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“I pray this works out well” Lucy tell him.

“As God lives and his spirit lives this is gonna work out well, Anita isn’t sleeping too” Dave replies her as she smile.

Stanley arrive and walk towards them.

“Guys let’s split up from here now, stay connected to your mic… ” he says addressing them.

“Lucy, you said you’re okay without a gun?” Dave asks.

“I’ll be fine, I’m just gonna sit gently, I won’t get in anybody’s way” she says and smile.

“Okay, show time” Dave say as they enter the club.

Music plays from the stage, lots of people in there dancing, some drunk, some rocking each other. But that isn’t their business.

Dave is putting on the same outfit he had on the first encounter with James but something looks different, he wasn’t wearing a head warmer this time around but the jacket has a hood just to hide his face. Stanley puts the same thing too.



Lucy move towards the bar counter,

“Water pls” she says to the bartender.

“Okay ma’am” the bartender reply.
“Mic check, did you guys hear that? ” she whisper.

“Yeah, Stanley you copy too” I reply.

“Yeah idiot I’m beside you” Stanley replies as we laugh moving towards the door that leads to Pius.

“Be careful” Lucy say.

“Stop… What do you want here?” the guard standing there says with a cold face. He’s putting on a black suit.

Okay, this dude’s really tall and huge, I’m 5 he’s 6.

“It’s me Stanley a..”

“I thought you were kidnapped, and who’s this fella?” he says referring to me.

“He helped me outta the den, that’s why I’m here to see Pius” Stanley replies him.

“Pius doesn’t wanna see anybody” he let out coldly.

“Including me his friend?” Stanley shot back.

“He might like to see you, but not with this guy.. ” he say.

And right now I’m getting impatient, I don’t wanna cause a commotion or I don’t care kicking this dude’s ass.

“Calm down man, we’ve come in peace” I say raising up my hands. The man stared at me suspiciously.

“No guns?” he asks.

Of course we have guns, but we had it all planned, a metal gun and a plastic gun incase we’re to be searched at the door.

“Okay, no guns” Stanley says bringing out his metal gun and I did so.

“No foul play….” he says collecting the guns “….that door will get you if you have guns with you” he says as he let us in. I smirk as we enter the door.

“Boss, Stanley’s here with a guy, I’m sensing something suspicious” I hear him mutter…..



Pius sits on a chair backing the door with a naked girl behind him giving him a neck massage.

“Stanley?, let them in” Pius replies Sam, that’s the guard at the entrance leading to the room from the club.

He checks the CCTV beside his bed and he sees Stanley coming in with a guy, he isn’t seeing his face since he’s wearing a hood and facing the ground. He stands from his chair quickly as he grabs his gun. Now he’s sensing something suspicious.

” Baby What’s happening? ” the girl asks.

“Just stay low” he tells her.

They keep on walking through walkways, they see a staircase leading downward as they go in. They arrive the room and there’s a guard there too putting on a black suit too.

“What do you want?” the guard asks.

“Hey, Jack, it’s me Stanley” Stanley say with a small smile.

“Hey, I thought you were kidnapped?” he asks him. This guard isn’t as cold as the first one.

“I was helped by this dude beside me and that’s why we’re here to see Pius” he says with a smile.

“Right now I can’t allow him to go in, but you can go in first and talk Pius into agreeing” Jack says.

“Okay” Stan says as he stares at Dave.

Dave smiles and nod showing he’d be fine and Stanley stepped in.


Immediately Stanley step in..

“Hey mate, your zips are open” I say.

“Thanks mate” he says looking down.

As soon as he look down, I hold his head in my hand and hit it on my knee, he groan and I twist his neck breaking it as he falls down dead.

“I’m sorry” I mutter.

I really don’t feel like killing him cos he’s nice, but when the sinners suffer, the righteous also share in it. And Stanley might not be okay in there.

I bring out my gun and roll the silencer on it, it has a tranquilizer bullet. I go in to the room, Pius already hold Stanley on the neck with his back against the wall as he points at gun at his head. They pant showing they had been struggling.

Pius points the gun at me on sighting me but I was quick as I shoot him with the tranquilizer twice on the neck as he falls down. I pick up his gun.

“Thanks” Stanley mutters holding his neck.

“Mention not, now bind him and drag him into the car” I tell him.

I hear a girl whimper, I look to her direction and smile as I shoot her the tranquilizer too, so she’d sleep off.

Stanley lifts Pius up as he brings out a rope and tie him. Just then a guard rush in, I shoot him in the head at once.

“Be fast” I tell Stanley.

Stanley carries unconscious Pius to the door leading to the underground way as he enters.

“Dave, there’s a problem” Lucy says on the mic.


“Guards are rushing in” she let out.

“Shit” I mutter.

“Stanley move now…” I say and a car zooms off “….Lucy, hurry to my bike and wait for me… Survival mode activated


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