘martial arts schools in India’ on Google. I got lots of results, I was about clicking on one when a soft knock came on my door.

“Who’s that? ” I asked

“It’s me” mom’s voice sounded from outside. I stood up and moved towards the door to open it.

“It’s almost midnight mom, what do you want?” I asked. Don’t mind me, I’ve been like that for sometimes now, mum understands.

“I wanna have a chat with you.” she said coming in and sat on my bed.

“Now that you’re here to start a new life, what do you wanna do”? She asked as I sat beside her.

“I don’t even know” I answered.

“Will you like to go back to college?” she asked.

“Hell no” I snapped and sighed. I shouldn’t be snapping at her.

“I can’t start again from the beginning, maybe I’ll just go to a martial arts school like dad” I said looking at her. She smiled.

“You can as well start an online class too, even if not to learn but just to get the certificates” she said looking at me. I really don’t wish to go to school anymore so I won’t fall in love again and get trashed. My experience with Mark makes me scared.

“I’ll send you to a martial arts school tomorrow, an Indian friend to your dad is the teacher there. He should recognize you” mum finally let out when I didn’t talk, and that kinda brought a smile to my face as I hugged her.

“I love you mum” she disengaged and stood up to leave.

“You’ll start an online class too” she said opening my door as she stepped out.

“Phones and laptops ain’t allowed in martial arts schools mom” I shouted after her.

“That’s true, we’ll see to that” she replied from outside


The next morning, Dave set out to go to the martial arts school, situated in Hyderabad. He had to get there by boat since it’s located at the outskirts of the town, and surrounded by rivers.

Getting there, he met lots of students, some on the fields practicing with weapons, some lined up in order shouting ‘hia hia hia’ practicing beginners martial skills. He walked passed them heading to the main hall.

When he got to the door, he saw students sitting down in Buddha style with a teacher in front on an altar sitting also in Buddha style with his eyes closed. He tapped a student with his leg.

“Teacher? ” he asked pointing to the teacher

“Guruji” (meaning teacher in Hindi) the student muttered.

“Whatever” He muttered rolling his eyes as he moved forward.

He faked a cough before talking “Hii… ” he said. The teacher opened his eyes.

“My mum asked me to give you this letter” he said bringing down his bag to take out the letter as he stretched it to the teacher.

The teacher collected the letter…..

‘Dear Rajveer,
First, I think you need to know that your friend Johnson is dead, and this is my son, his son Dave… ‘the teacher looked up’…. we went to Nigeria and we encountered a lot, this is about Dave. While in Nigeria, he fell in love but sadly his love ended as his love was killed. He tried justice but he was denied justice, he suffered and that’s why he’s now cold. I lost my son even though he’s still alive. I know by now he had giving up all plans of revenging, but deep down he still feels like, his love made him pledge too.
I pray you, help him, help him to be happy again, help me get my son back, and above all, help me prepare him so he can get justice for his love, make him brave to be able to fulfill his promise to his love.
Your friends wife, Mary Johnson.’

The teacher put the letter down as he looked up straight.


I stood there for what seems like minutes, I don’t know what the hell is taking him long to finish reading the letter, I don’t even know what’s inside since mom had strictly warned me not to open the letter.

At last, he was through as he dropped the letter beside him and stood up moving towards me with his hands behind him as the students moved backwards, I stood where I was, wondering what’s making them move backwards.

“Dave?” he said looking at me with a strict face. I nodded yes. I’m taller than this man.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“I’m 22” I replied.

“I’m 69” he said “Unahtar in Hindi” he replied. I was wowed at that, this man in front of me looks 40.
“You fight? ” he asked. How does that matter now.

“Yeah” I replied coldly.

Just immediately after replying he jabbed me on my forehead and that caught me off-guard.
Fuck, that stings.

“What the fuck did I do” I asked annoyed. He jabbed me again on the same spot, I felt angered and right now, I don’t care if he’s a teacher I’m retaliating.

I tried hitting him back as he held my hand with just a hand, very fast, he rolled me up, and the next thing….. I found myself on the floor. I’ve never seen someone as fast and skillful as that before, not even my dad.

“Room 18, no cuss words, you greet in Hindi, you sleep after I sleep and wake up before I do” he moved forward a little bit and stopped
“What’s 69 in Hindi?” he asked looking back without turning.

” Unahtar ” I replied as he nodded and walked away.

Okay, I wasn’t expecting this kinda start.

“You don’t talking to Guruji that way… “the student I tapped the other time whispered, he couldn’t even hide his Indian accent. “Myself Rohan” he muttered. I ignored him.

I know I’m in for something…..


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