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A man walks in through the gate of a hotel. He puts on a blue hoodie and black pants with a pair of sandals. He carries a bag around his shoulder as he walks in.

He isn’t talking with anyone. He enters the hotel’s main building and walks to the receptionist counter.

“Good morning sir, what can I do for you?” the lady at the counter says with a smile.

He nods and raises his hand. He isn’t talking.

“A room?” she asks.

He smiles again and nod.

“Okay….. You’re not much of a talker are you?” she says with her head bent low searching for a room key.

“Weirdo” she mutters.

He chuckles.

“Here… ” she says handing him the key. “Room 028, third floor” she says as he collects the key.

“Shalom” he says for the fist time with his hand up like politicians campaigning. His voice so deep.

“Your name sir” the lady asks. He stops for a while as he taps his two index on the counter.

“I haven’t thought that through” he says.

“You don’t have a name?” the lady says with a furrowed eyebrow.

“Adam Jones” he says and walks away.

“Okay that was weird” the lady mutters.
“How may I help you sir?” she says to another customer
Adam walks into the room and stands at the door for a while scanning the whole room. He drops his bag on a table and starts undressing. He picks up a towel and moves to the bathroom. A quick shower. He comes out again and get dressed. A black singlet, and short pants.

He brings out an object from his bag and placed it on the table. He brings out a laptop too. A pen and paper.

He taps the object in the head, there’s a button there, as a light shines and shows a penthouse building with ten floors. He smirks as he switches on his laptop and picks up his pen to write.

He studies the building and writes things down. He searched things on his laptop too. He turns the building with a hand and writes things down.

At the end he was done, he smirks, satisfaction in his emotions. On the paper, he had drawn something like a layout.

He picks up his phone and smile.


Inspector Phil walks into a space in the headquarters with pictures in his hands.

“Listen up everybody…. ” he says clapping his hands as everyone pays attention to him.

“This dude here is Dave, David Johnson” he says referring to the pictures “……the suspected killer of the recent crimes in town. We need to catch him so he wouldn’t think we’re weak and he gets away with anything. I need him to be declared wanted….. Hey you take this and share for everyone” he says as he hands over the pictures to an officer.

“I want his bloody picture everywhere, markets, airports, just anywhere. We ain’t sparing him. Ask anybody, including passers by, we might get lucky. Someone might know him. Understood?”

“Yes sir” they reply.

“Good, get back to work” he says and walks out.

His phone rings and he picks it up.

“Hello inspector” the caller say.

It’s Adam, he’s sitting on a chair rolling a gun with buds in his ear. His voice sounds weirdly deep.

“Who’s this?” Phil replies.

“I can see you’re trying hard get the killer” Adam says on phone.

Phil furrows his eyebrows as he brings his phone to his face and looks at the caller then back to his ear.

“Using a voice changer, ain’t you?….. Who the hell are you” he says entering into an office.

“I’m who I am, and I’m using no voice changer” Adam says and smirks.

“Very welcome then, you’re nobody” Phil says and winks at an officer as they try track the call.

Adam laughs.

“You don’t need to stress yourself in tracking my call inspector, cos you’ll never find me”

Everyone looks at the inspector shocked.

“I said who are you” Phil shouts moving to the window.

“Calm down man, I told ya, I’m who I am. But I have a deal for you” he says dropping the gun he’s been rolling

“What deal”

“I’ll take down the killer’s next target in the space of three days, catch me if you can. If you catch me? then I’ll tell you about the killer, if you don’t you’ll do me a favor.” Adam says.

“What favor” Phil asks

“Release Lucy, solemnly. I know Mark was gonna pay you a 100 million dollars but I’ll pay you more” he says standing up.

Phil smirks.

“Deal. but I have a question for you too” Phil says.

“What question?” Adam says pouring himself a glass of wine.

“Who’s the next target?” Inspector Phil asks.

Adam smirks and sips from the wine.

“You’ll know…. And, I’ll stay away from protecting them if I were you, so you won’t get hurt. Not you though, but your children and wife. You don’t wanna make your children fatherless and wife widow” he say.

“Shit, I know it’s you Dave” Phil mutters running his hands through his hair..

Adam smirks.

“Good….. But I’m not Dave” Adam mutters as he hangs up and smirks again.
Phil sighs as he brings the phone down from his ear.

“Put a call across to Mark and Silas, tell them to be careful” Phil says moving out of the office.

“Okay sir” an officer answers.
“Time for business” Adam mutters and pours everything in his bag down on the bed….
6:00 pm

Four men stands at the entrance of the building, all in black suit.

A man approaches the building, he looks like a SWAT police. All deck up like a soldier going for war. He has an assault riffle behind his back. And his face is masked.
The four men at the entrance stares at him.

“Hi I came” that deep voice. Adam.

The men made to bring out their gun but he beats them to it as he brings out a pistol from the sides of his belt and shoots all four of them before they could bring out their gun.

“Pussies” he mutters and shoots the two CCTV cameras outside.

He climbs up the front stairs as he grabs the assault riffle behind him and shoot at the walls outside. Bullets isn’t what the riffle shoots out, but little time bombs as they attach to the wall. He returns the riffle to his back and takes a pistol.

Two more men and he shoots them.

He enters into the building, the first floor, and everywhere seems quiet. A man at the counter is on a call with his back facing Adam.

“Hey” Adam mutters as the man turns to face him. PA… he’s welcomed with a head shot as he falls down with his head on the counter, dead.

That shot seems to attract others as other men rushes out with guns in their hands as they stand looking at this intruder. Adam brings out a smoke bomb and throws it on the floor as they cough and try to find their way.

A few shootings and everywhere calms down. The smoke bomb exhausts, and all the men lay down dead, he killed them all and time bombs are attached to the walls.

He climbs up the stairs as he rolls a silencer on his pistol. He gets to the second floor and everywhere’s silent too. He enters a walk way and grabs the assault riffle behind him as he starts shooting the bombs on the wall.

A man comes out of a door and Adam hits him with the bottom of the riffle twice as the man collapse. He keeps shooting the bombs around as he opens a door. Lots of men in there. He seems to catch them unawares as he brings out his pistol and shoot, first shot, second and a third, and he keeps shooting fearlessly ducking and gliding and he’s almost gonna kill them all.

A man enters the room with an assault riffle and shoots as Adam runs and hide behind a table as a cover. He stays calm for a while, he stands up and roll on the floor as he shoots the man’s leg, the man groans as Adam shoots him in the head, and the man falls down dead.

Two men remaining in the room charges towards him as he dodges the first man and hold him in the neck as he kicks the next man and stab the first man in the neck twice, he lifts the next man and hits him on the floor and placed a leg on him as changes the bullet magazine and shoots him twice in the chest.

He leaves the room with the pistol in his hands as he points at every corner, he climbs a stair and he’s on the third floor.

He shoots a few time bombs on the wall as he opens a door, he shoots the first two men he sees dead. Other guards shifts attention to him as they bring out guns and shoot. He’s quick to throw two grenades at them as he opens a door and hide.

The men try to move out but it’s too late as the grenades explodes and kill them all. He comes out of his hiding place and grabs the assault riffle from behind his back.

“Fuckers” he mutters as he changes the riffles magazine and shoots a few bombs on the wall.

Someone groans behind him, he looks back at this man, he already lost a arm. He smirks through the mask, but his smirk soon turns to fear when the man struggles up and moves towards the alarm button. He tries to shoot him but no more bullets. And before he could change the magazine, the man already pressed the alarm button as Adam shoots him twice on the back.

“Fuck… This isn’t good” he mutters.


Silas and his men sits together as they joke and laugh when they hear the alarm ring. They look at the CCTV camera and see a man dressed like a ninja soldier. They stand up and go to the camera.

“Who’s he? ” a man asks behind Silas.

He shrugs.

“An intruder in a lion’s den” Silas says with a chuckle.

“What if this is the man Phil was talking about?” another man says behind him.

He smirks as he watches this man beat up his men.

“Cowards” he mutters “If he’s the one, then let’s have some fun” he says as he grabs the mic.

“Hello everyone, there’s an intruder in the building, give him hell.” Silas says.

“Boss this might be dangerous, let’s get you out fast” a man says.

“Calm down guys, no shit, let’s have fun” he says.
Now on the seventh floor, Adam already drops the assault riffle. He walks down a walkway, he meets with a guard as he shoots him. He jams another man at a curve as he pins him to the wall and shoots him twice. More men come as he holds this man as a cover. The men shoot at this man as Adam shoots back. He kill them all.

He climbs another stairs and he’s on the eighth floor, he meets with two men with dagger in their hands. The first made to cut him with it as he dodges and holds his hand and the dagger drops, he use him as a cover against the second man’s stab, the man groans and he shoots the second man dead. He moves forward and he’s faced with lots of men with assault rifles in their hands.

“What the fuck!”he mutters and gasp as they shoot at him.

He drops his gun and run as he slides and hid behind a wall sitting down and panting. He looks down at his body and there are three more grenades. He tries to look back at this men but he swerved his head back as a bullet hits the wall. He pants as he picks two grenades holding it to his chest and exhale.

“Lord save my soul” he mutters. The men approaches.

He stands and turn to face them as they shoot… Two shots hit him.

“Go to hell!!!” he screams and throws the grenades at them as he runs fast from there. It explodes and killed them all. The explosion had an effect on him as it jumps him up and lands in front of a room.

The door opens, he looks up tiredly and he’s faced with a man, a huge scarred fat man with a cruel face. A sword hungs next to his trousers.

“I’m the Lion” the man mutters as he jams his leg on Adam’s head on the floor.

Adam groans and tries to stand up but Lion crouches down to his height as he holds his head and hits it on the floor again two times.

Adam wheeze. Lion raise him up with his cloth, his mask now covered with blood.

“Didn’t they tell you where you’re coming to?” Lion says and throws him inside the room as he slams on the floor and groan.

“Stand up, fight, don’t be a coward” Lion shouts at him and moves towards him as he kicks him twice in the stomach.

Adam coughs out blood through the mask.
Silas smirks as he watch the fight.
Lion takes out the sword from his trousers,

“You should’ve known coming here is a mission impossible” Lion sneers.

He roars and moves to him as he raise the sword to stab him, but Adam had his two palms clapped against it as he holds it with all his strength, the sharp end points at his eye. Lion roars and hit his fist on the sword’s bottom so it’ll stab Adam in the eye, but Adam diverts the sword to his ribs as he groans and kicks Lion away from him as Lion falls down.

Adam removes the sword as he stands up staggering and Lion’s on his feets too.

“COME ON!!” Lion roars at him. Adam charges towards Lion to lift him on his shoulder but Lion was quick as turns him sideways and rolls him up as he slams him on the floor. Adam wheeze.

Lion lifts Adam up again as he roars and slams Adam’s back on his kneel, he groans, Lion lifts him up as he throws him backwards. Adam lays there still as he pants lowly.

“Tired now huh!” Lion mutters as he moves to him, he lifts him and throw him as he slams on the wall beside the door.
Silas sits back and sips from a glass

“I’m so so enjoying this game” he smirks
“I’m… Ending… You….. Soon” Adam mutters weakly.

Lion smirks and chuckle.

“Amma kill you soon too” Lion sneers.

“Look beside you…” Adam says tilting his head to a table beside Lion. “That’s your death” he says as Lion chuckles.

“Wha……” he’s interrupted cos Adam had stood on his feet as he runs towards the table and climbs to jump up to reach Lion’s head as he kicks him the nose with his knee and jams his elbow on his head as he lands down on his feet. Adam looks so small to this man.

Lion shakes his head, his sight blurry Like someone under the influence of alcohol.
“What. The. Hell” Silas gasps and stands up as he looks at the CCTV.

All his men are surprised.
Adam made to walk away from Lion’s front but Lion holds his hand, Adam holds the hand and roar as he drags him down to climb his body and coiled his hands around his neck to choke him, his leg around his waist too, trapping his arms to his sides.

Lion struggles as he groans and roar and hits himself on surfaces and glasses as they shatter to free himself from Adam’s hold but Adam holds tight.
Silas watches everything with fear. And so are his men too.
Lion struggles and struggles and at the end he sinks down on his knees and collapse with his face downwards, dead.

“FUCK!!!” Adam screams and release himself from Lion’s body as he lay down still panting and wheezing.
“Don.. ” Silas call, that’s his right hand man. “Take some men with you, go meet this dude on the ninth floor, this bitch mustn’t get here”

“Alright boss” Don says as ten men follows him. Five men stays behind.
Adam struggles up and removes his shirt and the bullet proof from his body. He now has just a black top on and his trousers. He picks up Lion’s sword and straps it to his back, he sees another one by the door and straps it to his back also as he moves out of the room.
Silas leans on the mic.

“Dave, there’s no escape for you now. Don’t be a coward. Show your face. You don’t wanna die with that mask right?” he says.

Adam climbs up the stairs as he removes his cap and the mask too. And he smirks at the CCTV camera.
Silas gasps, his men too.

“What. The. Hell” a man mutters.

“This isn’t Dave” Silas says too and everyone’s surprised as they watch him head to the ninth floor.


Okay they said this man isn’t Dave o 😅🤲
Then who is he 🤔
What’s his motive 🤔
What does he want with Lucy…… who do you think sent him 🤔

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