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“Dave?… ” Silas and Pius mutter at once.

“Yeah Dave….” I say again.

Right now I’m damn scared. Dave isn’t someone normal, it took brains to weaken him the other time. If he is truly back then it’ll be disastrous.
Stanley said ‘you can’t set a sun that scorches you so hard’.

“Who’s Dave” Phil asks confused

“Never mind” I tell him as I begin walking outside.

“You need to tell us so we’d get our investigations done fast” Phil say again.

“Dave is no one okay…… ” I say on getting to my car “….by the way, did you make an autopsy on that body?” I ask Phil.

“Yeah, it was nothing fruitful, no fingerprints” he say.

“The man behind all this is a bastard….” I mutter
“…… Inspector Phil, if you can get this done and you get the killer, I’ll give you a million dollars” I tell him.

“What? You sure about this?” he asks completely happy as I nod. “We’ll let you know our progress” he say.

I shake hands with him as I enter the car’s front seat as Silas and Pius sits at the back as the driver drives on.

“Why did you mention Dave?” Pius asks me.

“While in that morgue, I saw Anita’s ghost and she whispered karma, I remembered the message and what Dave said about revenge a year ago” I say.

“But that doesn’t mean anything, Dave’s gone MIA since then” Silas say.

“He’s went MIA so no one would trace him, he’s doing all this I believe” Pius say.

“Whatever, let’s keep our heads low, Stanley is still missing and now my dad…” I say as I grit my teeth “…….we don’t know the next target. But whoever this douche is, either Dave or no Dave, I’m not sparing him” I seethe.

Pius phone beeps, a message as he reads out

“What the fuck” Pius mutter.

“Now this is getting mad” Silas say.

“I guess we have to look into Dave now, Pius keep your head low, I advise you travel outta the country” I tell him.

“I’m going nowhere, there are times when you don’t run. Amma face the shit” he says firmly.

“And I swear if Dave is behind all this, I’ll rip his heart apart” I say.
Getting back to my dad’s penthouse, I sit in the living room as I place a call through to Manny.

“Boss” he says on picking the call.

“Get me every details about David Johnson in the next 5 minutes” I tell him.

“Okay boss” he says and hang up.

I stare at Pius and Silas while we await Manny’s call. My phone rings, Manny shows as the dialer, I pick up.

“Hello what you’ve got” I ask him

“Nothing much boss, but he came into Nigeria 7 days ago” he says.

That was the day before Stanley was kidnapped. I smell a coincidence.

“Thanks….” I say “….wait, get someone to handle the business over there, I need you here in Nigeria” I let out.

“Okay boss” he says and hang up.

“Guys… Dave is in Nigeria…. ” I announce as the look on their faces shows fear.


We sit outside the warehouse. Stanley plays a game on the Tablet computer. While I draw an image down on a paper.

Let me tell you about the warehouse, it’s in a secluded area, surrounded by bushes, no one can ever think there’s something like this here. My uncle owns, don’t know why he built it though, but he gave it to me.

“Before the next attack, let’s get some things done, what are the weapons we need and instruments too” Stanley says focusing on the game.

“First we need to buy a car, maybe two” I mutter still drawing.

“What do we need a car for, we have one already” he say as he drops the Tab.

“If we continue using yours, we’ll get implicated one day” I say as I stop drawing.

“Anita.. “he mutter. Yeah that’s what I’m drawing.

“Yeah, Anita. We’ll need a bike too, one that is specially built” I tell him

“Where do we get that? ” he asks

“I have someone in New York that can supply all we need” I say.

“What about the black market?” he asks.

“We might patronize him too, but there are weapons that would be better off if we get them from New York” I say as he nods and picks up the Tab to continue his game.

“Can I ask you something?” he say not looking at me.

“What?” I ask.

“In case you get stuck one day, no room for escape, like being arrested, even if you wanna fight your way through you can’t escape, and you’re yet to finish your quest. What would you do? Will you just give up? Or go to jail?” he asks.

I didn’t seem that coming, I think for a while.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there” I let out as I stand up.

He chuckle softly.

“Contact Lucs-7, we’ll get all we need from them” I say as I enter the warehouse.
We got all the weapons we’ll need, two cars, a bike, snipers, assault rifles and bullets. Ear mics and lots more.

We bought them like it was a black market, Lucas shipped it in, and we smuggle it in.

He had hugged me when we met.

“Hope you’re making us proud” he said.

“I’m making you proud” I replied.
“Our next target is Pius” I tell Stan.

“Hmm hmm” he replies me facing the tab.

He’s becoming annoying this days with him and games.

“Will you drop that shit?” I say.

“Shit…you….. Said… ” he says tilting his body sideways with the phone too. I think he’s playing a car racing game.

I go to him and snatch the tab from him as I knock his head.

“Ouch… That hurts, now the other guy will get to the finishing line before I do” he say making a puppy face.

“Idiot” I mutter as I walk away from him.

“Shediot..” he mutters.

“I heard that dude, anyways, I’m not a girl” I say as I pick up an apple.

“Now business… Let’s plan.” he say now serious.

“I said our next target is Pius and he’d be in that club” I say.

“Yeah, in this, I think we’d need one more person to get him” he says moving to the board as he writes there ‘ONE MORE PERSON’.

“One more person” I mutter

“Yeah, one more person” he say as he nods.

I pick up the bike’s key as I head out.

“Where to!?” he asks.

“To get one more person” I say not looking back.

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