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“New Delhi, India” Manny says and I smirk.

I stand from my sit and walk towards the balcony railings, I hold it smiling as I stare at the city.

“Very soon, Dave would be in my hands crying for mercy” I say, still facing the city.

“Should I prepare the jet?” he asks.

“Why?” I say and turn back to look at him

“We’re going to India. ” he says and I chuckle.

I walk towards him. “A spider doesn’t need to stress itself to get it’s prey, the webs he has placed at every angle gets them for it. ” I say and give Manny a sinister grin. He’s confused.

“We have men in India, don’t we? ” I ask and he nods “We’ll get them to do the job, we’ll just sit here and wait until they bring him for us, and we’ll do what pleases us with him……. Very soon,……… very very soon…… I’ll hang his ass on that same flyover” I say as Manny smiles.

“Contact the men in India, I need him in three days. Stress it to them, I need him alive.” I say and walk in.








After I left Domie’s room, Lucy follows me as I take her to her room.

“That’s the bathroom over there, your dresser, clothes are there too. Your new phone and sim card’s in the drawer too……. “I say showing her her room. I turn to look at her and she’s been staring at me. God knows what she’s thinking.

I walk to her form and stand in front of her as she looks up at me since I’m taller than her. We’re so close now that we’re feeling each others breath. I move away strands of hair from her face to the back of her ear. I like the fact she has a long dark hair.

“Like your room? ” I say like a question. She isn’t answering, I bite my bottom lip and smirk. I hug my hands around around her waist and draw her closer to feel her as she breathes in.
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“You wanna join me in the last mission? ” I say running my hands down her hair and she nods.
“Then you should know how to use guns” I tell her.

“Wha……” I shut her up with a kiss. I kissed her deeply like my life depends on her lips. She kiss back. I nip on her bottom lip as our tongues glide against each other. Our lips move in rhythm at the start and later it turns desperate as I let my hands run all over her body. Her arms hang around my neck as she leans tight on me and we kiss. I unlock my lips and stare at her face as she fights to catch her breath.

“I’ll teach you how to use guns, starting from tomorrow. Don’t worry you’ll be fine” i tell her.

“You guys could’ve closed the door you know?” we turn back and it was mum at the door. “You do not want little Domie see this, come downstairs, food’s ready” she says and walks away. I smile at Lucy and walk out.
I walk out of the bathroom as I clean my body dry and put on a boxer short and a jalabia on it. I lay on my bed and cover myself with the duvet.

Dinner was sweet. Daniel always whining and joking. He made everyone laughed. Just like one sweet family.

A knock sounds on my door. “Who’s there?” I ask.

“Can I come in?” mum’s voice sounds from outside.

“Come in, the door’s not locked” I tell her. She opens the door and comes in. She already put on a pyjamas. I sit up on the bed with the duvet still covering my legs to my waist.

“Hope I’m not disturbing? ” she says sitting on my bed.

“No mum”

“When are you going for the last mission? ” she asks

“I’m still planning” I tell her.

She takes off a ring from her finger staring at it. A silver ring with a diamond stone on it.
“your dad gave me this ring when he proposed to me. ” that ring looks new fashioned to be a ring used in the 19s. “He has great taste. The ring’s expensive ” she says looking up to me.

“I’ve long taken it off since his death, I just took it out this afternoon.” she comes closer to me on the bed as she takes my hand and slid the ring down one of my fingers. “I want you to have it, it’s good luck. For your last avenge.” she says and returns to her former position. I stare at the ring for a while and smile.

“Thanks mum” I mutter as I move to her and hug her kissing her forehead.

“You love that girl now?” mum asks after disengaging from the hug.

“I don’t know mum, still confused.” I tell her.

“You love her.. I can see it in your eyes.. she’s a good girl though” mum says stating the obvious. “It’s good thing you’re moving on after Anita. But wait till you’re done with your pledge for Anita before loving anybody. I love that girl Anita so much. ” she says and I nod. “Also…….. take care of that kid well, I like him.” she says and smile.

“Good night. ” she says and stands up to leave.

“Good night to you too mum” I say getting under the duvet. I hear the door close and I know she’s gone.

Another knock sounds on my door and I wonder who that is. Mum can’t come back again.

“Come in the door is not locked” I say and Lucy comes in, in a bathrobe. With a strap high heel boots. She locks the door and faces me. Her cleavage is showing.

She walks further as she loose the knot around her bathrobe as it opens. Revealing her bare chest and her black lace thong. Her firm breast stares back at me.

She crosses her legs and bite her lips smiling seductively. “You like what you see? ”

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