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I stared at Stanley for a while,

“I made a mistake, I should have driven that bullet straight into your damn head” I seethed.

I didn’t shoot him, I missed on purpose.

I aimed the gun at his head as I untie him and raised him up.

“Don’t tryna act stupid or I’ll fucking kill you. Now strip” I said as he gazed at me.
“I said strip” I thundered as he began undressing leaving his underwear.

“Take that off too” I said referring to the underwear.

“You know this isn’t right” he said as I glare at him.

“Take off the damn thing” I said as he takes it off and sigh.

“Now move” I said leading him to the bathtub.

I made him lay in it as I opened the tap for the water to run. I gave him the soap and ordered him to clean up.

When he was through, he dressed up as I tied him back to the chair and dropped the gun on the table.

“You know this isn’t right, I understand you ain’t happy with what happened a year ago, but you should know I wasn’t part.” he said

“I know Stan, but that really doesn’t matter.” I moved closer to him as I tied him tighter, I tied his body, legs and hands so he wouldn’t be able to move the chair.

“I’ll go get us something to eat, be a good boy, would you?” I said patting his hair. And walked out
I payed for what I just bought on the counter and moved out.

“Excuse me, can I get #100 from you?” a man said.

I recognized him, the drunkard I saw that night. I dipped my hands in my pocket as I brought out a #1000 note and handed it over to him.

“Woah…. Thanks” he grinned as I nod.
“I can see you saved your ass well, get ready you’re saving it again” he says as he walks away. What’s with him am asses.

I got back to the warehouse and dropped the food on the table and winked at Stanley. I stopped as I remembered I didn’t buy water. I have some in the refrigerator though.

I brought out the food, fried rice and orange chicken. I gave one to Stanley, he hesitated, I understand.

First I untied him and I opened it and scooped two spoons in my mouth and shrugged. He collected it and started eating. I sat down to eat mine too.

Halfway into the eating.

“I need water” Stanley said as I stood up to go and get him water.

As soon as I touched the handle of the refrigerator to open it, I heard a gun click behind me. I stopped and slowly turned back only to see Stanley pointing a gun at me.

“You didn’t see this coming” he says with a maniacal smile.

Stanley can’t shoot, I thought, but I was wrong, he shot but I was quick to discover as I ducked and slapped the gun out of his hand.

He punched me in the face twice. Woah! Stanley has got liver now.

I kicked him in the stomach as he fell on the ground. I moved towards him punching him very fast severally on the ground, he ducked some and some hit him. He lifted his hands and legs up as he pushed me down.

Before I could stand up, he was already on his feet. I charged towards him to hit him but he dodged lifting me on his shoulder as he turns me and slammed me on the table as the table shatters and I found myself on the ground.

He started punching me too, but I was quick as I grabbed his hands and draw his head closer and coiled my legs around his neck, he lifted me up as I punched the back bone below his neck as he weakens and he falls on his knees.

I came down and draw his head towards the refrigerator and slammed it multiple times on it.

He was weakened as he falls down flat. I was breathing heavily as I moved towards the gun and came close to him.

“Pls, don’t shoot me” he said as I spit out blood. He got my mouth bleeding.

“I really didn’t see it coming” I said as I lifted him up and tied him against the chair.

I pointed the gun at him as I stared at me coldly.

“Please” he begged again as I hit him on the face with the bottom of the gun as he pass out.


Hi, I’m Lucy, remember me? The girl that got beaten up by some goons at the beginning, that got her ass saved by a guy, Dave.

Talking about Dave, that guy is kinda weird. I’m still surprised at the fact that he could beat up five guys without a stain. And the way he slammed that guy’s head on the car and took the car away is something I still don’t understand.

The door bell rings,
“Go and check the door Domie” that’s my son, he’s seven years.

His full name is Dominic but I choose to call him Domie. I had him when I was fifteen, SSS 1. I had to leave secondary school cos of pregnancy. I waited for him to clock three years, and I enrolled for JAMB and WAEC to further to the University.

I don’t have rich parents so they couldn’t cater for me while in school, I had to work and study at the same time. But it wasn’t easy.

I got rusticated when I was 300L because of the delay in tuition fee and poor grades since I couldn’t read well. I dropped out and decided to start a blogging business. It works real good for me, and right now I’m not ready to go to school again.

Don’t scold me for my early child birth, I was ganged rape, I don’t even know who they were, they abducted me on my way to school that day and raped me.

I wish I could know so I can take revenge. My hatred for men increased since that day. And also I’m not gonna get married.

Whenever Domie asks about his dad, I’d say he will soon be back.

Domie got up to check the door,
“Mum a man is here to see you” he said.

A man?, where do I know a man from, I’m not even wearing something good, I’m putting on a baggy T-shirt that reach my mid thighs with a pant under.

I stood up to check the man, and I halt, my body seemed to crease at his sight.

“Hi” he greeted with a smile.

“Hi” I answered.

“May I come in?” he asked.

“Yeah” I said as I made way for him to enter. How did he know this place. This guy is a weirdo. That’s Dave.

“What should I offer you?” I asked nervously.

“Water would be okay” he said as I dashed into the kitchen.

Domie came after me, “Mum is that dad?” he asked.

I sighed and roll my eyes. “Get out” I whispered to him as he left.

I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous. I brought the water and gave him, he took a sip from it and placed it on the stool.

“Sit down, or you’re scared of me?” he asked. I smiled as I sat down.

Domie went to him and asked him, “Are you my dad?”

WTF! What the hell is wrong with Domie.

Dave looked at me, he’s surprised also, he looked back at Domie and smiled.

“Yeah, I’m your dad” I gasped and open my eyes wide. WTF is he saying. “What’s your name dear” he asked as he placed him on his laps.

“I’m Domie, but why did leave us for so long” Domie asked, I’m surprised right now.

“I’m sorry dear, dad had to tend to somethings” he answered.

“You have to make it up to me” Domie said.

“Dad brought you some chocolate” Dave said as he brought out a bar chocolate from his pockets and handed it over to him.

“Thanks dad” he Said as he hugged him and hurried to his room.

Just as Domie left, Dave looked at me and raised his brows as I glare at him.

“Thanks though” I said.

“For?” he answered. Is he kidding me, he just saved me from a long time stress.

“Never mind..” I replied as I paused. “By the way, how did you know this place?” I asked

“I have my ways” he said as he winked. He’s a weirdo.

“I wanna ask you something” he said.

“What” I replied.

“That day when we met did you see any parcel when I left?” he asked.

A parcel?

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