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I wake up with a blurry sight. I notice I’m in a warehouse with some humans with their heads upside down. Demons? What are they doing here. I shake my head and I notice they ain’t demons but humans. What’s happening, did Stanley bring people here?

“What’s happening?” I mutter lowly.

“Oh, the fallen hero has woken up” someone say.

Mark? What’s happening.

Images from what happened flooded through my head, Lucy was kidnapped, Stanley rushed out, I was going to find Lucy, and.. I was hit.

Now I’m starting to notice my environment, I’m tied both hands and legs on a pole standing, I look around, Stanley is tied too and Lucy also. I feel pain at the back of my head. Lucy is suffering because of me. Mark’s there and Silas with like six other men.

I hope history isn’t about to repeat itself. I look up at Mark with a cold glare.

“How long was I out?” I ask coldly.

“Hey,..” he says coming closer as he punch me in the nose.

Shit that hurts.

“I kidnapped all three of you, can’t you show some respect?” he says and kicks me in the stomach as Silas chuckle.

“I’ll be your end Mark” I tell him.

He chuckle and smirk.

He moves closer again..

“Don’t you understand? ” he says punching me in the face.

“You said this a year ago” he says and laughs maniacally.

“Where are you now?” he asks looking into my eyes. “You’re in my captivity” he laughs maniacally again as he slaps me twice


He moves closer to Stanley as he lifts up his chin.

“You dick…” he says and punch him. “I fed you, sponsored you, and what do I get? Betrayal” he says as he punch him again.

Now I feel guilty, he’s suffering because of me.

“You didn’t feed me you pussy, you ain’t sponsoring me but using me. Dave has said it all, he’ll be your end.” Stanley seethes as Mark scoff and chuckle.

“He’ll be my end?, how’s he gonna do that you douche. He’s in my custody idiot” he say and slaps him as he brings out his gun.

“I can kill him if I want” he says coming to me as he points the gun at me.

God, if I die, save my soul, let me get to heaven at last.

“But I won’t” he says and I’m shocked as he hits me with the bottom of the gun and points it at Stanley with a cold stare.

“You’re the one who’s going” I gasp and hear a gun sound twice…..

He shot Stanley, twice in the head. He killed him.

“Nooooo!!” I scream as Lucy gasp.

“That’s the wages of betrayal” Mark mutters and laugh.

He drops his hand as he smirk, I feel guilty, for his death, it’s fucking painful. I see Lucy cry too as I sob.

“You’re paying for this Mark” I seethe with pain as tears drops down my eyes.

I just lost another person dear to me. Why do people keep dying because of me?

He smirks coming to me.

“I told you a year ago, give up on this shit called revenge, you’d be a looser” he says and he punch me twice.

“You guys should help me, my hands are weak” he mutters as his men come towards me as they punch and kick me. I feel weak and tired, the pain at the back of my head isn’t sweet too.

“It’s okay” he orders. “I should have killed you, but I made a mistake by sparing you. This time, I’m not gonna kill you with my hands, I’ve got my hands stained enough. I’ll get you arrested and they’ll kill you themselves. They’ll prosecute you and sentence you to death” he says as policemen enters the warehouse.

“I’m sorry for you young lady” he says and shake hands with the police.

“I’m inspector Phil” a policeman say as he walks to me and loose my hands handcuffing it. He loose my legs to as he handcuffs it. Maybe I’d have fight my way outta here, but I’m weak.

“You’re under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, if you do say anything it can be used against you in the court of law” he says as a constable leads me outside.

He says the same thing to Lucy too as he handcuffs just her hands alone and leads her outside too. And as they lead us outside, I had a smirk on, a smirk that no one notice. I know I’m going no where, I rather die myself than getting killed by this douches. This isn’t finished yet, now I’m doing it for two people, Stanley and Anita.

They take us to a van as we sit at the back with a police officer inside with us. Two police cars drives in front of us and our backs too. And Mark, Silas and Inspector Phil’s convoy are far behind.

“I’m sorry” I mutter to Lucy. She didn’t reply as she sniffs and looks away.

“We’ll be save, trust me” I tell her.

She looks at me and scoff.

“Seriously Dave? I’m tired of your bullshits. Haven’t you realized, Anita died because of you, those dudes hurt her just to weaken you, Stanley too. Poor guy was living a normal life until you came in, and now he is dead like a dog, look at me too… ” she chuckles awkwardly “….I’m here too, I was living a simple life, just me and my son, nobody to disturb, until you came into the picture. And I’m here about to die or sentenced to life imprisonment” she says as she weeps.

I feel guilty and feel pain at those words. She is right I know.

“You’re a rogue Dave, you use people to die and leave their bodies lying on the street.” she says again.

“But I’m doing this for Anita” I mutter.

“I don’t give a flying fuck” she shouts as she weeps.

“If I’m not on handcuffs, I don’t care grabbing that gun…..” the officer looks at the gun like ‘are you talking about this gun?’

“……stick it in your ass and blow your insides out. You just fucked up my life you douche.” she weeps again.

I hate to see her cry.

Now we’re getting outta here.

“I’ll beg you guys to keep shut” the officer with us let out.

I smirk, he’s dieing soon and I’m escaping soon
That day when Stanley had asked me what I’d do when I’m stuck, I thought about it and when we went to Lucas for weapons. You remember?

“I’m making you proud” I had said as I disengaged from the hug.

“Lucas, I wanna ask for something” I tell him.

“What’s that?” he reply.

“What do I do when I’m stuck, like no escape at all and the police already got me” I ask as Lucas stops for a while to think, I stare at him..

“I have a weapon” he let out.

“But I’m building it specially, it’s in China.” he says.

“Okay?” I ask waiting for him to complete that.

“I don’t wanna give anyone but I’ll give you. But I have a problem” he says as he stop.

“What problem?” I ask confused.

“I’m yet to balance up the payment” he says.

“I’ll balance it up” I say.

James money would be enough.

“This is how it works, it is connected to a neck chain with a diamond, when you’re stuck, just tap the diamond on the chain until it turns green, no one would suspect. The machine would receive the signal and come tracing wherever you are. Getting there, it’ll bomb everywhere protecting where you’re alone” he say.
I look at the chain in my neck, but there’s a problem, how do I touch it when I’m on handcuff. I look at this officer, he might help

“We’d be safe Lucy” I say but she ignores me.

“Hey, officer, you’re dieing soon, I would advise you remove this hand cuffs now so we’d help you” I say as Lucy looks at me confuse.

“Will you shut up? You wanna deceive me?” he scowl.

I smirk.

“You’re dieing soon” I say again.

“But please, before we die, can u help me with something?” I say as he glares at me.

“My mum gave me this neck chain before she died, she says I should pray to it in times of trouble, do you mind helping me raise it up to my mouth, I wanna kiss it before I die” I say hoping that would do the trick.

He hesitates for a while.

“Please, help me with this” I say with my face holding a pleading look.

And that’s a deceit, but he falls for it cos he help bring the necklace to my mouth. I smile inside myself and press my lips on it till it glow green and I drop it.






The driver is in the car, Manny sits at the passenger’s seat, Mark and Phil sits at the back sit.

“Thanks alot Phil” Mark says bringing out his phone.

“You’re welcome” Phil replies.

“Take… ” Mark says pointing the phone at him “….enter your account number” he say.

And as Phil’s about collecting the phone, he’s interrupted by a ‘BOOM!!!’……. ‘GBAS!!!’ as a car on fire come landing before them and they flinch. Their car screech as the driver stops the car.

“What the…. ” Manny mutters and gasp.

“Hell… ” Phil completes opening his eyes wide as Mark and the driver gasp.

Looking at their far front, drones comes out of a weapon as it bombs cars up. It returned immediately after the explosion.


The car conveying Dave and Lucy stops at the sight of the explosion. The weapon Dave bought explodes the cars before and after them as it leaves theirs alone. The driver gets down and runs off.

“What’s happening?” the officer asks as Dave smirk.

“I can help you, uncuff us now and you’ll be saved” Dave tells him.

The officer out of fear uncuffs them both. Dave grabs him by the head as he kicks him the nose with his knee and pressed the sides of his neck so hard that he pass out, not dead.

“Now we’ll be save” Dave tells Lucy as she smiles.

He opens the van’s back door and they head outside.

Mark and his men with Phil and Silas also come out rushing towards them.

“Holy shit” Dave mutters on sighting them. He had thought they’d have been exploded by now.

He looks around and notices they’re on a bridge.

“Can you swim?” he asks Lucy and she shakes her head in fear. He holds her hands as he starts to run off.

Mark, Phil, Silas and their men come running after them as they fired continuous shots at them. Dave swaps Lucy to his front as he carries her with her legs hugging his waist and her hands on his neck.

“Trust me” he says and jumps off the bridge.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Lucy screams loud as they land in the waters making a great splash.

Mark and co come rushing to the bridge shooting in the water.

“Shit” Mark seethes hitting his hands on the rail of the bridge.

“He’ll drown” Phil say.

“You don’t know Dave” Silas replies.

“What about the money?” Phil asks referring to Mark.

Mark hisses and walks away together with Silas and their men. Phil’s left all alone on the bridge confused and stranded, he had lost all his men in the explosion.

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