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Sometimes things don’t go as planned, so you’ve got no option than to go rugged.

“Survival mode activated… ” I say as I make a cross sign and step out of the door. “God, it’s not time to die yet” I mutter.

I step out supporting the hand with the gun with my other hand, I sight three guards as I shoot them before they shoot at me. I move further, I duck as a bullet whisk pass me and I shoot at this two guards that shoot at me. I begin climbing up the stairs. I sight three other guards, I shoot at them as they come rolling down the stairs.

There’s a curve around the stairs, I bump into a guard there as he shoots but the bullet whisk pass me as I grab his hands and hit his hands on the wall as I shoot him in the neck twice and turn his back against me as I shoot at two guards coming. They fall down dead as I shoot this dude in the head too.

Getting out of the stairs an unexpected shot hit my shoulder, I relax on the wall and shoot this guard who shot me. Two more guards and I shoot them. Every guard I meet, I shoot.

Getting to the entrance there I meet this tall guy, he made to bring out his gun but I beat him to it as I point my gun at him and pull the trigger but my gun click, no more bullet. He smirk as he resists from bringing out the gun and run towards me. I drop the gun and turn back as I run and jumped hitting my leg on a wall and came back kicking him in the face. He groan as he fall. He stands up and shoots at me but I duck swiftly and hold his hands down as I kicked his groins twice.

Two guys come in with an assault riffle AMP-69, I turn this tall guy to face them as they shoot him continuously. I use him as a cover till I reach them as I push him towards them, they loose balance. I punch one in the face and crouch down kicking the other one in the leg as they fall down. I pick up a gun and shoot them both.

I pick up the two guns and head into the club. I shoot at the guards I see as everywhere scatter. People scream and run out.

“Getting outta here won’t be easy” I mutter to myself as I aim at this guards and shoot them down one after the other. Shooting and ducking.

I hide behind a table for protection as bullets hit it.

“Dave, help” I hear Lucy say in the mic.

“Shit” I mutter. I stand up and face this dudes and shoot at them continuously so fast that they had no chance to shoot back as I run outside. That served as a cover.

I look at everywhere as I see some guards holding Lucy tryna force her into a car. I shoot them and run towards her.

“Come let’s go” I say as we mount the bike and zoom off. Guards come rushing out as Bullets hit the bike as we zoom away.


“Phew” I say and exhale “That was close”

I look back and see black cars following us, I thought it was normal but I sight a man bringing out his head with a gun. Now I know things are about to go creepy.

“Dave, we’ve got company” I say with fear.

“Hold me tight” Dave says as I grip him tight.

A bullet hit the mirror as it shatters. Bullets keep flying, he dodge between cars to avoid been hit. Many cars run into each other but he keeps riding speedily. He dodge between two cars as one of the cars following us ran into another car as they explode.

“Put your hands down and you’ll see two guns at the side save of the bike, pick it and Slide to my front” he say.

I slide to his front hugging him. I stare at him for a while. I got lost at staring at him. This dude’s handsome, but why I’m I falling so soon.

“Now shoot” he says startling me out of my thoughts.

“Oh” I inhale and exhale sharply.

I can do this, I fix my gaze on the cars as I shoot at the cars, but the bullets ain’t penetrating. Fucking bulletproof cars.

“Aim at the tires” he tells me and I shoot the cars in the tires as they loose control and ran into other cars and explode.

“Phew.. ” I gasp “I was damn scared holding a gun” I say and he smiles.


“Now slide back” I tell her.
Just when I thought all was over..

“Watch out!!” Lucy screams.

“Oh shit!!” I mutter.

A car crosses us, and facing us right now is a rocket launcher.

“Hold me tight!!!” I shout at Lucy.

I bend the bike so low as I press a button, the bike twists in the middle as we lay flat on it. I controll the bike under a big lorry passing, to the other side. The rocket launcher hits another car as it explodes, still in motion it collided with theirs and it was a big explosion causing them to go upward.

As I arrive the other side, I control the bike up and zoom off as cars on the road starts catching fire.

Benefits of getting a specially built bike.


Throughout my drive to the warehouse, I was in fear, fear of would Dave and Lucy make it out alive? Will I get to the warehouse safely without being followed? Won’t Pius wake before getting to the warehouse?. If he wakes, he might overpower me. But all the fears got conquered when I got to the warehouse without any of these happening.
I drag Pius out of the car, damn this nigga is heavy. I drag him into the warehouse as I tie him to a chair. I move towards the refrigerator to get a bottle of water to calm my nerves.

“Argh.. What happened” Pius mutter. He’s awake.

I turn to face him as I smirk and he shoots me glare.

“Stanley, what in fuck’s name have you done” he say.

“What?” I say pouring the water in a glass cup.

“So you abducted yourself and you made us think someone else was behind all this.. ” he say.

“Of course yes, someone else is behind all this………. Water? ” I say offering him the glass of water as he glares at me.

I nod and chuckle moving back to the table.

“Stanley, you know Mark won’t forgive you in all this.. ”

“Screw Mark man..” I grit jamming my hand on the table “….you know what you guys did, tricking me into swearing a fucking oath you know I wasn’t happy with, and what did I do, I did nothing, and you’re here opening your shitty mouth to tell me rubbish. Look, I don’t give a shit about what you’re saying, screw Mark, screw James his dad, screw you, screw all of you”

“So this is your come back huh, a come back at your friends, you’re just a coward…”

This guy is beginning to piss me off, I bring out a cellotape and sealed his mouth as I punch him.

“Asshole” I mutter.
“Now you’ll keep shut, idiot” I say as I go back to sit.
It’s been an hour now, Dave isn’t back yet, what could have happened. Are they safe?, I’m worried.

I try connecting the mic but it’s not working. I begin walking up and down, I drink water to calm me down. I look at my watch, I’m damn nervous.

Not long I hear a bike screech, I’m happy and sad at the same time, it might be Dave and it might not be him. I pick up a gun as I head out. I peep my head outside as I sight two figures. It’s too dark, I can’t see.

With courage I move towards them….

“Who are you?” I ask.

“Hey, easy, you ain’t gon’ shoot us would you?” that comes from Dave as Lucy chuckle.

I sigh as I lower the gun.

“What took you so long?” I ask them.

“Long story” Dave replies as we head inside.
“Dave?” Pius asks immediately Dave remove the tape in his mouth.

“Surprised?” Dave asks as I chuckle with Lucy too.

“The fuck… Mark was right” he say.

“About what?” Dave says as he move towards a bag and bring out a a sharp knife.

The light reflected on it as it shines. Must be very sharp.

“So Stanley you had to team up with this…. ” a punch from Dave silence him as he groan. Lucy gasp.

“Do you know the pains you guys caused me?” Dave say as he punch him again.

“Do you know the kinda grieve you left her parents in? do you know what my life was after the shit you did?” he say as he punch him again.

“I was wanting to ask….” Dave say as he draws a chair closer and sit opposite Pius. “…..why did you do that shit” he asks and Pius just stared at him.

He stands up and punch him again as he groans. “I know you ain’t gon’talk, maybe I should torture you a lil bit” he says and move beside him.

He pierced-traced the knife at the sides of his ear as Pius screamed and blood stream down. He struggles to get free from the chair screaming.

“Maybe I should cut your ear” Dave says as he made to cut it.

“Wait” Pius say in pains “I’ll tell you… But you’ll let me go” he say grunting and wheezing as Dave smirk.

“Good fingers you’ve got here” Dave say and slam the knife on his hands as he cuts two of his fingers and Pius yelped. “I’ll let you go, but you’ll loose some fingers” he say.

I never knew Dave could be this ruthless, he was a gentle man back then, he doesn’t get in people’s ways unless he’s tampered.

Lucy’s getting uncomfortable with the treatment. I move closer to her and side hug her covering her eyes, she’s shivering already. It took the man in me not to shriek at what’s happening now.

“Mark did it to weaken you” Pius let out in pain.

Yeah that’s it, Dave’s gonna get real furious now.

“Woah.. ” Dave say as he scoffs. He’s pained “……who rapes a girl to death and expells her boyfriend just to weaken him?” he say and slapped Pius real hard.

He stares at him coldly.

“I’d have killed you with a gun, not painful but, I wanna make you feel the same pain Anita felt that day you left her lying in that cold floor. I couldn’t get a gay to fuck your ass up but this will do the trick” he says pointing to the knife.

His he gonna stick that in his ass? I wonder, I hold Lucy tighter to my body. Dave raise the knife up as he stabs Pius in the dick. He yelp as blood splash out, I close my eyes and grit my teeth. I can’t watch this.

“That dick is gon’suffer the shit you did” I hear Dave say as he stab him again in the same spot.

Pius yelp again,

“Please…. ” Pius let out in pain, his voice low, he’s dieing slowly.

“I hate pleases.. ” Dave let out as he stab him in the neck.

He didn’t stop as he continue stabbing him. Pius has become still now, he’s dead. But Dave continued stabbing him like a psychotic cannibal. I had to leave Lucy and hold Dave.

“It’s okay he’s dead” I tell him as he stops and cry and hug me. I cry too. Lucy saw Pius and scream as she begin crying too.

“Pack him up, we’re hanging him tonight” he say as he drops the knife and walk out


Another man down 😌

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