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Police officers present, in an open space in the headquarters, different from inspector Phil’s division. Inspector Phil stands in the middle with his hands backwards and face facing down. Other police officers stands around too. The commissioner is present too.

“Tell me Phil, what’s your aim in life? What were you thinking huh!, two different operations and you lost lots of men?” the commissioner seethes and half shouts in rage.

“Sir, I can….. ”

“Shut up Phil….” he shouts “…….shut up…… What do you want people thinking about the police force? Their wives and children that you’ve put in agony. What do you want them saying. They might stage a protest soon” the commissioner says with rage.

“Sir, one last chance sir.” Phil says apologetically with hands still behind his back.

The commissioner scoffs and takes some steps closer to Phil.

“One last chance huh!” he chuckles “What makes you think I’m gon’ give you a chance? The minister has being calling me since. What do I tell him? The news’s trending already.” commissioner says.

“One last chance, he called me for a deal before the operation telling me if he succeeds I’ll release Lucy. The girl I arrested with him. I’ll trap him with that sir” inspector Phil says.

The commissioner chuckles.

“Bravo…..” he says and clap. “……how cool……, really? So because of the deal, you let him go?” the commissioner says looking into Phil’s eyes and Phil stares at the ground.

“What’s your plan?.” the commissioner asks.

“I’ll figure that out sir, but I promise this last time I’ll get him sir” he mutters.

“And if you don’t?” the commissioner replies with a glare.

Phil sighs.

“You can demote me sir”

The commissioner chuckles.

“One last chance, if you screw it up…… You’ll be fired” with that he walks away. Phil exhales softly and walks out too.
As he walks down the hallway his phone rings. With a swipe of his finger he answers the call.

“Inspector Phil” he mutters

“Mera dost” a voice replies. Adam. He stands opposite a penthouse transparent glass as he stares outside.

“You still have the guts to call?” inspector Phil grits as he stops walking.

“You should learn Hindi inspector, a sweet language. I just called you a friend and you had to grit? Unbelievable” Adam says and chuckle.

“I don’t give a damn about your shit…. ” Phil grits and shouts as people passing stops to stare.

He scoffs.
“You call me a friend and you killed my men, almost getting me fired?”

“I’m so sorry about that, even if you’re gonna loose your job, you’ll get a reward.” Adam says as Phil huffs and walks down the stairs.

“I’m giving you a hundred and fifty million dollars cash if you give Lucy to me” Adam says.

Phil stops as he gasps, then smirk.

“Location” Phil replies and resumes walking.

“Biz restaurant, 7:30pm, come alone” Adam mutters with a cold face as he walks away from the glass.

“Of course I will” Phil says and smirk as he gets to his car and opens the door.

“Don’t tryna act stupid…..” Adam says and sips from a cup. “It’ll be a wrong move” with that he hangs up.

“Acting stupid was never part of my plan” Phil says already in the car holding the steering wheel and drives off.
7:00 PM


A car parks in the parking lot. Phil’s the driver while Lucy’s sitting on the passenger’s seat looking out of the window.

Phil sighs.

“Lucy, I’m sorry for all this” Phil states and she scoffs.

“I don’t mean you actually, I’m just after getting him………, we’re gradually loosing respect as a police that we can’t even get a man……. It’s….. “.

“Hit the point, I don’t wanna talk” she snaps cutting him off.

Phil huffs.

“Pls, don’t screw this up” he says looking straight at her.

“We’ll go into that restaurant, gently, like couples, we’ll sit down and wait for his arrival. Don’t screw it up please” he begs and she ignores.

He gets down from the car and Lucy did the same too as they walk towards the restaurant holding hands.
“I’ll go get us something to eat, what would you like?” Phil asks as they sit down. Lucy ignores. He tightens his face.
“Don’t you dare screw this up” he whispers and seethes. Then smile and walks to the counter.

He comes back with a tray in his hand and drops it on the table.

“Since you said you ain’t eating anything, so I brought you this. ” Phil says and gives her two shawarmas and a bottle of Coca Cola. She ignores him.
“Whatever” he says and drops it before her.

He had bought a plate of Jollof rice and chicken with a bottle of chilled water, and starts eating.






I stare at this man before me as he eats his life up. I ‘tsk’ and shake my head. He looks up at me and back to his food.

“They cook good” he says with a mouthful. Who knows he eats this way.

I look down at what he got for me and I haven’t touched it. Truth is, I’m feeling hungry but, I can’t eat it, I hate the way they’re using me. I’m pained, but what can I do, I have no say.

I had thought Dave’s in town with the last attack that’s been trending but I was surprised when I saw another man’s picture. A blur picture of a man standing on a flyover. If I’m not released today, then I’m screwing them up.

I look to the door and a man stands outside about to open. He’s on a blue leather jacket, gray inner turtle neck, a long black trousers and black shoes. A dark glass and a black cap, making it hard to register his face. He holds a briefcase.

I watch him as he enters and drags his cap down a lil bit lower over his face. Covering it the more.
Is he hiding something? Who knows.

I drink in his features, his nice biceps and good shoulders are visible through his clothes. Must have good abs. A nice chiseled face even though I don’t see it well, he’s got pink lips too and he’s dark. He’s so cute.

I watch as he goes to the counter and speaks with the man there as he collects a tray holding it with a hand and the briefcase in the other as he moves away. Phil’s eyes follows mine too.

This stranger’s eyes lands on me and I shamefully move my eyes away from him. I’ve drowned too much. Phil smirks at me.

“Loving someone else?” he says and I shoot him a glare. I look up to see stranger beside us.

“Mind if I sit here?” he says as Phil glares at him.

“No” he snaps.

“Easy inspector……” stranger says and sits down as he place his tray on the table and push his briefcase under the table.
“…….i thought police is our friend” he says and takes a forkful of the spaghetti before him and eats.

“How come you know me?” Phil snaps.

“Who doesn’t know the great inspector who’s trying hard to save the city from the recent killer” he says with a mouthful as he swallows and drinks from his bottle water.

“Your wife’s pretty inspector…..” he says pointing to me “…….but why’s she with this kinda face?” he says as Phil glares at him.
“Did I say something wrong?” he says looking at Phil. I just stare at them both.

“Ask her” Phil says and takes a wine from an attendant as he sips.

“What’s wrong ma’am, you haven’t even touched your meal. They cook good here you know?” he says and I’m forced to chuckle. He’s funny and surprisingly a jerk.

“She finally smiles” Phil says and I glare. Stranger looks from me to Phil and then back to me.

“Okay now I get it……….. ” he says as he touch my hand. I felt a connection as I scrunch my face. Do I know this man?

“No matter what you’re facing in life, don’t be angry with it. Don’t think you’re a looser. Don’t give up. Always think like a winner. Just think deeply and say ‘have I tried my best in this?’ if your answer is yes, then you’re a winner” he says and I notice Phil’s kind of uncomfortable or nervous. Why’s he like that? Who cares anyway.

“And another thing, no matter what you’re facing in life, eat…. ” he says and I laugh “……always eat and drink chill water, it’s important” he says and eats his food. I’m happy with the way he talked with me. I smile and pick the shawarma to eat.

Just then, Phil bangs his fist on the table and stranger looks up and I stop the shawarma mid mouth.

“Who are you?” Phil says and I’m taken aback by that question, stranger’s shocked too. I look at stranger.

“I’m me” he says and shrugs.

“I say who the hell are you!!” Phil shouts and everyone stares at our table.

“I’m nobody, okay, I’m just me, Adam Jones” he shouts back raising his hands up. I’m confused as hell here.

“What’s happening?” I mutter.

Phil stands and brings out a gun as he points it at stranger. People screams and hides under tables.

“Take off your cap, take off your glass” Phil sneers in order at stranger.

He drops his fork and sits back calmly.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking inspector, bu…….”.

“Take off the goddamn cap and glass” Phil snaps cutting him off and cocks the gun.

“Okay… ” stranger says and stands up. He takes off the cap and drops it on the table, he takes off the glass too. And like a flash he had grabbed me with his hands around my neck and my back leaning against him as he points a gun at me and he smirks.

“HE’S THE KILLER!!” Phil shouts and I see people rise up and point guns at this stranger. Policemen? They’re not on uniforms but I recognize them Wow, a planned work.

Why are demons so cute. Stranger looks around at the policemen and smirk.

“Leave that girl now” Phil orders. Stranger smirks.

“You’re really a smart man inspector. Or let me say stupid.” what’s he saying. This man should leave me. I’m shivering at that gun.
“You’re a traitor Phil. We had a deal, I said I’ll kill the next target, catch me if you can, and if you don’t I’ll pay you for Lucy and you just ruined the deal. I always know you’re stupid Phil.” he says as Phil fights the urge not to pull the trigger.

“And you thought I was gonna agree to that? common, I love my country than that” Phil says as Adam laughs.

“Achcha….. I see….. That isn’t love or patriotism bro…………. It’s clearly 419” Adam says and I almost laugh at his choice of word forgetting the fact that I’m at gun point.

Phil shoots him a death glare.

“You think you guys pointing a goddamn gun at me is gonna make me scared? Nah….” he mutters.

“Release that girl or I’ll shoot” Phil snaps. Stranger smirks above my head.

I’m getting tired of this drama.

“I told you to come alone, but you bring this dudes to come point guns at me?” he says “SMH…..” he says as he begin walking backwards slowly.
“If anymore officer dies, it’s on you inspector.” he says firmly and moves back slowly with me still in his arm.

“Stop there!” Phil shouts.

“What if I don’t?” Stranger smirks.

“I’ll shoot” Phil says.

“You won’t” stranger says.

Phil closes his eyes and was about pulling the trigger but stranger beats him to it as he shoots his hand and Phil yelps and drops the gun and holds his hand in pain as he falls to a seat groaning.

“Duck” he says to me as the officers start shooting at us, and people screams and hides under the tables. He covers me with his jacket and runs me to the door. I scream as gunshots fill the hair. He shoots the glass doors twice as it cracks and he breaks it down with his hands.

“Run!!” he says and I run not knowing where. Officers comes out shooting.
He shoots back at them as he shoots two of them down on the leg as the rest retreats inside. He runs after me and carry me on his shoulder towards a car as he opens the back door and place me in. I’m shivering from the effect of the shoot out. Those sounds were damn loud.

“You’ll be fine” he says and close the door. Bullets still hits the car cos the officers are back outside.

He enters the driver’s seat as he starts the car and reverse, bullet still hitting but not penetrating. Bulletproof car. And he drives out.

Phil still groans on the chair he’s sitting holding the hand that was shot as the officers comes back inside.

“Are you okay sir?” one asks. He didn’t answer as he sights a briefcase under the table with a label on it. Adam’s briefcase.

Phil smiles and falls beside the table as he squeezes the label on the briefcase and throws it down.

“Are you okay sir?” officers asks, concern in their tones.

“I’m fine” he says as he carries the briefcase.
“He left this…..” he says raising the briefcase “…….we might get him through this” he says walking away as the officers nods and follows him.

“How many men down” he asks and stop.

“Two sir, just a flesh shot in the leg, no place near the bone. A driver already takes them away sir” an officer answers as Phil nods and walks out.

As he walks towards his car, he has a smirk on, a smirk no one understands. He opens the door and hops in with the briefcase as he drives away not waiting for the officers.


How I love Adam 😌
Too good a man 💪, what a rescue ✊😌😋

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