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Adam staggers up the stairs as he holds the stair railings for support and climbs up.

Now on the ninth floor. He’s welcomed with eleven men. Don stands before them like their leader and the rest ten men stands behind, all holding a riffle as they point at Adam.

He halts and stares at them.

“Bravo man, should I call you the Bruce Lee of our time? Or Tiger Shroff?” Don says. “Tell me, why are you doing all this?”

Adam stares.

“Are you gon’ talk or I should send you up” Don says firmly. Adam stares as Don scoffs.

“He’s about to die guys, no need to waste bullets, drop your guns and give him hell” Don mutters as they drop their guns and bring out knives as they charge towards him. He pulls out the sword and rolled it as he moves towards them too.

He cuts the first man in the belly as he stabs a second man, he kicks two men front and back and they are on the floor as he cuts off a head and stabs another. Groans and yelps fills the air.

Four men stands still in fear. Don watches in awe too.

“Don’t be cowards men, attack” Don orders.

The men he had kicked down stands up behind him to stab him, he turns back as he grabs a hand and kicks the second man straight on the nose as he collapses on the floor. He looks at the man he’s grabbing as he smirks and stabs him. He yelps.
Silas watches everything in fear and panic.

“No, no, no, no, no….. This can’t be happening.. Fuck!!” he shouts as he hits his hand on the table.

He picks up his phone and makes a call.

“Hello inspector Phil, you might be right about this unknown man”

“What’s happening” Phil says on the phone.

“He’s almost destroyed my place, can you come and help please?” Silas says pleading almost sobbing.

“How many are they?” Phil says.

“Just one man”

“Just one man?” Phil asks as Silas nods.

“We’ll be there in 30” Phil says and hangs up.

Silas looks at the CCTV and Adam already killed all the ten men.

“This is not gonna be good” he mutters.
Adam stands still with his face facing down, blood covers his face as the swords drips down blood too. He looks up with a cold stare. His eyes dark, bloodshot. Don already points a gun at him as his hands shiver.

“Don’t… dare co.. come for..ward” he says shivering.

Adam smirks and runs forward as Don fires the first shot at Adam’s shoulder, he jerks and continues running, a second shot and he jerks, and a third shot, he roars as he lifts himself off ground and stab Don with the two swords on his two shoulder blades.

Don yelps and shiver as he coughs out blood, his gun falling out of his hands as he sinks on his knees facing upwards at Adam. Adam roars again and dig the blades deeper into Don as he leaves him and walks backwards and Don come falling forward at Adam’s feet.
“Shit” Silas fumes with rage seeing how Adam killed the men.

“You guys must make sure you kill this bitch” he tells the men with him.
Adam picks up a gun and walks away.

The men sets themselves with their guns pointing at the entrance. They wait and wait for any sign of the intruder. None.

Just then something rolls in as they shoot continuously at it. But it’s nothing, just an empty malt can. They look back at the entrance and Adam slides in, one shot, two shots, three and a fourth shot he brings them down. He had caught them unaware.

He stands up and looks everywhere and no sign of Silas, he sights a man leading Silas to an elevator, he shoots the stop button on the elevator as it stops and he shoots the man behind his back as he shoots Silas in the legs too.

He walks to them and shoots the man once more as he points the gun at Silas.

“Who are you” Silas shouts. He ignores as he shoots the floors besides his head.

“I’d kill you if I have too, but now don’t mess up….. Where’s the vault” he says emotionlessly.

“So this is what all this is about Huh!” Silas says.

Adam jams his leg on Silas’s head as he groans.

“Lead me to the fucking vault” he says firmly and lifts Silas up.

“It’s in the garage, downstairs.” Silas says rushing out the words.

“You’ve got energy drinks?” Adam asks.

Silas shivers and nods.
“It’s in the refrigerator over there” he says pointing to the refrigerator with fear.

Adam smirks as he leads Silas to fridge. He picks two drinks and gulps it. He gas.

“It’s really good” he says studying the can. “Great taste you’ve got………… ” he says throwing the can away as he holds Silas by shirt.
“Let’s go” he says and push him forward.

They enter an elevator and they were down and they walk outside, it’s nightfall already.


He takes silas to the garage.

“Where” Adam asks pointing the gun at him.

“That door” Silas says as Adam opens the door and the vault’s there, he smirks.

“Password” he asks.

“24437” Silas says.

Adam pressed the password and the vault clicks open. He opens it and it’s fill to the brim with foreign currency, lots of dollar bill. He closes the vault and drag Silas out. He takes him to a big van like a bullion van. It has two horn speakers in its front. He had brought it himself. He opens the back door and takes a rope and tie Silas hands to his feet as Silas sob.

“Don’t kill me please” Silas begs. Adam ignores and throws him inside the van. He enters the drivers seat and drives in a reverse form to the garage. He comes down and opens the back door again.

“Please don’t kill me.” Silas begs again as Adam groans and climbs into the van as he punch him and seal his mouth.

“Idiot” he says and moves out. He attaches a chord from the van to the vault as it controls the vault to enter his van. He locks the door and enters the driver seat as he drives off.
Just as he left the policemen arrives. They come out of the car, inspector Phil’s with them too as they approach the building.
Adam takes a control from the dashboard, it has a red and green button. He presses the red button.
The building explodes, so great an explosion that the effect lifts the policemen off the ground high high and slam them on their vehicles.

“Fuck!” Phil says as he struggles up. They all stand up.

“Call the department, it’s likely the intruder just left a while ago, let’s trace him. All the departments. We must catch him, he’s our only lead to the killer” he says. As everyone hurries inside the car and they zoom off.
Adam pulls over some meters away from the fly over.

10:07 pm
Everywhere silent. Street lights on.

He hops out of the van and goes to the back door as he drags Silas out and takes another rope too. He locks the van’s door.

He lifts Silas on his shoulder as he walks to the fly over. He climbs the stairs to the top and drops Silas down. He ties the rope on the railings, and also ties the other end in a way to fit a neck and he removes the seal on Silas mouth and points a gun at him.

“Please, don’t kill me” Silas pleads as Adam cocks the gun.

“I won’t” he mutters and shoots him on the left shoulder as Silas groans.

“Pls, don’t… tell me why are you doing this, who sent you.” Silas mutters and groan.

“No man, I’m a thief, and I came to your building for a heist and it’s successful. I only feel like killing you.” he says and shoots his right shoulder as he groans as blood comes out. “I killed all your men, they gave me troubles, lots of shots, wounds and bleeding. So tell me, what’s the essence of sparing you?” he asks as he shoots his right knee.

“Ah…. Please, young…. man… You have the money already, please go with it, I’m loosing lots of blood.” Silas says and sobs in pain. Adam smirks.

“I’d have done more than this… but no time, no time to waste, no time to die. You’ll die gradually.” he says and shoots his left knee as Silas yelp in pain.

Adam pockets his gun, he hasn’t loose Silas yet, he grabs him and drags him as he put the rope around his neck and tightens it. He punches him in the nose.

“Remain silent………” he says and punch him in the same spot.
“Till you get up there…..” he punches him again, same spot. “…..whatever you have to say, say it to God.” he says and punch him twice.

“Goodbye Silas, and always know that you’ve caused me pains.” with that he let’s Silas down hanging on the rope as he struggles.

“I’m sorry I lied” he mutters.

Policemen arrives the scene as they get out of their vehicles and point their gun and torchlights at the fly over. Adam covers his eyes from the beams of lights

“Don’t move…” inspector Phil says “Surrender now”.

Adam looks down, he sights a lorry coming as he jumps off the other side of the flyover and lands on the lorry, policemen shoots at him. The lorry moves a little bit farther as he jumps off the lorry and jumps on his van and rolls down as he opens the door and starts the engine and drives off.
“Let’s go after him” inspector Phil says.

“Sir, Silas’s still struggling” an officer says.

“Deal with that” Phil tells him and enters a car as they drive off.

The officer shoots at the rope, and it’s almost cutting, but he made a mistake as his second bullet shoots straight into Silas’s heart as he falls down dead, his knee bone shooting out.
Adam drives furiously and speedily not minding traffic lights.

Police cars chase after him too, speedily. They shoot at him as bullets sounds on the car and drops off. His van’s bullet proof.

“Unit two, suspect heading straight, cut him off at the north side.” Inspector says to the intercom.
Adam screeched the van as he stops. Police van’s and cars come blocking him in the front. There are police vehicles behind too. He places his two elbows on the wheel and rest his chin on his hands as all the policemen comes out with their guns pointing at his car.

He pulls a mic.

“I don’t wanna kill any police man, but if you’re getting in my way, I’ll have no choice.” he says as his voice sounds out through the speakers above his van.

“Your time’s up fella… surrender now or we’d show you no mercy” Phil replies with a megaphone.

“Let’s see to that” Adam mutters as he starts the van engine. He presses a button and an auxiliary gun pops out on the roof of the van and turns backwards to the policemen as it shoots indiscriminately.

“RUN!!! ” Phil shouts as the officers runs around. Bullets flying, glasses shattering, cars exploding, officers going down, bloods flowing. A real war, a cold sight.

Adam presses another button and a big bulldozing stuff pops out in the front of his van as he drives forward. The officers shoot at him as they run away from the road. His van bulldoze all the police vehicles in his way as he drives off.
When everything had died down, the officers comes out one after the other. Almost all the cars are damaged. Lots of officers down. Some killed by bullets and some killed by shattered glasses.

Inspector Phil looks at this sight as he bends down and weep.

“FUCK!! ” he screams and weep.

“It’s gonna be okay sir” an officer says behind him. It’s the same officer that had asked what’s the matter the other day.

Phil glares at him and stands up, he walks furiously at him as he grabs his head and slams it on a car as the officer collapse on the floor.

“I told you to fucking mind your business” he seethes.


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