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I drop the call as I face the guys.

“What clue did you get?” I ask facing the guard.

“A girl was spotted with the guy we believe is the killer.” he says.

“You’ve got her location?” I ask.

“Yeah, she dropped her clutch on the bar counter. Everything about her was inside”

“Good, Manny, you’ll go with this dude here and two other guards to get the girl, call us if you find anything, Silas you’re coming with me.” I say as they disperse.

“Chill man, we’re getting him today.” I say just to calm Silas down.




“What the fuck.” I mutter.

Stanley drops the phone as he hurries outside. I run after him.

“Stan, where the hell do you think you’re going, you ain’t gonna find her this way” I tell him.

“Stop being selfish Dave” he shouts.

Woah, I’m selfish now Huh.

“That lady risked her fucking life to help us out and now she’s in danger. And you’re telling me to stop? Nah, I’m gonna go find her” he says as he enters a car and zoom off.

This is so fucked up.

“Fuck!” I shout and hit my leg on the door.
“Ouch… fucking door, that hurts”

I head inside but I stop, what if I’m being selfish. No I refuse being tag as selfish. Even if we’re not gonna find her, I’ll know I try. But who could have done this. I pick up her phone and put on my long leather jacket with the black gloves, I go to my bag and bring out a neck chain and put it on as I head outside. I mount the bike and zoom off.






I’m at my parents place, damn I’m so tired from the mission. I’ve never been so scared and near death in my life.

I step out of the shower and dry my body with a towel. I put on a short pant and a baggy T-shirt as I walk to the sitting room.

“Domie said you found his father” mom says as I sigh.

“Mum, didn’t we see dad?” Domie asks.

I’m sick of this, a knock sounds on the door.

“I’ll go get it” I say just to save my self from the conversation for a while.

I stop at the sight of these four men at the door.

“What’s happening” Dad ask.

“Shhhhh” the man in front say as he close my mouth.

I feel a sharp sting on my neck as everything goes black.






Stanley drives furiously to Anita’s house. He gets down from the car quickly as he heads to the house. The door’s lock.

He goes back to the car as he drives away and stops at her parents place. He sees them outside panicking.

“What happened?” he asks Domie.

“Mum was kidnapped, I called her phone using grandma’s cellphone hoping dad will pick it” he sobs.

“Shit” Stanley mutters.

“Look, I snapped the plate number” Domie says as Stanley looks into the phone.
“Pls find mum” Domie says with tears.

“I will” Stanley say as he stands up and moves into the car as he drives off.

Just then Dave arrives also.

“Dad” Domie shouts and jumps at him.

“What happened Domie?” he asks hugging him.

“She has been kidnapped” Domie sobs.

“Pls, find mom” Domie says looking up to meet Dave’s face.

“I will” Dave says and rubs his hair as he moves to his bike.

Lucy’s phone rings, he picks it up.

“Hey, Dave, long time how’ve you been.” a voice say.

He recognize the voice, Mark, he scoff.

“Surprised?” Mark mutter.

“I’ll find you mark and I’ll kill you” Dave grits.

“No, you don’t need to find me, I’ll give you a location. Come over to JAMAK cement factories. The warehouse there, you’ll meet me. Come over and save your allies.” with that he hangs up.

Dave starts the bike and zooms off.
Stanley was traces the car, he finds it on the road and starts to shoot at it as the men in the car too shoots back. A guard in the car brings out an assault riffle as he shoot the car tires. Stanley lost control as he ram into a nearby shop.

They stop the car as a man comes out to meet Stanley, he drags him out of the car and punch him as he drags him along and dump him in their car.
A car stops in front of the club Pius was kidnapped as Mark, Silas and some other men come out of the car.

Inspector Phil comes out of the building.

“We’ve been expecting you, come see this” he says as they hurry inside as they head to the control room.

“Play that footage” Phil instructs the guy in charge as he plays it.

It’s the footage where Stanley, Dave and Lucy stands outside the club discussing, where Dave and Stanley went to meet Pius and when Dave was shooting.

“Wait isn’t that Stanley?” Silas gasp as Phil nods.

“But I thought this dick was kidnapped” He seethes.

“That’s why I said you should come here, that shows he’s either behind this or he’s teaming up with the killer.” Phil says.

“Bastard” Silas mutter.

“But why is he doing this” Silas asks no one in particular.

“Hey rewind that” Mark says pointing to the screen as the guy rewinds it.

“Pause it….” he paused it “…..Zoom it” he say as the guy zooms it.

“Dave” he mutter with a cold stare.






I stop the bike at the factory as I look around, everywhere seems quiet. I bring out my gun and head towards the warehouse.

I point my gun at every angle as I step into the warehouse. I proceed to move forward as I feel a steel hit my head, I feel numb, I can feel myself falling down as everything blacks out.


Uh-oh 😿
This is not gonna be good 😓

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