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Officers stands around, hands backwards, faces down and the commissioner stands in the middle.

“What kinda man is this….” he says looking at the men “……….always getting away with everything…… And where the hell is Phil.”

“Inspector Phil has gone MIA since that day, he drove off without waiting for anyone, and no one knows where he is since then” an officer answers.

“Phil has has gone rogue sir.” an officer replies.

“What makes you think so?” the commissioner asks.

“Sir, that day….” the officer starts, in a kinda FLASHBACK mode. “……..the killer said.”
“You’re a traitor Phil. We had a deal, I said I’ll kill the next target, catch me if you can, and if you don’t I’ll pay you for Lucy and you just ruined the deal. I always know you’re stupid Phil.”

“And then……” the officer continues “…….after the shoot out and we went back in. I noticed Phil staring down under the table. I traced the face and I saw a briefcase, the killer had came in with a briefcase and he had dropped it under the table. There was a label on it, but I couldn’t read it cos Phil had squeezed it swiftly and threw it down. And when he had acted weirdly that day, I went back in and took the label and read it….. ”

“………the label reads.” the officer stops.
“I sense a foul play sir” he concludes.

“Wawu…… ” the commissioner says and laugh. “…..what a sharp man, thanks for the revelation Josh, you’re the new inspector from now on”

Josh smiles and mutter a ‘thank you sir’

“Tell the media to declare him wanted…….. He’s so going to jail” with that the commissioner walks out.







I watch from the passenger’s seat as this stranger named Adam drives the car. I stare at his biceps, up to his pink lips. How can his lips be so pink when he’s not light skinned. I stare at his face too, so handsome, I look to his dark hair and I love his haircut, it fits him so well. He’s got no beards, Fresh face. He has same features as Dave just the face and the voice. And I’m still wondering who he is.

He looks at me briefly and back at the road.

“You know you stare too much right?” he says and I scoff and look away.

“Who are you?” I ask for like the hundredth time facing him. He chuckles.

“I’m Adam” he says not sparing me a look.

Yeah, Adam, that’s the same thing he has been repeating since that night.

He took me to a hotel room. He drops the key on a table.

“You can take your bath in the bathroom there and change your dress in the dresser and rest. We leave tomorrow morning, 6am” he says and made to walk out.

“Leave to where? Who are you? You can’t just take me like a play thing and think I’d oblige.” I tell him half yelling.

He stares at me for a while and picks up the key.

“I think I’ll need this…….” he says referring to the key. “…….I’m Adam Jones by the way” he says and leave, I feel him lock the door and I sigh. I go to the bathroom and shower.
The next morning, before I could wake from bed, he was already in the room as he wakes me up.

“Take your bath, dress up, we’re leaving” he says sitting on my bed.

“Who are you?” I ask again as he huffs.

“I told you ma’am, I’m Adam” he says and stand up.

“Yeah ” I say as I scoff and roll my eyes.

“Where are we heading to?” I ask.

“You’ll know” he says facing the road and I scoff.
After a long drive, he pulls up in my parents apartment and I’m wowed.

“How do you know this place?” I ask surprised.

“God knows……” he says and chuckle “…..let’s get in ma’am” he says getting out of the car as I watch him come to my side and opens the door for me.
“Shall we? ” he asks stretching his hands for me to hold and I nod and place my hands on his as he helps me out and closes the door. No one has really done this for me before.

“After you” he says and smile as I walk ahead of him.

Finally, I’m getting free.






“I don’t seem to understand this country anymore, imagine a young man killing policemen that way… ” I hear grandpa say as I focus on the beach buggie game I’m playing.
Hi us on plus two three four eight zero five five eight eight nine one eight three on watsapp to get added to our group.
They’ve been commenting like forever on the latest trending news in town.

I’m pretty sure that innocent young man didn’t kill hundreds just an exaggeration. There’s a debate going on on TV about this news.

“Just take a look at the boy, a very young boy who just started his life. What a pity” grandma mutters.

I glance up at the TV to take a look at this hero and I see a blur picture of a man standing on a flyover. I look back at my game and I’m almost loosing cos an opponent just zoomed pass me, I tilt the phone to block another opponent as I strike the one before me off with a thunderbolt and he’s outta my way as I enter the finishing line. 1st position.

“I am a baaaaaad ass” I mutter stressing the ‘bad’ and made to continue my game as grandma smacks my head.
“Awwww, what was that for” I whine and pout at grandma.

“Don’t say those words in this house” grandma tells me as grandpa shoots her a playful glare.

“Sorry son…… She’s jealous you’re beautiful than she is” grandpa says bringing me closer to him as he side hugs me. I laugh at his choice of word including grandma too. As if I’m a girl.

“Orrrrh…… See you… “grandma refers to grandpa “…….no one can be as beautiful as I am…. Me pepper them” grandma says and grandpa laughs and me too as I watch them play. This guy’s should know they’re old already, always joking like highschool lovelies.

“You that’s old already…… Old cargo”he says and laugh as grandma glares at him.

“It’s okay fellas…….” I say and laugh “…….I’m not beautiful, I’m handsome… I’m not a girl” I say as everyone laughs.

Grandpa was going to say something but stops at what one of the journalists debating just said.

“The latest news now is two people have been declared wanted by the police. Inspector Philip George….. ” he says as a picture of inspector Phil pops up on the screen “……..and Lucy Daniels……” as a picture of mum displays on the screen too.
“and this guys………. ” the journalists continues but no one hears him anymore.

“What!!” grandma mutters as I gasp, mum?

“How come? she was locked up” grandpa says surprise in his tone.

A knock sounds on the door as I stand up to go get it. I open the door and halt at who I’m seeing.

“Grandpa……… Grandma…. ” I say

“What’s happening Domie” grandpa asks, panic in his voice.

“It’s mummy!!” I squeal and jump on her as she carries me and hug me entering inside. A man comes in with her and I furrow my brows.

“Hi mum, hi dad” she says and grandpa and grandma are surprised

“Hey, how are you” grandpa mutters as he stands to switch off the TV.

“You were locked up? How come you’re here. ” grandpa says nervously.

“You ain’t happy the poor girl is here?” grandma replies.

“I’m happy… I’m just….”.

“Wondering how I got out?” she completes his statement ” He saved me” mum says and points to that man. He’s been silent since. Just smiling. Weird man.

“I’ve been wanting to ask…. Who’s he?” I ask mum.

“Ask him, I don’t know” mum says and sigh as she moves to the couch and sits down.

“How can you not know him?….. He didn’t tell you who he is?” grandma says as she sits too just me and grandpa standing.

“I don’t know mum, he’s been saying Adam Jones since I saw him.” mum says and shrug clearly frustrated. Probably she’s been asking him like forever.

“I only told Dad to save you, and now I’m surprised to see another man” I say looking at this man. He hasn’t said anything since, still smiling.

“You told Dave?” mum exclaims and grandpa looks at me.

“yeah” I say and nod.

“How did you get to him?” mum says as grandpa sits too. Everyone’s surprised. And Mr. Adam’s still standing. No one’s celebrating mum’s return. Too many questions.


One day, when I was alone in the house playing a video game. A knock sounded on the door and I stood up to go get it.

“Daddy!” I squeal on opening the door as dad hugs and lift me up then entered the house.

“Where’s your mom?” he asks putting me down.

“She went to an occasion.” I tell him.

“Oh my God, and she left you all alone?” he asks kinda upset.

“I begged her to it” I pout. He sighs.

“Okay, call her, I wanna take you out” he says giving me his phone as I squeal.

“Yay! Where are we going?” I ask him.

“Lots of places you’d like” he says and smile ruffling my hair.

“Okay dad, I’ll call her on my phone” I say and return his phone as I dash inside the room.
Domie: Mum you remember that day?
Lucy: yeah I remembered.
I came out of the room dressed.

“Ready?” I tell him and wink.

Dad smiles at me…. “Ready” he says as we leave.

We went to lots of places. Funfairs, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema and even libraries. I ate lots of cotton candy and ice creams. I was so happy that day. He bought lots of goodies for me too. We arrived home around 6:49pm.

And as he parks his car in front of our house, he said..

“Domie….. I have a special gift for you.”

“What’s that?” I ask looking at him.

He brings out a black wristwatch from his pocket.

“This,…” he says referring to the wrist watch.
“There are two buttons beside it, one’s for resetting the time and the other, whenever you’re in trouble or your mum’s in trouble. Press that button and hold and say whatever trouble you’re in. I’ll get the message and I’ll come help you.” he says giving me the wristwatch as I hold it, he didn’t let go.

“Promise?” he says and stares at me.

I stare at the watch for a while…

“Promise” I mutter and smile.

“That’s my boy” he says and ruffle my hair.

I open the door and step out as he opens the door too and help me take out the things he had bought.

Mummy already stands at the door waiting for us. They smile at each other as I walk in with my goodies.

Later I caught them kissing outside as I was peeping from the window.

I didn’t think well about the watch until that day when grandpa and grandma came home and they said mummy has been locked up.

I remembered the watch. “I’m gonna go find dad” I mutter and run inside.

I don’t wanna do it in their presence so they won’t think I’m crazy. I ran to my room and look at the wristwatch on my wrist as I pressed the button.

“Dad, mum has been locked up…..” I say and sniff. “I don’t want anything happening to her dad, she’s my world and my all” I say as I weep. “Pls save her dad, you have to save her Dave, or amma run mad…… Just save her” I say and release the button as it beeps and I fall on my bed weeping.

And everyday, I waited, with each passing day I wait, waiting and waiting, almost giving up for a response that never came.

Until Friday last week when suddenly the watch started vibrating on my wrists. I had no knowledge about what’s happening. I was sitting at the dining eating when it started, I ran out and went to my room.

I tapped the watch but it’s still vibrating, I removed it and dropped it on the bed. I stared at it for a while and pick it up. I pressed that button and a voice pops up.

“I got your message Domie, I’m bringing your mum soon” I squeal at the message as grandma and grandpa came running to my room.

“What’s that?” they asked as I frown.

“Nothing…. Next time you guys should respect the rule of privacy” I say as I made them go outside and closed the door.

“Yes!!” I silently squeal and grin.


“So I’m surprised this man is different” I say and look at the Adam again.

“You went through all this?…… Awwn” mum says “Come give me a hug baby, you’re such a darling” she says as I go to hug her.

“Enough of the moment” grandpa mutters.
“Young man who’re you” he asks firmly.

Adam dips his hand inside his turtle neck top in the neck and removes something like a tape from it. We all stare.

When he was done removing it. “I’m Dave” he mutters.

That familiar voice.

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