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“A date?… This is too much of a surprise” I tell Dave.
He had knocked on my door this afternoon,

“Domie go check the door” I say as Domie goes to the door.

“Daad!! ” he squeal on opening the door.

“How are you Domie” Dave says as he lifts him up.

“I’m fine dad” Domie reply.

Dave waves at me and drops Domie on the floor.

“Later guys, have fun” Domie says and leaves to his room. Dave smirks and face me.

“Hi” I say.

“How are you?” he replies.

“I’m fine.. A surprise visit?” I ask looking at him.

“Yeah, a surprise I had promised you” he says with a smile.

“And what’s that?”

“The date… Remember?” he say.

“Date?” yeah a date, Domie had talked about the date the other day. And he had said it’ll be a surprise.

“But this is too much of a surprise?” I say feigning to be surprised.

Truth is, I really wanna go on a date with him, not that I’m in love.. Just that I wanna know somethings about him.

“And the date has a plus too” he said still smiling.

“What plus?” I ask.

Now I’m surprised and nervous.

“You’ll be staying with me a few days and maybe Domie will stay with your parents” he says and stared at me. What’s he saying.

“That really can’t be possible” I say standing up and move towards the window.. No way I’m taking my kid to mum and dad.

I feel Dave’s presence behind me as he touched me, my body tenses at that.

“Let me ask this as a favor, it’s really important” he say.

And as if he had charmed me, I weaken as I turn to face him.

“I haven’t been in good terms with my parents for a while now” I say looking at him.

“What happened” he asks me.

“Long story” I reply.

Dad hasn’t been supportive since I got raped then and mum, she tries though. But they’re still the reasons behind me getting rusticated.

“You’ll be fyn” he says as he kisses me at once. Wait! Did he just kiss me?.
I gasp and return the kiss.

What if I tell you I’ve never been kissed? Funny right. I shouldn’t be doing this. ‘You hate men remember?’ my subconsciousness whispers, ‘not this man’ I reply her.

“I caught you guys” Domie’s voice made us stop what we were doing.

Did he really have to stop this moment?

“What are you doing here?” I ask with a glare as Dave smiles.

“Don’t give me that face mum. By the way, I’ll like to visit grandma and grandpa since the holiday has been boring” he says.

Dave face me.

“What say?” he ask.

“Fine” I say and glare at him playfully as I walk away from the window side moving inside the room.

“We’re leaving today mom” Domie says as he enters with me.


I had thought about Lucy the moment Stanley mentioned a third person. But convincing her is the problem I have.

I knew it would be a hard task convincing her to follow me, but here I am, I had successfully convinced her. Now it remains how I’m gonna tell her the kinda job she wants to do. No shii. We’ll do it.

I take her to her parent’s house on my bike and drop Domie there and thereafter to the warehouse.

“Why are there so many bushes around your area?” she asks me. I know she’d be scared, I ignore her as we arrive the warehouse.

“This is where we’re going” I tell her. She had a puzzled look on.

“This is your place?” she asks as I nod. “I don’t get it, this seems like a goddamn forsaken warehouse in the middle of no where” she says and I sigh.

“Lucy, come in, I’ll explain everything” she pause a little bit before following me.

She gasps on getting inside. Yeah, she has to gasp when Stan has thought it wise not to pack guns from eyesight. I glare at him and he glares back giving me a ‘what?’ face.

“Don’t tell me.. “she says acting surprisingly nervous “……you’re a thief?” she says looking at me.

I sigh

“I’m not a thief” I let out as I shoot Stan glare. I shouldn’t blame him though, I didn’t tell him anything.

“Then what’s a gun doing here….” she says and glares at me as she bites her bottom lip.
“….you know, I thought you were someone responsible but…. In fact I’m outta here” she say as she made to move out.

“Lucy.. ” I call after her.

Stanley chuckles sitting down.

I run after her before she gets to the door as I hold her from behind, holding her hands together. She struggle to get free but I’m strong enough to hold her.

Here comes the struggle, I guess I should just explain everything.

“Lucy, it’s not what you think….” I say as she sigh “….Remember that day when you asked about Anita?”

“What about her” she snap.

“She was mudered” I say with seething.


“….she was murdered” Dave say.

What!?, is this a joke, I turn to face him.

“Are you for real?” I ask as he let go of me and I face him.

His eyes seems darker and his face holds a cold stare.

“Yeah.. She was murdered..” he says and nod “she was raped to death by Mark and his friends, I know you know them?” he asks.

Of course I do, but something is not right here. I just notice someone sitting down. Stanley?

“Stanley, isn’t this Stanley?” I ask pointing at him. “Isn’t he one of them? ” I ask.

“He wasn’t, and that’s why we’re together to bring Mark and his friends down as a revenge” he say as he explains everything to me.

I sigh and sit down..

“So you guys were behind James death?” I ask and they nod.

“Let me tell you my story too” I say and explain every details about myself to them.

“That’s a bit of a coincidence” Stanley says as Dave nods.

“Yeah, what do you want me to do in this, I’m willing to help” I tell them as Dave smile.

“Alrighty…” Stanley says as he moves to a board and starts talking.

“Pius is the next target. There’s a club he hides, this club has lots of armed men who don’t give a fuck about death. He doesn’t sit in the club, he has an underground room where he stays. There’s a door that leads to this room from the club, a guard is always there, this dude’s 6ft 2 inches tall. He’s a badman, making it impossible to get in..” he pause to look at our faces. “……but it’s possible, yeah it’s possible to get in and that’s why we need you…” he says pointing to me as I nod.

“Okayyyy…. ” I say expecting him to continue.

“It’s a suicide mission two, we’re already through with the first suicide mission. So, getting through that door you have two options, it’s either you have Pius pass card, they test it too to check if it’s real or fake, or you’re his friend. So I’m his friend and I’ve been kidnapped so it’ll be hard going in…”

“Kidnapped?… ” I interrupt him “….how?” I ask confuse.

“I kidnapped him, his friends don’t know if he’s alive or not” Dave say.

Ok, now I get it. Stanley makes a ‘can we continue?’ gesture as we nod.

“OK, we’ll go in, getting into that door, we’ll walk straight to his underground room, mind you, there are CCTVs everywhere and he’d be able to see us, so Dave…” he says pointing to him. “…..you’ll have to wear a cap. There’s an underground garage beside the room, there’s a car in it, when we get him, I’ll take him out through that place and you Dave I know you’d make it out alive.” he says firmly.

“What am I doing?” I ask.

“You’ll stay in the club like a regular person with a mic in your ear so you can alert us when guards come rushing into that door, incase things bust” Stan say.

“When are we going for it?” I ask.

“Tonight” Dave says as he stands up. “Can you handle a gun?” he asks me.

Gun? How can I handle it, I haven’t before. Seeing it alone scares the shit out of me.

“No, I’ll be fine.” I say with a smile. He nods.

“Thanks for agreeing to help us” Dave says.

“You’re welcome….. I’m helping cos I know the pain you must be feeling” I say.

He gives a small smile and nod.

Dave carry me on his bike while Stanley takes a cab there. I climbed down the bike when we arrived there. I sigh looking at the club.

“You’re okay? ” Dave asks.

“I pray this works out well….. ” I reply him.

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