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I alight the cab and close the door. The boat driver had ordered a cab for me before dropping me. I decided to go to my parents house first. They must be very worried, poor Domie too.
I move towards the house and press the doorbell. No response, I press again but still no response. Now I’m worried as I knock.

“Mom, dad are you in ther…….” I say but someone interrupts me.

“Hey…. Lucy, you’re back” Dora says.

Dora is a neighbor to my parents, she’s a single mother of a boy who should be nineteen years of age, he’s in UNI, UNIBEN precisely. Dora herself should be forty-five. Mom said her husband divorced her a long time ago for another woman. She’s pretty, don’t see reasons why her husband should cheat.

“Yeah, how are you? ” I say with a smile.

“I’m fine” she says kinda nervous.

“Do you know where my parents are?” I ask her.

“Lucy, they. got. arrested late night yesterday” she rushed out the words in a way maybe not to make me angry.
That sounds like a bombshell.

“WHAT!!!?” I exclaim “What the fuck happened?” I ask.

“No one knows…. Just some angry policemen and your parents were gone” she says.

“And Domie?” I ask in panic.

“He’s fine, he’s sleeping in my house….. Would you like to see him? ” she says gesturing towards her apartment. I nod and follow her.

Still can’t condone that news of my parents being arrested, I mean for what? Even if I’m at fault for being an accomplice to a criminal, not a criminal though. They shouldn’t be arrested. I can’t wait to go storm that station, but I have to see Domie first.

Dora goes to wake Domie up as he comes out squealing.

“MUM!! ” he squeals and hug me. I hug him too and weep. I miss him.

“What happened mum, I missed you” he says and weep.

“I miss you too son”

“Mum, they arrested grandma and grandpa. The police said you’re a criminal.. Mum is that true” he asks looking into my eyes.

What should I say, that I got involved in Dave’s revenge or what.

“It’s not true dear, might be a mix up. I’ll go meet them.” I tell him with a smile.

“What about dad? ” he asks.

Talking about Dave, I don’t know where he’s heading too. Making out with him yesterday was so good. You know that feeling you get when you get laid after a long time.

What do I tell Domie now.

“He’s fine, and he’ll come see you soon” I say and he nods.

“Water?” Dora says giving me a glass of water.

“Thanks” I say and collect the glass and gulped down the whole content and give back the glass.
Damn, I’m so thirsty.

“I’ll like if Domie stays here for a while, I’ll go check the station.” I tell Dora.

“No problem dear” she says.

“Be a good boy okay” I tell Domie as I kiss his forehead and I stand up to leave.

“Wait mum…..” he says and I stop to look at him. “Do you know inspector Phil?” he asks.

Of course I do, the asshole that arrested me.

“Yeah what? And how do you know him?” I ask.

“I do see him on TV, he was with the police in their van looking like a hen whose chick was stolen” he says and I chuckle as Dora laughs.

“Thank you… Bye” I say walking out.

I walk into the building nervously. I smile at some people sitting as I walk towards the counter.

“Hi” I say flashing the constable a small smile.

They ignore and whispers something to themselves. I’m confused here, what’s happening.

“Go and see the inspector” a constable say and I raise a brow.
“That way” he adds pointing to a place.

I huff and follow the place he pointed to. I see the office, Inspector is pasted at the door. I knock.

“Come in” a voice says from inside and I open the door and step in. He’s sitting down and is busy writing something I don’t know.

“Good morning sir” I greet him as he raise his head up to look at me and he gasp.
What’s he gasping for, have I grown two heads, everyone here’s been behaving weird.

“Lucy? ” he asks and I nod.
“Come with me” he say as he drops his pen and stands up to move out. I follow behind.

“Look inspector, I’m not some high school student who’s here on an excursion. I wanna see my parents and know why you arrested them” I tell him.

“Calm down ma’am” he says as we get to some sets of cell.

I see my mum and dad sitting down there.

“Mum, dad” I say and weep.

“Lucy” mum sobs, “Where have you been?” she say.

“I’m sorry mum” I reply sobing.
“Get them out pls?” I tell Phil.

“On it ma’am” he says and opens the cell and my parents come out. As soon as they were out, like a flash, I found myself lying on the cell ground. Phil had pushed me in. I looked up to see Phil locking the cell with a smirk plastered on his face. What a turnaround.

“What are you doing?” dad asks. He ignore.

“Stephen…” he shouts as a cops come “Get this fellas outta here” he say referring to my parents as the cops takes them out.

Everything’s changing so fast.

“You scum bag” I say rushing to the cell door.

“Hey, calm down miss and enjoy your self” he says with a smirk.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask with tears in my eyes.

“Good question…..” he says moving to the cell bar holding it.
“You and your stupid boyfriend made a fool of me. Do you know how much you’ve made me loose? I lost my respect too. There’s no way I’m sparing him. I arrested your parents so I could get you, never knew you’d come back soon. I know he’d find out you’re here, he’ll come saving you and I’ll get him. So chillax.” he says walking away.

“Get me outta here! ” I scream shaking the bars.

“Don’t break those bars, cos if u do, amma take you to court and you’ll be sentenced to jail” he says and I see him no more.

“Get me out!!! ” I scream once more.
“Get me out” I mutter and break down weeping
“Get me out” I keep on saying as I weep.

Dave caused all this
“GET ME OUT!!!” I scream one last time.


Dave stands at the deck of the yacht staring at the water as the yacht moves on steady.

“Kid” Lucas says coming out of the yacht and gives Dave a glass of wine as he collects it.
“Cheers” he says pushing his glass forward.

“Cheers” Dave mutters as he touches his glass with Lucas glass and sips from it.

“Tell me, how has your mission being going” Lucas say.

“I must tell you, it hasn’t been easy. Stanley’s dead, the dude we came to get weapons together” Dave says.

“Oh shit, what happened” Lucas asks

“Dude was shot in the head by the chief masterminder, Mark” Dave says and drinks from his cup.

“What’ya gon’ do now” Lucas asks.

“For now, I need to get home and rest my head a lil bit” Dave reply.

“You love that girl?” Lucas asks staring at the sea.

“Which girl?” Dave asks pretending not to know.

“Don’t be an asshole” Lucas says and nudges Dave. Dave chuckle.

“I’m confused, I don’t know” Dave let out.
“Part of me wants her, part of me don’t” he says walking inside the yacht.

“Know which to pick kid” Lucas says from outside.

“We made out” Dave mutters.

“What?” Lucas say and muffle a laugh.

“You want her” he says firmly.


“Where’s mom?” Domie asks as soon as he sees his grandparents.

“She’ll be home soon dear” the grandma says crouching to his height.

“Don’t lie to me, she has been locked up right?” he asks again as they keep quiet.

“This world isn’t balance” he mutters and weeps as his grandma hugs him.

He disengages as he runs inside.

“Where are you going Domie? ” grandma says.

“I’m gonna go find dad”

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