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|•DAVE •|

“What?!!!!” I exclaimed, what’s my mum saying,

“What? ” she asked looking at me like it’s nothing

“Why will you say I’m not going to Nigeria?” I asked baffled

“Why the hurry?, I wasn’t through with the statement…” she said
“…..i mean you ain’t going to Nigeria yet. ” she announced as I heaved a sigh.

“Why….. And where I’m I going” I asked

“To make the revenge….. You don’t need just physical combat to do that, you’d need to know how to handle a gun too” she said.

Now, that’s true, imagine I’m in front of Mark and he has a gun pointed at me, and I can’t even handle a gun, that’d be disastrous.

“Oh, I never thought of that… Where I’m going” I said as my mum stops a rickshaw as we entered.

“You’re going to USA…..” she said as soon as we sat down “………New York. Your uncle has a friend there who would teach you everything”


I got to this place I know is where I’m heading to, I entered the gate, getting in I met two guys, hefty, they were wearing black suits and a dark glasses. I greeted but they didn’t respond. This guys seems to have a beef with smiling, I do too though, I ignored them walking forward as one called me back.

“Hey you black nigga, where the fuck do you think you are going…… “he asked moving closer to stop me. I stopped and sighed then looked back. I thought they had no business with me.

“Are you talking to me? ” I asked him.

“This dude really needs to be taught a lesson” he seethed moving towards me.

“Let him be man” the second one said but he ignored. Now I need to crack a bone.

He got to where I’m standing as he made to punch me, I dodged moving my head sideways as I grabbed his hands and twisted it, he groaned, still holding his hands I kicked him in the chest. The second brought out a gun to shoot.

“Stop now or I’ll fucking shoot you” he shouted as he shoots a bullet. I used the first guy as a guard against the shot.

Two bullets landed on his chest.
He isn’t dead yet, I think he’s wearing a bullet proof.

That seemed to alert other guards as they rushed out with a gun each pointing at me.

“Don’t shoot!!” a man shouted.
“Let him go Dave” he said as I let the guard go, he held his chest looking at me angrily.

I turned around…..

“I’m Lucas…..” I already know that, that’s the man my mum is sending me to. “Come in” he said as I walked inside not sparing the guards a look as they all focused on me.

How sweet it was beating a white guard.

“Meghan” he called as a lady came in from the kitchen. She looks 27, a blonde, she’s putting on a black jean with a rip in the knee and a brown hoodie.

“Take him upstairs to his room…..” he looked at me “and come meet me in the underground, she’ll bring you, your training starts immediately” he said as he walked out.

I was like asking him, won’t I rest? But I gats do this. He didn’t even ask me any questions.

Meghan took me to the room as I dropped my bag on the bed in there.

“Where’s the bathroom” I asked.

“Right there” she pointed to a door.

“Thank you” I muttered signaling her to get out. But she looked at the door and looked back at me with a face that says ‘huh’. This one is a psycho.

“I said excuse me” I said pointing to the door.

“Oh, okay” she said as she moved out.

Just as I took off my clothes completely naked, she rushed in.

“Holy shit! ” she muttered and gasped. I quickly took a towel to tie around my waist.

“What the fuck is wrong with your dumbass” I shouted completely upset.

“I’m sorry” she said without smiling or feeling sober. “Boss ordered me to bring you now” she said.
I pray I don’t kill this rat before getting out here.

“I’ll meet you outside” I replied as she left.

I stepped in the shower for a quick bath, I came out and cleaned myself dry with a towel.

I rubbed myself with lotion as I took out an ashes sweat shirt and a black pant to put on and step out of the room

“Shall we?” she asked pointing to the way, I nodded as she leads the way to the underground.


“Welcome Dave.. ” Lucas said as I entered. “You acted a badass down there” he said as he smirked, a smirk I really don’t understand.

“You should think of training those monkeys you call guards again” I replied as I smirked too.

“I’ll do just that” he said as he moved towards a car. A car! I didn’t noticed that.

“Will you get your ass in? ” he said already in the car.

I was confused, he started the engine and I moved forward and entered.

“Where are we going” I asked as soon as I entered the car.

“Your seat belt” he said not sparing me a look and ignoring my question. I rolled my eyes and did as he said.

Right infront of me, a gate or should I say a door… I don’t even know. A gate opened revealing a dark driveway with side lights to illuminate it as he drives the car in and speed off. This man is a crazy driver, thank Christ I have my belts on.

20 minutes into the drive… I was getting bored already…

“Where are we going” I asked again, he ignored me as he checks the side mirror and faced the road again. I sighed, I was getting pissed already, I felt like punching him.

2 hours into the journey, I asked again… This time angrily

“Where the fuck are we going Lucas? ” he ignored again as we busted out in an open field,

“What the fuck! ” I muttered. I looked back to see where we came out from, and that looks like the entering of a cave. An underground from his house to this place, this is strange to me.

“This is where we’re going..” he said “have I answered your question now? ” he asked. Fuck him.

I looked around and saw people around dressed like soldiers in training. We were still in the car. Gunshots filled the air, as they practice non stop.

“Where is this place” I asked.

“This is Lucs-7 recruitment area, my special ops military.” he said as he winked and halt the car in front of a tent. But this doesn’t makes sense to me.

“Why I’m I here” I asked just as I got out of the car.

He ignored as a soldier saluted him and he waved his hands entering the tent.

“I said why I’m I here?”

“To learn of course, what else” he asked as he shrugged. Okay, I hate this man.

“That still doesn’t explain I….. ”

“Calm down and be gentle Dave, this is to help you, If I should just train you on how to use a gun then it makes no meaning.. Here I’ll train you like a soldier, both in physical combat and ammunitions” he said

“But I already know about martial arts” I retorted

“Learning never ends.. Go over the dresser there, change your clothes, get a nice sleep, training starts tomorrow and we’re staying here for six months. ” he said as he walked out

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