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The drive to the airport wasn’t really long with the way Dave drives. We arrive the airport and get down as everyone puts on their caps and draws their hood over the cap.

“The jet’s down there, we need to walk there. Put your faces down” Dave says.

Dave holds Domie’s hand as we walk, I stand beside Domie and dad and mum stands beside me too. I shiver at something I just saw. A police car parks some distance away from ours.
Did they find out? Mum shivers too and I hold her hand to calm her down, she’s a high BP patient. I feel dad hold her hand too. Dave keeps calm as he dips his other hand in his hood pocket probably on a gun.

I watch as the officers get out of their car and bring out guns as they cock it and approach us with rage. I shake the more as mum shakes too and I hear her muttering.
“Holy Mary mother of God……” I pray we survive this.

“Dave, they’re coming” I say in fear and panic.

“Keep calm” he tells me. Lunatic, who keeps calm in situations like this? Of course Dave.

The officers approach us with rage in their eyes. The nearer they approach, the scarier I become. Nearer and nearer they approach and we walk towards them.

I felt like stopping to run.

“Keep walking” Dave silently order as if he had read my mind. And we keep walking.

And they approach, almost reaching us. And I’m almost choking or fainting. And we keep approaching them.
And then they got to our front.








I watch as this officers approach us. My hand steady on the gun in my hood jacket. I had calculated them. Just six, they wouldn’t be hard to take out if things get messy.

And as they got to us I was almost bringing my hands out to shoot the gun but…. They passed us by. Not even sparing us a look.

“Fuck” I hear Lucy’s mum tightly whisper under her breath as Lucy heaves a heavy sigh too. “Thank heavens” her dad mutters. Must have been really scared outta their pants.

“I think grandma swears alot than I think” Domie says. I chuckle and face back to see where the officers were heading and I see a black car stop in front of the door to a small airplane. The officers hurries there but the car blocks them. Phil, his wife and two daughters hurriedly enters the airplane as it takes off immediately.

“Shit” I hear them mutter. I smirk, Phil’s really smart.

I bump into someone.


“You should look ur way next time dunghill” the girl says and walks off.

“What were you looking at?” Lucy asks. I had forgot I’m walking.

“Nothing” I reply her.
And we successfully enter the jet as everyone sighs and sits.

“Hey kid” Lucas says coming out of the cockpit with two table waters.

“I’m good man”I reply as I collect them and give it to Lucy’s parents. They smile and nod as they gulp it. “Thank you” Lucy’s mum mutter and I nod.

“Nice to meet you all…..” Lucas say as her parents nods and smile. They ain’t comfortable yet. “….how are you doing Lucy?”

“I’m beautiful” she says and smile.

“Why are you all on same outfit like you’re going to some party.” he says.

“Because dad thought it wise for us to feel heat on a sunny day.” Domie replies before I could say anything and I chuckle as Lucy laughs. Her parents already lay down. He has taken off the hood and the cap including his wears now left with nothing on. He’s shirtless but with a sweatpants.

Sometimes he behaves more than a seven year old boy.

Lucas mouths a “oh” as he whispers to me. “You have a son?”

“I’ll explain later” I whisper back. Lucas walks to him.

“What’s your name smart boy?”

“Domie… You?” he says pointing his fist forward.

“Lucas” he replies as they do a chop knuckle style. Lucas ruffles his hair and stands.

“You know my dad real well?” Domie asks Lucas .

“I know him so much, he can be an asshole sometimes” Lucas tells him and wink as he walks off to the cockpit as Lucy laughs.

“Dad, is it true you’re an Asshole?” Domie asks me and I chuckle.

“That was a lie” I mutter and he laughs as I walk to the cockpit also.
4:30 pm

And the jet landed safely at the India airport.

“We landed safely everybody” Lucas says.
The jet left immediately we came down. Now we’re walking away from the airport.

“I already ordered a uber guys, he’d be here any moment from now.” I tell them.

“Alrighty…….” Lucy’s mum says and stop and we all stop too, to look at her. “…….I think this is the right moment for you guys to tell me what’s going on.” she say and I hear Lucy huff and mutter something inaudibly.

“Calm down ma, I’ll explain everything when we get home” I tell her and made to continue moving.

“Don’t tell me to calm down okay, you can’t just rush me off from Nigeria and land me here in India and think I’ll continue going dogmatically with you.” she yells. What’s with this outburst.

“What’s wrong with you Ella, leave the…… ”

“Isssh…… ” she snaps at her husband ” tell me, why are we running, I know Lucy’s the one who got involved in your shit but I need to know, why the hell we’re running.. for Pete’s sake, I have businesses in Nigeria” she says and I’m getting pissed as I clench my jaw.

“I told you amma explain when we get home” I tell her firmly. She’s about to fume again but Lucy comes in.

“It’s a long one mom……” Lucy says and looks at her mum. “……his first love was murdered”

And like a flashback, she starts narrating. From the night Anita was raped, the pains she felt, how I pledged , how I was maltreaded and locked up, how I couldn’t write my exams and how I was expelled unlawfully. How I trained and how I began the revenge, how I met Lucy and up to this moment.

Her mum gasps and look at me, her mouth wide open. I stared back feeling pains, with clenched jaws. And she hugged me.

“I’m sorry kid….. ” she mutters against my chest. I sniff back tears and reciprocate the hug. “……..never knew you’ve passed through a lot…… forgive me for misunderstanding you” I sniff and smile.

“It’s okay mum” I tell her as she disengages and smile.

“Come give me a hug too” her dad says and I smile and hug him.

“What about me?” Lucy says and pout. I smile and hug her too.

Domie crosses his arms frowning. I smile at him. “Come give me a hug too” I say.

“I’m giving you no hug, I need explanations too” he says and I mouthed a ‘what’

“Will you shut up Domie……. ”

“Don’t shout at me mum, I’m someone too… ” he replies cutting his mum off.

“Hey” I said and coo him and his mum as Lucy bites her bottom lip. I lift him up and carry him.

“What the fuck was that Domie” Lucy’s grandma say.

“Grandma I think we have to start the Kennedy style. Cos u cuss more than I do.” he says and I laugh.

“What’s the Kennedy style? ” she asks.

“The Kennedy’s style, in the novel ‘UNTIL I MET YOU’ Kennedy’s uncle, Gray Carter always say cuss words. And Kennedy will always collect a ten dollar bill. Now we’re in India I’ll collect 200 rupees per cuss” he says and everyone laughs.

“Now, back to my question dad. How are you my dad and mummy isn’t your first love? I mean I’m seven years, and this incident happened a year ago. Is there something you guys are hiding from me?” he asks and everyone sighs.

“Domie, you shouldn…….” Lucy tries to say but I come in

“Domie, let’s go eat pani” I tell him.

“What’s that?” he asks.

“Pani puri is a sweet Indian snacks, you gon’enjoy it, I’ll explain everything when we get home” I say and smile at him.

“Yay! First Indian dish. Gonna be sweet” he says and suck on his upper lips.

“That’s my boy” I say and kiss his hair. “Let’s go. guys, our uber will soon be here”
I press the door bell. “I’m coming” my mum’s voice sounds from inside.

I bought this house for mum and for me the last time I came to India.

The door opens revealing my mum. “Dave!” she calls sounding happy as she hug me. I missed her hug.

I disengage. “This is the Lucy, Domie and Lucy’s parents” I tell mum.

“Oh what a cute boy… ” mum says and lifts Domie up carrying her as he grins. “Come in everyone.” mum says as everyone goes in.

“Have your sit guys, and feel at home. Hope the journey wasn’t stressful?” she asks.

“Nope thanks” Lucy’s mum says and smile as her dad nods.

“I’m sorry you guys had to be involved in this….. ” mum says.

“it’s nothing…… we understand. I mean we’d do the same if we’re in his shoes” Lucy’s mum says in understanding as mum smiles.

“You guys must be hungry……..”

“Yes please… ” Daniel (Lucy’s dad) mutters as I chuckle, Lucy too as his wife glares at him.

Mum smiles “what should I get you guys? ” mum asks .

“Anything Nigerian, I’m not ready for India dishes yet.” Ella (Lucy’s mum) says. Mum smiles and move towards the kitchen as Ella follows too.

“How has India been for you? I’ve always wanted to be in India” I hear Ella mutter.

At least mum found a gist partner, she wouldn’t be lonely anymore. She has complained about loneliness alot of time.

“India has been very good. Really good.” mom replies and I hear them continue chatting.

“Domie let’s go show you your room.” I tell him as he comes to my side. “What about you Lucy?” I ask her.

“I’ll follow you…. what about you dad?” Lucy asks her dad.

“I’ll know my room later” he says and I nod and hold Domie’s hand going upstairs.
“Dad did you get me video games?” Domie asks as I open his room.

“Of course yes Domie……” I say and squeal and I give him a Hi-five. “I got you a laptop too and a new phone. Your bathroom’s over there and your dresser too” I say showing him every part of his room with Lucy standing at the door.

“Enjoy” I say walking to the door.

I was almost out of his room when his voice sounds again. “Dad, my explanation” he says already walking to me. Lucy whispers not to tell him anything but I ignore. Kid will be very upset if he gets to know the truth when he’s twelve or eighteen. He’s seven, he’ll absorb the news.

I turn back to look at his clear eyes staring at me. “I’m not your dad Dave” I say dropping the bombshell with a sad eyes. Lucy scoffs and was gonna walk away.
“Come back here Lucy” I order and she comes back closing the room door.

I crouch down to Domie’s height. “You’re not my dad?” he asks and I nod. I carry him and sit him on the bed. “Then why did you say you were my dad that day.”

“I said that to ease your mum the stress.” he turns to look at his mum who’s already sitting on the bed. Kid’s about to cry.

“Where’s my dad mum?” he asks but Lucy keeps mute. Too scared to say the truth.

“She doesn’t know.” I answer for her.

“How do you mean she doesn’t know?” he asks me.

“She was ganged rape when she was just fifteen years and she couldn’t recognize their faces. That was how you were born ” I tell him as Lucy starts to weep. Things are getting emotional right now cos Domie just hug me as he shed his own tears too. I’m almost moved to tears.

“But I’m ready to be a dad for you” “But I can still call you dad right?” we say at the same time. I and Domie.

“Yes, I’ll be your dad” I tell him.

“Thanks dad…… and sorry mum, for all you’ve passed through” he says and hug his mum too. Lucy smiles between her tears. I move close to her and clean her tears.

“Who was your first love that was raped to death?” he asks. A big question. I hesitate a bit before replying.

“Anita” I say and I hold the urge to sob.

“Must have been really painful. Just like mum’s own….. wish I could know them and revenge what they did for mum. ” he says and I smile at him. “Can you promise me something dad?”

“What? ” I ask him.

“Please marry mum…. “he pouts and I stiff as Lucy opens her eyes wide. “I know it might be really hard forgetting your first love but please marry mum, she loves you and I know you do too even though you wanna hide it” can someone remind me this boy is just seven years old?

“Please” he pouts.

“Let’s see how it goes Domie. ” I say as I ruffle his hair and smile. Then walk out.







I sit at the balcony upstairs as I eat the pizza before me. One of my men reads something to me. But all what he’s been reading isn’t entering my head. All on my mind now is how to get Dave and kill him myself. I hate to admit that he’s been giving me headaches. The thought of him creeping over me one night and stab me the way he did to Pius and hang me for the world to see runs shivers down my spine. I can’t enjoy life the way I used to anymore. Can’t booze, can’t go to clubs, can’t get laid. And I won’t do all this until I get Dave.

“Boss” Manny says walking to me.

“What now Manny” I ask obviously stressed.

“I found him” he says. And I crease at that.


“New Delhi, India”


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