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“NO FUCKING WAY” I say together with Domie as I glare at him.

“I told you, stop saying such words in this house Domie, you’re too small for it” mum says and shoots him a glare as Domie mouths a ‘sorry’.

“That’s no time for this mum” I tell her.
“Mr. Adam, no way I’m believing you…..”

“Yes way you’re believing me” he says and finally sits down.

“How can you say you’re Dave and the face is different, did you undergo a plastic surgery or what? and…………..” I wanna swallow that statement “The voice too….. Just that….”

“It just got the same a minute ago” Domie says completing my intended statement.

“Yeah, a minute ago.” I mutter.

“About the voice, the reason why it was different was because I lased it with this… ” he say referring to what he removed from his neck.

“A hand free electrolarynx?” Domie asks and I stare at him. How come he knows that and I don’t.

Adam/Dave’s taken aback as he smiles at him. “You’re really a smart boy Domie.”

Domie boyishly smirks and raises his upper arm showing his tiny boyish muscles and he taps his head. “Brain” he mutters and I’m forced to chuckle as Adam/Dave laughs.

“But it’s different, this kinda electrolarynx helps to tune my voice in anyway I like it.” he says.

“Okay enough of that, prove to us that you’re Dave” Dad says and we nod.

He stands up and I watch him bring out a table knife and directs it to the back of his head. “Don’t worry guys, I’ll be fine.” he says as I hear him tear something with the knife and then he rolls something off his face and throws it down. A facial disguise mask. And I see that face, the face I’ve grown to love, the face I had missed so much. Dave






“Dad?” Lucy and Domie mutters that together as her parents opens their eyes wide. Lucy jumps at me at once and I almost loose balance as Domie come side hugging too.

“I miss you Dave.” she says.

“I miss you too” I tell her as she disengages.

“I’ve seen people use this in movies and not in real life” Domie mutters and I smile.

“Guys, we don’t have much time… ” I say.

“What do you mean no much time? ” Lucy’s Pa mutters as they hold a puzzled face.

“We need to leave here immediately, or the police will come knocking on this door and they’re gonna arrest us all and that’s game over.” I tell them.

“Dammit….” her mum mutters and that shocked me.

“Never knew mum says this words too” Domie mutters behind me saying my mind as Pa glares at him.

“What do we have to do” Pa mutters.

“We’ll have to leave, I have a jet waiting for us at the airport.”

“Where are we heading?” her dad asks.

“New Delhi, India. You’ll need hoods and caps too, to hide your faces incase” I say.

“Where do we get that? ” Lucy asks.

“I have them in my car” I say.

“Alright let’s pack up” her mum says.

“No need mum, everything you need is already prepared in India, no need to waste time. ” I tell her.

“Can someone give me a glint of what’s going on?” both her mum and dad say at once.

“We’ll explain later mum.” Lucy helps me out. They sigh.

“Let’s go” her mum mutters as we head out. She locks the door and we move to my car.

I bring out the outfits and give it to them as they put them on. I put on a cap and draw my jacket’s hood over my head as we enter the car. Lucy’s parents sits at the back with Domie between them. Lucy sits in the front with me. I tune my radio as Fireboy’s ‘remember me’ pops up.


“Sir, we just got an audio message on our Telegram page” a lady says calling out to the commissioner. They’re all busy about catching Adam, Phil and Lucy too.

“Silence everyone.!” the commissioner orders as everyone keeps calm to listen. “Play it”. The lady taps on it as it starts playing, a computerized deep voice.
“I respect officers alot, and I really don’t want them hurt. You guys don’t know my story and my motive behind the killings. My love was murdered and I was denied justice. I was expelled from school unlawfully only because I seeked justice. I sought the police but they acted their own will. No one wished to help. The mother of the girl is still in a trauma. She was their only daughter. Because, the father of the perpetrator is a person of high profile and I’m just a low profile person, I was denied justice. And I started from him, Senator James, Pius, Silas.. They were all involved. And now, it’s remaining just one person. And that’s Mark. Don’t come my way or amma wipe you off with him. Yours faithfully, your tagged killer. ” the audio stops.

The commissioner sighs and say. “Get a unit, go to that girl’s parents house, she has always been there arrest them all, including her son. Seal her house. Another unit, go to Phil’s house too. Go to Mark and let’s discuss with him. ” the commissioner says.

“Sir, an informant told me, Phil’s on his way to the airport” Inspector Josh says.

“Now we’d go to that airport” the commissioner say.



The police car arrived the building as two policemen comes out towards the house. They pressed the door bell and there was no response.

Dora comes out. “Hello, what do you want?” she asks them..

“We’re looking for the Daniel’s family” one of them replies.

“They just left a while ago” she tells them.

“Do you know where they’re headed to? ” another asked.

“Is everything okay?” she asks looking at them suspiciously.

“Everything is perfectly fine” they say and smile.

“I don’t know where they’re headed though, maybe to a party cos they were all on the same outfit.” she replies.

“Sorry ma’am, but what kinda outfit?” they ask.

She rolls her eyes. “I think you guys are asking too much. I was cooking before you came, I’m just gonna go back to that” she says and heads inside.

The policemen looks at each other in the eye.



He sits in his sitting room with guards round him. He’s constantly watching the TV. The news of how that killer had banged into Silas’s house and single-handedly killed them all still baffles him.

He huffs. “Silas was a coward” he mutters. The doorbell rings as a guard opens it and the commissioner comes in.

He looks up from the TV “A surprise visit? ” he says and the commissioner smiles as he stands and they exchange handshakes and sits down.

“What can I offer you?” Mark asks.

“Nothing, I won’t be long” commissioner says.

“Ohhh, what brought you here” Mark mutters. The commissioner brings out his phone and plays the audio that was sent to them.

Mark listens to the end. “What if all these is a lie?” Mark mutters.

“Why is he after you guys then? ” commissioner asks half yelling.

“Simple, ” Mark replies. “He’s a rival, and wants us out.” Mark mutters.

“Are you some kinda mob boss?” the commissioner mutters as Mark huffs.

“I’m not here for that though, no evidence. Just wanna tell you to be careful.” commissioner says.

“Thanks for your concern” he says as the commissioner stands up to leave.

“Information has it that he left country with that girl. So be more careful. He’ll strike, unexpectedly.” the commissioner says.

“There are many fishes in the river commissioner, some are so dumb, stupid and easy to catch, some are more difficult to catch, and some are very dangerous that might kill you. I’m that dangerous one. He’s never gonna near my door…… And if he does………. ” he takes a step closer to the commissioner “……Phew…… He has a welcome service in heaven he would attend.” he says and laugh.

The commissioner stands on a spot staring at Mark for a while, and then he said. “Just be careful” with that said, he leaves.

“Where can he be?” Mark mutters to Manny as Manny just stared.

“India?” Mark asks no one in particular. “Definitely India……. we’re going there” he says and climbs up the stairs.


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