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Rohan took me to my own room, room 18, I stared at this room for a while, this place looks like an empty room. Looks like a balcony, not like a normal room.

“Myself Rohan” Rohan said again stretching his hands for a shake. I ignored his hands as I rolled my eyes, I think this dude’s got a problem.

“Okay, I’m Dave” I replied “where is the bed?” I asked

“Here” he said as he walks behind the door bringing out a mat.
Damn, I think I’m getting tired.

“AC? ” I asked, as he moves to the wooden windows and opened it

“AC? Full on” he said smiling. Okay, this is getting stupid

“Fridge? “I asked bringing out a table water from my bag. He took the table water from me as he went towards a clay pot, and dropped it in it.

“Fridge” he said pointing to it. Everything here seems local.

“Can I get something to eat?” I asked him

“Yourself, you’ll cook for everybody” he told me. Okay, this accent is terrible. Christ, I’m so grounded.

I together with Rohan went to the market to get the foodstuffs, I swear cooking Indian dish sucks, I was asked to cook Biryani….. I almost spoilt the cooking but Rohan helped out. And it tastes nice.

Rohan seems to be a good guy.
He became my best friend tho.


I was still enjoying my sleep when someone kicked me, I woke up frightened
“What the hell is yo……..” I stopped on seeing Guruji
‘no cuss words, greet in Hindi’ I remembered

“Shubh prabhaat Guruji”(good morning Guruji)I greeted, Rohan had taught me that.

Guruji didn’t reply, he just left leaving me with a man, he his 6ft tall. He isn’t smiling.

Who is he, oh! I remember now, I saw him standing beside Guruji yesterday below the altar. He kicked me and ordered me out, he wasn’t talking. I nicknamed him Lucifer.

First I changed my clothes to the students clothes as he ordered me to a place where there are like three big bells held up and a big log of wood tied up.

I was to ring the bell and push the log, I wasn’t concentrating as the log came hitting me on my groins as I fell backwards holding my groins in pain. I continued this until Lucifer said it’s okay.

Next, I had to cook again and serve the students food. If I tried resting when cooking Lucifer would kick me and I’d almost fall down. I dare not retaliate.

Next I had to wash clothes. I did all this till the evening.

That night, I slept outside on that log so I wouldn’t wake up late, but I still did cos Lucifer came waking me up again with a kick as I fell. I rang the bell, I pushed the log this time I caught it with my hands and groaned, it wasn’t easy.

Next, Lucifer ordered me to a a big pot with soup and gave me a big rolling stick as he kicked me to start rolling the soup. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. This Lucifer doesn’t even talk. Other students were stiring soups too but their pot isn’t as big as mine.

Next, I had to practice kicks, I know some of this shits before so I wasn’t serious with it as I stopped. Lucifer kicked me again, this time I fell down. I dare not retaliate, there is discipline. Who am I to even retaliate. He’d kill me, I can never forget the way Guruji had landed me on the floor.

Next, he ordered me to a place where I am to catch water melons, two people throw it from the top as I catch. That’s to learn seriousness and part of accuracy.

They paused for a while as I stood tired bending down when they threw another one as it landed on my head, I tried catching the next one but it landed on my face, they started laughing and kept on throwing it as I ran away.

This continued everyday. At the end of about two weeks, I don’t wait for Lucifer to wake me up anymore as I always wake up early to do the needful, this way I skip some chores since they were meant to punish me before.

That log pushing isn’t still easy for me. I get tired everytime I push it. Sometimes with empty stomach, doing that stuff I’d nearly faint.

This continued for a about one month until one day…

“My friend Dave” Rohan came to my room one night. I was too tired that night.

“What’s it you want Rohan” I asked him tiredly

“See you are tired” his accent is something else. “Let’s go, myself and you, we drink beer” he said.

My mood lit up at that. One thing I noticed about me this days is, I’m not too cold anymore like before. I now chat well with people and I’m happy.

“Where do you drink beer in a village?” I asked

“We go to town, me and you, we drink beer and chicken” he said in his Indian accent.

“Well, this sounds good, how do we get out?” I said getting up on my feet now dressing up.

“We sneak” he said. Sometimes it’s hard understanding him, he is not too good in English.

We dressed up and sneaked out. I really got wasted indeed, I got drunk, Rohan got drunker, don’t mind the English. When coming back, he complained about Guruji saying no matter how early you wake up, you can never wake up before Guruji. That man doesn’t sleep.
I was on my way back to my room when I met Guruji.

“Is this an hotel?” he asked when he noticed I was drunk. I gas before answering him.

“I wanted to see you..” I said walking towards him staggering obviously drunk
“……you’ve not taught me anything, I regret coming here,” I was talking drunk, it’s obvious “…….I came wanting to be like my dad…. But you” I pointed at him “…….you turned me too be like… I don’t even know, I’m leaving tomorrow” I said moving towards my room.

“I’ll never teach you anything” he said

“And I’m not ready to learn your nonsense” I replied walking away. Alcohol makes you do things you can’t do in your normal sense.

“Stop there… “he ordered as I stopped.

He came towards me as he jabbed the sides of my head with his two back hands and touched my belly as he twists the skin, I fell down vomiting all that I had drank. He then bent down

“How do you feel?” he asked. I didn’t answer as he lifted me up taking me to a mirror facing it as he began his motivational speech.

“A deer wakes up in a jungle and said, if I don’t run with all my might I’ll die, a lion also woke up and said, if I don’t run with all my might I’ll die of starvation. Either you’re a deer or a lion, you must run. But you need to conquer fear.” he faced me “do you know why your mum sent you here? ” he asked as I shook my head signaling no.

By now I had calm down. “She wants me to treat you as my son and prepare you for the revenge you promised your love” that instant, my head sparked as the memories of what happened to Anita flooded through my mind, the image of her cold body lying down on that cold floor that night came to my eyes as I clenched my jaw alongside my fist.

“Conquer your fears and brace yourself up for the task, and drop the pride of you knowing how to fight before and learn something new” he said.

“Are you ready to learn now or you wanna leave” he asked me.

“We never started anything Guruji” I answered him. He then charged towards me lifting up his elbow to hit me, I was surprised when I blocked it.

Wow! I just blocked Guruji, he made to kick me sideways, I blocked it again with my hand, okay this is new to me, he raised his knee to hit me and I moved backwards as I blocked it with a straight forward kick. I was surprised. He repeated it again, this time faster and I blocked it all. It was then it dawned on me that the bells, the log that I’ve been ringing and pushing, things I thought was a punishment were all skills for me to learn.

“Your training began since the first day” he said. I was happy as I greeted him in the Indian style of greeting elders. He raised me up, smiled and walked away.

“Shubh raatri Guruji”(good night Guruji) I muttered after him.

That night, I decided I have to seek revenge for Anita at all cost. And prepare myself for the task ahead.

I finally conquered my fears.
The next morning, I woke up very early, I don’t know the exact time but it’ll be around some minutes to four. I had decided to be more serious now, for Anita. I met Guruji in the hall, he was having a kinda yoga exercise, but this time it’s like a dance. I watched him very well as I started learning.

Every morning, I’d wake up and do the dance too, I became serious with the bell ringing and the log pushing that Lucifer don’t need to force me anymore, I even wake up before him now. I had known how to stop the log with a kick.

I became serious with the watermelon catch too, I never loosed focus.

Guruji taught me well too, he treated me like his own son.
He’d set my body well, set my legs on how to have a good kick, he’d set my hands well on how to get a good jab and snake choke bite.

I practiced with him mostly. He fights me with a hand. That man Guruji is something else. Sometimes he’d fight me holding a coconut drink. All this made me stronger.

I do push-ups too, but this is for accuracy, he’ll hold a cane, it’s a kinda clap push up where I have to be fast enough so his cane won’t hit me. I learnt that and mastered it. A day came that I was too practice it with a sword, I almost cried, but that only helped me to be more accurate.

I did this things everyday.
Time came for me to practice with my seniors, I started with only one person, later Guruji increased my opponents to two and more. But I noticed something, when I get beaten, as soon as I remember Anita’s cold body lying down on that cold floor that night, my energy doubles and I’ll conquer anyone I’m facing. Sometimes Guruji would have to hold me down.

Even the students fear me now. I’m like a small god. After Guruji, I’m next.

I became good, Guruji couldn’t fight me with just a hand anymore but now with two hands. I became his favorite, his son. I became perfect.

Guruji always does two astonishing things. He’d lean on two fingers of his left hand on a stone, with his legs upwards and his head downwards. I started practicing this and I learnt it.

He goes to the sea side, there’s a pole there, he’ll hold it and release himself and the sea breeze will make him float in air. I learnt that too. He said, that would make it easier for me to lift myself to high lengths.

On free days, I’d train myself from morning till dawn.

I became so perfect in everything called martial art.

I had been there for six months now.

Then a day came, my mum came, I was surprised….

“mum? ” I said completely surprised. She was talking with Guruji when I saw her.

“Dave my boy” she said as she hugged me. I hugged her too, I missed this hug.

“What are you doing here, mum” I asked her with a smile.

“Seems like he isn’t cold anymore” mum said as I laughed

“Dave…. “Guruji said “……it’s time to go” I was shocked, I’d feel like this is my home, and this is my father. I felt like I shouldn’t go, I felt sober.

Guruji came closer and patted me. “You have to go fulfill your promise to your love” he said. At that instant, I clenched my jaw remembering my promise to Anita.
“I won’t let it slide” I said as I prostate in the Indian style but Guruji held me up and hugged me.

” Don’t spare them….. Get justice” he muttered against my ear. I disengaged from the hug as I went to pack my loads. My cold stare returned.

After we were out of the school, mum said

“You’re not going to Nigeria……..”

“What?!!! “…………..

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