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Finally, heads out of the water as I sight a shore. Not a shore but an island, with rocks and little trees.

“Oops” I mutter as I exhale and touch my hair, all wet and clothes soaked. All thanks to Dave.

That dude’s a mad man, he swims like a fish. Don’t know how he could hold his breath for so long.

I look around and we’re far away from land I think, cos I’m not seeing the bridge anywhere close. Dave already leaves me and I see him trying to tear a large piece of stone from a rock. He already takes off his jacket, shoes and head warmer, just his inner top and jeans. And I still had on my baggy shirt with panties under.

“Hey” I call out.

“What?” he replies without sparing me a look.

“Why did you kiss me? ” I ask feigning annoyance.

Yeah, he kissed me. When we landed in the water, he didn’t start swimming straight away, we went down a little bit as bullets came running down. We stayed a while as he holds me wobbling his feet to maintain balance. I couldn’t hold my breath for too long and I’m loosing it. I was gonna pass out when he placed his lips on mine.

“Whaa…!” he chuckles “Are you kidding me? “he says surprise.

“I’m not kidding you neither am I adulting you” I say and he laughs.

” You think this is funny right?, I’m still angry at you” I say pointing at him.

“Well….” he says focusing on the stone he’s trying to tear “……i kissed you because I noticed you’re loosing breath. And me…. I know I can still hold mine a little longer….. Ouch” he says as his left index finger got pierced by the stone.

“Are you okay?” I asked concern in my tone as I move closer to him.

“I’m fine.. I’m okay… ” he says giving me a small smile and puts the finger in his mouth and removes it spitting out blood.

“Where was I?” he asks but as I glare at him. “Ohhhhhkay.. I remember, I know if I kiss you, we’d share same breath and you would last longer” he says as he successfully tears off the stone.
“Bingo! ” he mutters bringing out an old cellphone. How did he get that?

Truly, when he kissed me, I felt relieved and I was able to hold it little longer. He turns me to his back as he began swimming. He’d come up at intervals and go down again till we got here.

“Where did you get that? ” I ask him referring to the cellphone.

“It was all part of my plan” he replies.

“So now, you think you’ve saved me Huh!” I ask him. I feel like annoying him.

“Yeah, at least you ain’t dead” he says operating on the phone.

“How do I get home?” I say and sniff “….poor Domie, He’d be worried, MA and PA, everyone would be worried” I say sitting on the floor.

“Calm down Lucy, I’ll get you home okay.” he affirms.

“This wasn’t how I planned my life, look at me, I’m stuck here on a bush island with you” I say again as he ‘tsk’.

I’m annoying and I’m pissing him off.

“What do you want huh, you had first called me a rogue but I ignored that and still had to save you, and now you’re blaming again? Fuck!” he says as he moves towards the waters.

“Do you call these a save? Huh, here in a….. ” I’m interrupted.

“Yeah….. I’m on the island…. Tomorrow?……. Okay” he is making a call. Maybe he saved me afterall.

He goes to a tree as he climbs it and cuts down two branches. He comes down and pieces the stone he had tore earlier. He walks around the rocks as he brings out ropes. I don’t know what he was gonna do but at the end. He had a spear like stuff with him and another big stick.

He dips a sharp stone into his jeans as he tears it mid calf. He takes off his black top too as he rolls up his jean.

“You’re hungry?” he asks and I ignore him as he nods.

“If you would like to, you can come fishing with me” he says as he proceeds to enter the water. He enters as he walks deeper into the water and I’m not seeing him anymore.

I stand there staring at the water, something catches my attention. There’s a huge stir in the water.

“What’s happening” I mutter frightened. I flinch at a sight. A big creature like the size of a whale comes out with his mouth open like it’s gonna swallow someone and Dave was in front of it.

“Dave!!” I shout.

I didn’t see them again. I am damn scared right now. I shiver on a spot not knowing what to do next.
Just then a head popped out of the water. It’s Dave, lil by Lil he walks out. He had the big fish killed. It’s stuck in between his spear as he places it on his shoulder.
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He looks hot, his wet body looks tempting. The way he came out of the water makes me wanna touch him. I viewed him in a slow motion as he runs his hands back his hair and whistles.

“Done eye raping me?” he says with a smirk startling me out of my thoughts. He caught me and I’m embarrassed.

“I wasn’t” I lie and glare at him.

“Your butts, you should clean it, it’s dirty” he says.
Never knew he could be such a perv. I ignore him and shoots him a glare once more and he smirk.






It’s already nightfall. I make a six stone and gather little sticks around as I make a fire with two stones to roast the fish. I place the fish on the fire to roast

I sit down beside the fire on the bare ground and Lucy too. I whistle as I roast.

“So… Tell me, how come you could kill this stuff” Lucy says pointing to the fish. I cut out a piece of the fish with the edge of a stone and taste.

“This would have tasted nicer if there were seasonings” I say sucking my upper lip.

“I was talking to you” she says again with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, that, just bravery and….. ” I shrug “……Confidence” I say looking up to her as she nods

“You said here is part of your plan?” she asks.

“Hmm mm” I say turning the fish on the fire.

“Why didn’t you build a place like a hut or farm house to sleep and maybe do cookings like this?” she asks.

“My mistake…..” I say and point a piece to her motioning her to taste.

“I never knew I’d come here.” I let out. She hmm hmms munching on the fish.

“It tastes nice” she says.

“The work of a good cook” I whine and wink. She chuckles.
I finally finish roasting the fish as I leave the fire burning to provide light and sit down properly to eat.

“You can start eating” I tell her and give her a sharp stone to cut out.

“Thanks” she mutters collecting the stone.
“Wouldn’t you be afraid if you were the only one here?” she asks me.

“Are you scared?” I ask.

“It’s a question Dave” she replies raising a brow.

“I wouldn’t be, cos I’ll have four people with me” I say.

“Why ain’t they here now?” she asks with a mouthful.

“You can’t see them Lucy” I tell her.

“What do you mean?”

“God, my dad’s spirit, Anita’s spirit and my mom’s prayers” I say as she smiles and cough.

“Sorry, maybe you should drink water” I tell her.

“Thanks, I’m okay now. ” she says standing up.

“You should bath too” I say standing up.
She looks back at me and smile. She took off her shirt and she was bra less, with just pants under. I swallowed. She takes off her panties too as she face me. I gasp. Her breasts standing firm.






“Do you mind bathing me mister?” I tell Dave as he stares at me surprised.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I just feel like exploring tonight.

“With pleasure” he says and smile coming towards me as he lifts me up in a bridal style. My body creases at his touch on my body.

He walks straight into the water until it was reaching him in the chest as he drops me. The water almost covered me since he’s taller.

“Where should I start bathing you from princess” he says and I smirk.

“Anywhere” I mutter biting my bottom lip and run my hands down his body as he shudders. Good I have an effect on him.

He traces his hands from my thighs coming up as I shudder. He kisses my lips and I return the kiss, he cups my butts in his hands as he continue kissing me. He unlocks his lips and kisses my neck as his hand find its way to my left nipple and his tongue on the right.
He nips gently on it as I let out a moan. He continues nipping when I felt his hands in my V area rubbing the tip. He switches his lips to the next nipple as he sucks.

“Fuck” I mutter as I moan. I gasp when his finger penetrates into me. The feeling I’m feeling is new. How sweet it is. He continues moving his fingers in and out of me as I shudder and mutter profanities. My legs are feeling weak. He tried using another finger but he couldn’t.

“You’re so tight” he mutters.

“Let’s get you out” he mutters as he lifts me up, my legs around his waist and he carries out to the shore.






We end up making love. I feel like I had cheated on Anita, I feel like this isn’t right, but then I couldn’t resist her, I enjoyed every bit of it. Am I falling in love?.
But that can’t be, I just met her a few weeks. Sometimes, I find myself thinking about her. I can’t sleep right now too cos I’m thinking about her.

I look down at her body in my arms, she smiles in her sleep, she looks beautiful even in sleep. She’s putting on my jacket. I gave it to her to prevent her from catching cold.
“I’m sorry Anita” I mutter.
Christ, help me to make a choice. I don’t wanna fall in love.

I open my eyes slightly as the ray of sunlight hits my face. It should be 7 o’clock. Lucy’s still sleeping.
I stand up gently so as not to wake her up as I lay her body down gently.

I walk to the bank of the water and yawn as I stretch. I sight two objects afar off. And as they come closer I see a yacht and a small boat. They stop in front of me. A gun clicks

“Your hands behind your head” that’s coming from Lucas. He jokes alot.

“Hey kid” he says as he lowers his gun.

“I’m good man” I say as he hugs me.

“How did you end up here?” he asks as the guy from the boat comes down and I wave at him.

“Long story, are you the only one? ” I ask him

“Yeah….. Okayy,, what’s with her” Lucas says pointing behind me.

“What?” I say and look back to see Lucy dusting her body angrily and I chuckle.
“You should take it easy okay, the body isn’t responsible for your predicament” I whine and I earn a glare from her.

“Why did you lay me on the bare ground? ” she asks.

“I’m sorry, there was no bed” I say and shrug as Lucas and the other guy laughs.

“I think you should come change your clothes” Lucas say.

“Thanks” she mutters shooting me a playful glare as I chuckle. “I’m Lucy” she says stretching her hands forward for a handshake.

“Lucas” he replies as they exchange handshakes.

“Wow, coincidence, I mean look at the names. Lucy, Lucas….. maybe you guys should just…. You know…. Tie the knot” I say intertwining my two index fingers as Lucas shoots me a glare and Lucy knocks my head.

“Dick” she mutters following Lucas to the yacht.
That hurts.
She comes out putting on a short blue gown with my jacket on top.

“Ain’t gonna give back my jacket?” I ask.

“It’s mine now” she says and wink.
The other guy helps take Lucy back home and I enter the yacht with Lucas to go home too.

Before Lucy enters the boat, she comes to me as she gives me a quick kiss.

“Thank you” she mutters

“For?” I ask baffle.

She only smiles and leave.

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