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I opened my eyes slightly, my vision still blur from the long sleep.
An object made me startle and jump in fear, A gun pointed at me.

“Boom” Lucas said raising the gun from my face.

Bloody hell, this dude’s a psycho.

“Do you really have to do that?” I asked him. I’m getting pissed of this attitudes, I hope I stay up to six months.

“Don’t be a lazy ass Dave and get ur butts up, we have lots to learn.” he said as he walked out.

I don’t even know where to take my bath or brush my teeth. I stormed out to meet Lucas.

I met him discussing with someone.

“Where do I take my bath?” I asked him. He turned to face me and turned back focusing on the person he’s talking to. I sighed.

“Mum, why did you have to send me here” I muttered inaudibly. But he heard.

“I heard that, she sent you here cos we’re the best here. Get your ass after me.” he said as I followed.

He stopped at a secluded place, this place isn’t rowdy like the other places. He moved to a large table with a big bag on it. He opened the bags and poured the contents down. Pistol Guns and bullets.

He picked up a gun and loaded it as he cocked the gun.

“Do what I just did” he ordered. Did he just say that?, how am I gonna do something he didn’t teach me.

“But you didn’t…”

“Teach me.. ” he completed my intended statement.

“Yep, teach me” I muttered.

“If you really wanna know this things, you gats learn by imitation.” he dropped the gun on the table. “Load yours before I’m back” he said as he moved away.

Okay, where do I start from, I stared at the table confused, I stared at my front to check Lucas and he seems to be setting up something a little bit far from here. I looked back at the table.

“Okay, Dave, breathe you can do this” I muttered to myself as I picked up a gun closing my eyes blocking my ears from noise.

‘There’s truth in silence’ Guruji always say, let’s use that today. I tried it and it worked. I loaded the gun.

Lucas came back.

“Good boy” he muttered as he picks up his gun and aimed at his front.

He had set up stuffs like bottle there. Like five. He shot all the bottles without missing. And the bottles reset.

“Now focus and shoot those bottles in the head” he said.

“The bottle caps?” I asked and he nodded.

I aimed and I shot, I’m a terrible shooter. A bullet went where I don’t know, one went under, another shot at the bottom of the bottle I wasn’t aiming at and the Last one…. I don’t even know.

Lucas gasped for a moment and started laughing. I felt ashamed.

“You’re a terrible shooter. Don’t waste bullets okay” he said.

He came behind me, held my hand up,

“Breathe and focus” he said, I like this side of him. “Shoot now”

I focused as I shot again, this time I shot two bottle caps and two bottle bodies and missed one as the bottles reset.

Now I’m having fun.

“Good, now you’re making progress.. Reload the gun” he said as I pick another magazine and loaded the gun.

I aimed again, I shot the first one in the head, I shot the second one in the head, the third and fourth but I missed the fifth head cos the bullet whisked passed it brushing it a little.
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I picked up another as i shot them all without missing, again and again, I shot without missing. Shooting is fun.

“Now go and rest a Lil bit, we’ll continue later”

I woke up very early, I did everything I had to do and walked up to Lucas.

“Good morning” I greeted

“Good morning Dave, let’s go start business” he said as we headed to our training spot.

Another bag was on the table there, he poured the contents down. Assault rifles, M-16 and bullets.

He picked up a rifle as he loaded it, I watched and picked up one too as I loaded it and cocked the gun.

“This time, we’re gonna be shooting at those charts” he said pointing to the human chart.

He aimed and shot right at the heart three bullets and two bullets on the head and ordered me to do likewise.

I aimed too, and I shot right at the hearts too and two on the head. He shaked hands with me.

“You’re good boy”.

The training for those six months was fun and hard too. He taught me how to snipe and get a good shot, he taught me how to duck too. He taught me how to break a neck. I learned a lot and I knew learning never ends.

He taught me how to arm myself like a soldier going on a mission.
There was a day I was asked to shoot at a helicopter and duck bullets from it too, it wasn’t easy, I loosed three times and the fourth time I got the helicopter down.

He taught me how I can break in into a whole building with my gun and skill. I learnt boxing too.

he taught me how to be a rugged soldier that can endure pains and last long in a fierce battle.

“It’s time to go” Lucas said. I got ready as we walked towards his car and entered.

“Your seat belt” he said. I almost forgot he’s a crazy driver. I used the seat belts as we walked towards that cave and we drove in.
When we got to his house, my mum was already waiting at the living room.

“Dave” mum called.

“Mum” I hugged her.

“How did it go” she asked.

“Your son is really amazing”Lucas said as I smiled.

“Let’s get going, I already bought your flight tickets to Nigeria” mum said as I nodded.

I hugged Lucas, “Thanks man” I said.

“You’re welcome” he said disengaging from the hug.

“Now go and make us proud” he said.


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