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“….. I wanna work for you in this revenge” he say.

I would have thought maybe he wants to trick me but I check my watch and I know the injection is still having effect on him and he said what was on his mind.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask.

Time up.

He touches his head and groans, head pains happens after things like this.

“I’m sure, when I fought you the other time, it wasn’t like I wanna be a rebel but, I just wanted you to feel the way I felt when you slammed my head on the windshield since I did nothing. Nothing more” he says with a kinda teary face.

“I’m sorry mate” I say as I stand up and loose him from the chair.

“Let’s get you cleaned up” I say and open my bag and bring out a cotton wool and methylated spirit to treat his face.

When I was done treating his face. I put back the equipments in my bag.
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“How do you plan on getting them down, I mean apart from this two guns.. “he says pointing to the table “Which other weapon do you have?” he asks.

“Just those two” I shrugg. “I’m a martial artist, I can bring then down” I say and he laughs. He’s laughing real hard that I’m getting pissed.

“Sorry Dave, but that was stupid, Mark and co ain’t people you can just take down anyhow, he’s different from the Mark you knew one year ago, you’ll need plans, you’ll need weapons, sophisticated ones, you’re gonna need lots of equipments too” he say firmly.

And truly speaking, that’s stupid, I had no plans, I have no weapons, I planned on just getting locations and meeting them unaware but I think I’m wrong now. I would have gotten weapons though, if I had the money.

“How much do you have with you?” he asked

“I don’t have a bank account, I have #50,000 here in my bag” I say.

“I don’t wanna laugh anymore..” he say dipping his hands in his pocket and brings out his credit card as he stretched it to me.

“I don’t have much money in this account, and I can’t say we should go to my house it’ll be dangerous, just take this, get a table a board, papers and pens let’s plan. Get something we can eat too I’m starving” he say as I ccollect the credit card.
“I’d love to follow you but it’ll be dangerous, so I’d stay here, get foodstuffs and something we can cook with too” he say and I nod walking out.

I didn’t think about plans, I think I’m stupid, power isn’t just everything. Thank Christ he sent Stan.


“Today is Tuesday right…… Just get the cash ready before Thursday. Alright” I say as I hang up.

“Boss, Mark’s here” Fred says.

He’s my next man after Stanley but I trust Stanley more than I trust him. And talking about Stanley, he has been kidnapped, we don’t know who did it but we’ll find out soon.

I walk in from the balcony upstairs into my room as I go down stairs.

“Good morning dad” Mark greets.

“Good morning, how was your trip down here” I ask him.

“Good dad” he say.

“Fred, get a red wine and meet us in the garden…. Let’s go talk in the garden Mark.”
We sit round a table as I took a sip from my wine glass and Mark does the same too.

“What you’ve got dad” Mark ask.

“I’m traveling tomorrow, I’ll back on Thursday. You should be able to get a lead on Stanley’s abductor before then. When I’m back we’ll look into it” I tell him.

“Dad, his abductor might be after you too, why not suspend your meeting”

“Don’t worry Mark, Fred and other guards gat me, I’ll be going with 9 guards, plus I’m going with my demon cars” I tell him as he nods.


I did all things necessary in the warehouse. A new good table, three more chairs, a white board and lots of pens. Foodstuffs too and a gas cooker. I bought a Tablet computer too.

The table is filled with lots of papers as Stanley plans on it.

“Done” he says as he go to the board and pastes them there.

Pictures of Mark and his dad, Pius and Silas is pasted too.

“So, who’s our first target” I ask him.

“Our first target will be someone we’d also gain from and that’ll take us to Mark’s dad” he say as he marked his pictures. “You have the power but I have the brains” he winks and smile.

“Okay, how do we go about it” I ask.

“I helped him seal a deal of 10 million dollars. The biggest ever. He’d be going to take the cash on Thursday, and today’s Tuesday so we don’t have time”

“So what’s the plan” I ask.

“You’ll make the plan, I’ll just supply you with infos” he pause


“First things first, he has this three cars he calls demons, why does he call them demons…..” he pause looking at me

“I don’t know? “I tell him.

“…..it’s because the cars are demons” he laughs shrugging.

Now he’s playing.

“We don’t have time you know” I tell him.

“Okay serious now, he had those cars specially built, the body of the car has many layers that no gun can penetrate not even a rocket launcher. The glasses too are the same. The only lead I think we have about the car is that no weapon built in it. Even the tyres has many layers. Now, if he’s going out for this kinda deal especially now that I’ve been kidnapped, he’ll go extra prepared. He’ll take the three cars with him as a convoy. He’ll be in the car in the middle. He’ll sit alone at the back seat with the money beside him. His personal guard will be in the front plus the driver. The cars before and after him will have two guards at the back seat, one at the front with the drivers too. This guards ain’t playing, they are well trained both in physical combat and weapon handling, so literally we’re going for a suicide mission” he say.

“Okay Stan, why are we going after him first, and how do we scale through” I ask.

“There’s a joy in those cars, we can hack into them and have control over them, he’ll be passing a very lonely road in Ogun state, police or soldiers are far from there” he completed.

“How do we hack, and what are we gaining” I say.

“Geez Dave, he’s going for a deal, 10 million dollars, we’re gaining that” he say.

“Wow…. ” I mouthed as realization hit me “…. But what do we with that” I ask

“Weapons, I have a black market where we can get weapons” he says as I nod. “And about the hacking, leave that to me, I’ll hack into the car, I have all the informations about the car, I’ll hack into it and we’ll control it from this Tab” he says picking up the tab.

“So how do we carry out this heist and an abduction with just two pistols with no much bullets, and we don’t get or asses kicked?” I ask.

“Now, let’s plan”

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