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Stanley parks the car in the garage for the warehouse as I carry unconscious James out and Stanley carries the money. I tie him to a chair waiting for him to regain consciousness.

“We’re fucking rich Dave” Stan says taking off his clothes.

“We’ll make a list of what we need” I say and take off my clothes too.

“What are we doing with James?, you should have killed him there” he say.

“None of them is gonna die a simple death, I’m killing them in the most gruesome way imaginable” I tell him and he nods.

He goes to the cooker to make pasta for us to eat.
When it’s 10pm.

“Are you sure this dude isn’t dead?” Stan asks referring to James.

“Auch…..” that comes from James.

“That already answered your question” I say as I smirk standing up.

“Who are you?” James asks as I smirk again.

“Hi” Stanley say.

James widened his eyes.

“Stanley?….” he say as Stanley smile maniacaly “…….i thought you were kidnapped” he say.

“Yeah, I was, but I’m free now” Stanley say and move towards the refrigerator as he takes an apple to bite.

“Remember me? ” I say looking at him.

“No, who are you?” that word, ‘who are you’ annoy me.

Is he shitting me, how will he say he doesn’t recognize me. I become furious as I slap him twice across the face.

“Person wey shit go forget, but person wey pack am no go forget. That’s too reset your damn memory…. Remember me?” I seethe this time.

“Look you won’t get away with this shit you’re doing” he say as I hit him in the face again as he groan.

“That’s for ignoring my question” I say.
My temper’s rising. “Remember me?” I seethe out.

This time he stared at me confuse. I hate him now. I punch him on the face severally I don’t even count. He groan and groan as he pleads with me. That pleading makes me want to hurt him more. I punch him one last time.

“I am the guy you cut his love story short” I say as I punch him twice…..

“I’m the guy you cut his dreams short… ” I say and punch him twice again.

He is getting weak. I’m punching this idiot to death.

” Wait” he say as he wheeze ” I think I remember, you’re the guy Mark locked up a year ago.” I smirk and punch him one more time.

“Nah….. I’m the guy you destroyed his career by locking him up and refused him bail during his final year exam” I say and punch him twice on the nose and I feel it break.

“I’m the guy you shattered his dreams and his mom’s expectations by expelling him unduly” I say and punch him again.

I’m feeling very angry, it’s obvious, it’s running in my body.

“I’m the guy you denied justice for his love, I’m the guy who told you I’m not sparing anybody in this game” I say as I remember Anita’s body, lying down on that cold floor. I punch him real hard this time.

I keep on punching, with every image of Anita’s cold body flashing through my mind, I punch, I punch, I keep on punching, I’m gradually punching him to death.

“It’s okay Dave” Stan say holding my hand.

I ignore him as I move towards the table to pick up a gun, my temper feels really bad right now.

I pointed the gun at him.

“Pls… ” he says weakly, “…..don’t kill me, take the money, I can even add more… Pls” he say, but that made me angry the more as I pull the trigger.

I don’t know how many times I shot, but I keep on shooting.

“It’s okay Dave, he’s dead already” Stanley mutters as the gun clicks. I exhausts all the bullets.

“Fucker” I thunder.

I pick a marker from the table as I move to the board, I stop for a while for my body to calm down and cancel James picture on the board and mark Pius picture.

I feel a kinda inner peace, like a little burden just got off my shoulder.

“He’s next” I tell Stan.

“Okay, how do we park this mess” he say referring to James body.

“That fly over in the city, we’re hanging him down there, everyone needs to see him” I say

“But it’s already midnight?” Stan say

“That makes it the best time for the mission” I say firmly and pick up James phone and send a message to Mark.


Her mother stares at the TV surprise, shock and happy at the same time. The sight she’s seeing made her happy. James on a rope hanged down on a fly over in the city dead.

“Honey….” she calls out to her husband “……come take a look at this” she say as her husband comes out to the living room.

“What’s that honey… ” he say as he freeze at the sight he’s seeing. “Who could have done this? ” he mutter surprise in his tone.

“I’m happy, they’ll all die one after the other, all who had hand in my daughters death and Dave’s injustice” her mum mutters.

“They got what they deserve….. You never heard of Dave too? ” he asks walking away.

“What if Dave is behind all this?” her mum says.

He stops walking.

“Can it be possible? We don’t even know where he is” he say.

“That makes it possible, remember he pledged and he said he isn’t sparing anyone plus no one will suspect him since no one knows his location for the past one year.” she let out.

“I wish him good luck” he say and climb upstairs…

A car drives into the premises speedily and furiously. The car door opens revealing a angry Mark alongside Pius and Silas. They charge towards the building.

“Where’s the Inspector?” Mark thunder on getting into the building.

“Calm down sir” a constable mutters.

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Silas shouts at him.

“Where’s the bloody inspector” Mark shouts again.

“I’m here” a man answers. He’s inspector Phil. ” come with me” he say.

“I’m ain’t going anywhere, you’re gonna step into my car right now and lead me to the fucking morgue you kept my dad’s body, why would you take him without my permission in the first place?” Mark thunders.

The inspector stares at him for a while as he advance forward towards Mark.

“What if I don’t?” the inspector say with a cold glare.

“Then I’ll fucking shoot you” Mark says and brings out a gun as he points it right at the inspector’s head. The sergeants with guns brings theirs out too as they point at Mark. The inspector smirk.

“Do it” Phil sneered.

“Calm down Mark” Silas say and holds the gun out of Mark’s hand. “Follow us please” Silas tell Phil.

The sergeants drop their guns too.

“Let’s go” Phil say as he and Mark glared at each other.

We enter the morgue as Phil leads me to my dad’s body. On sighting it, I weaken, tears drops down my eyes. He looks awful, lots of bullets hole and his face looks red from several hitting.

I kneel down beside the body as I hold him and weep. I feel just one thing, REVENGE.

I feel my head swell, this isn’t ordinary, I look to my front and I see a familiar figure. Anita. I’m in shock and I’m scared.

“Karma” she mutteres as she vanish.

I remembered the message I received, I remembered what my dad told me Dave said a year ago. ‘In this game, I won’t spare anyone, I won’t let it slide’. I stand up and face Pius, Silas and Phil.

“What if Dave is behind all this? ”

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