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“What? When did that happen…. How could you allow that kinda shit happen….. I’ll be back in Nigeria tomorrow” I say and hang up.

“What’s wrong boss” Manny say behind me.

He’s my right hand man. We’re at the balcony of my penthouse. I’m currently in Dubai.

“Stanley has just been kidnapped, by an unknown man. No one knows him.” I say and sigh.

“Suspend all my meeting plans indefinitely.” I tell him.

“Why boss?”

“I’m going to Nigeria, I’m nah resting until I get the guy who kidnapped Stanley. Prepare my private jet” I say and walk in.

I place a conference call through to Pius and Silas,

“Hey guys” I say

“I’m cool”
“I’m cool” they reply.

“I know you should have heard by now that Stanley’s been kidnapped. His right hand man told me. So you have to keep your heads low, we don’t know who he is, he might be after us too” I say.

“Okay man” Silas say.

“I’ll be back in Nigeria tomorrow” I say

“That aside, who’s heard from Dave” Pius says with a laugh.

And that’s true, no one knew his location ever since then but I care less.

“Who cares about a looser” Silas let out with a laugh.

I chuckle.

“Gat to go guys, we’ll meet in Nigeria.” I say as I disconnects the call.

“Did you find any parcel? In a little rectangular carton” Dave asks after Domie left.

Of course I found one, that day when he was gone, a carton dropped down from his bag, I tried waving him down that he dropped a parcel but I guess he was too angry to notice me.

So I picked it up, I know one day I’ll find him again. I didn’t bother opening the parcel. I kept it since then.

“Yeah, I found one, I’ll be right back” I say as I go inside my room and move towards my dresser, I kept it there. I found it and I came out.

“Is it something like this?” I ask him.

“Yeah, that’s it exactly” he say as he collects it from me putting it in his jacket inner pocket. He looks too happy, I guess that parcel is something important to him.
“Thank Christ, this is really important” he say confirming my thoughts as I sit beside him.

“I tried waving you down that day but you seem too angry to notice me.” I say as he nodded. “If I may ask, what caused the anger that day” I ask moving my mouth in a way not to make him angry as he frowned and faked a smile.

“I wanna get going” he says standing up. Why is he going.

“Did I say something wrong?” I ask and he nods no. I stand up too as I walk him to the door.

“Dad are you going so soon, won’t you stay a while?” Domie say. When did he come out, this boy is something else.

“I’ll be back soon” Dave answers and carried him up.

“Don’t stay long” Domie pouts as Dave nods.

“What should I use in paying you back for the good thing you did?” he asks referring to the parcel.

“Take her out on a date” Domie say with a boyish grin. Can someone remind this boy he’s still a kid?.

“You heard him, let’s go on a date” Dave says and winked.

“What if I’m not in the mood? ” I ask.

“Then I’d be in a bad mood” he whined as I laughed.

“When would that be”

“I’d call you when it should be, it’ll be a surprise” he says and drop Domie. “Goodbye Domie” he says.

“Goodbye dad” Domie replies.

He waved at me too as he walks away.


Domie, I love that young boy, wished he is my son. I still don’t know why he asked if I’m his dad. I would find out later.

Talking about the parcel, it’s full of sodium thiopental, it’s an injection you give to people to tell the truth. I’m using it for Stanley.

I get to the warehouse, I look at Stanley, his face is still filled with blood. I care less. He acted a pussy and I’m acting like a dick to him.

I drop the parcel on the refrigerator since douche bag Stanley broke my table. I open it, he looks at me confused. I filled the syringe with 2ml sodium thiopental. That will make him speak for the next twenty minutes.

I bring a chair towards him and moves towards him.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

I ignore him and injected him with it.

“Now you’ll talk” I say and sit opposite him. His time starts now. “Give me their locations” I tell him coldly as he grin. It’s working already.

“You know…. First you have to know this…” he starts “I’m Mark’s dad favorite, but I hate him. Don’t bother… I’ll explain” he says and giggle. I check my watch, there’s still time. “I studied computer science as you know, I’m an orphan you know that too, so he pays my fees, you know that too, he likes me cos I’ve gat the brains. I wanted to graduate and start a computer brand, but Mark’s father wanted me to work for him, I never wanted this. But one day they had me tricked and I swore an oath to always serve him, I was pained, so pained, and that’s how I became his head thug, giving brains for how he’ll carry out missions. Reluctantly though. He’s into shitty businesses, Pius and Silas works for him too” he pause.

I never knew this stuff turns it’s clients to dummys too, as if I asked him. Time almost up, I have to make him talk before it’s too late.

“Okay, give me the locations now” I say firmly.

“Mark is in Dubai in charge of one of his dad’s company. But he’d be in Nigeria as soon as he hears I’m kidnapped. Pius too would wanna hide himself cos he’d be scared, he doesn’t know what’s going on. He has a club he always hides. Silas lives like a mob boss in a penthouse gallery too….” he say.

Five more minutes to go.

“There’s no full details in what you just said” I tell him coldly as he smiled sheepishly.

“Mark wouldn’t have cared if I died, he’d just wanna get you so he’d know why you’re after me and to know if you’re after him too so he’d kill you” he stops again.

2 more minutes to go, this dude’s pissing me off.

“You still haven’t talked” I say already impatient.

I don’t wanna inject him a second time, he might get mad.

“Let me join force with you, together, we can bring down Mark and his dad too, I really wanna pay him back for what he did…… I wanna work for you in this revenge”

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