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Dave stares with eyes wide open, I bite my bottom lip and take off the bathrobe. I walk to his bed.

“Last time wasn’t too comfy you know?” I say climbing the bed. “Though good…..” I say removing the duvet covering his legs. “Sex on a beach…..” I close my eyes and moan. “……….breeze was good ” I say and touch his legs and he shivers and breathe in. I smirk, happy I have an effect on him. “……But still wasn’t comfy” I say tracing his legs upwards crawling in between his legs removing the jalabia bit by bit. He stiffens when I touch his thighs.

The jalabia is now resting on his waist. “Can you take it off please?” I say and he didn’t hesitate as he takes it off and toss it aside. His bare body stares back at me. I run my hands down his abs and it makes me wet. Looks like someone who’s been sleeping in the gym. I look at his boxer shorts and he’s got an hard on.
“Don’t tell me you’re horny” I whine.

“I’m not” he says smiling.

“Then what’s this?” I ask as I move my hands on his D through his shorts and bite my lip. He breathes in.

“My shorts.. ” he says smiling. I smirk

“No more talks from you….. cos I’m in charge” I say as I drag him so that he’s lying down. I hover on him as I rock him, I place my hands on his chest and kiss him at once. He kiss back nipping on my bottom lip as we let our tongues glide against each other. My pussy on his hard dick makes me wet the more. I lean my entrance more on his dick as it sends sensations all over my body. He places his hand on my butts as he holds and squeeze it. I love the way his hands grab my butts.

I move my lips to his earlobe as I tease it frolicking my tongue on it as he lets out a moan. I kiss down to his neck and down to his nipple and he shudder.

“Oh… God. Lucy” he stutter and I smirk, his weak point.

“I told you not to talk baby ” I whine biting my bottom lip as I play with his nipples in my hand. I suck on his nipples for a while then I kiss down his body, making sure my lips and hands run all over his abs.

I move to his boxer short and I giggle at the size of his boner in his short. I slowly take off the shorts as he looks down at me his eyes fill with lust and emotions. His dick pops out as I toss his shorts to God knows where.

I hold his dick in my hand as I run my hands up and down on it. I take it to my mouth and suck on it.

“Oh fuck… ” he groans as I suck life outta him. I keep moving my mouth up and down on him. And his moaning continues.

I focus only on the cap as I suck just the cap and he breathes in and tugs to my hair. I tease the cap running my tongue around it as he moans loud.

“Hmmmm…………. Fuck” he exhales. “I’m staging a coop soon…. Cos I’m taking over. ” he says and hovers on me with my back on the bed and him on me.

He place his lips on mine as we kiss desperately with pleasure. His naked hard dick rubs-tease my opening through my panties and I moan cos that made me wetter. His lips tastes so good, he nips on my bottom lips as I feel his hands on my boobs rubbing them. I rest my hands on his bare back. He moves his lips down to my neck as he adores my neck with wet soft kisses, his hands not leaving my boobs. He sucks on the skin of my neck and then kiss down to my cleavage. He kisses in between my bare breasts as I moan with butterflies making party in my stomach. He place his lips on my left breast as he sucks on it, his hand teasing my right nipple. I moan in pleasure.

“Da..v. e” I stutter, goosebumps all over. How can his lips be so good. Wish he could know how wet he makes me.

He continues to suck on my left nipple as I continue moaning his name. He lightly bites my nipple and that made me shudder. He moves his tongue to my right nipple and he sucks it too. His hand trace down my belly to my panties. He traces his hand around my panties line and then slips in his hand. He rubs my clit with my nipple still in his mouth and I vibrate on his bed. He continues rubbing my clit making me release juices. I shut my eyes close savouring the pleasure as I moan.

“Fuck……. Dave” I moan.

He moves his mouth away from my nipple as he kiss me down. He kisses my belly and the butterflies dance around. He frolicks his tongue on my navel and I shudder. He’s making me so wet, making me want him in me so badly. He kisses me down to my panties. He trace his hand on my pant line and then rub my pussy through the lace thong as I moan out. He continues rubbing.

“Permission to take this off? ” he mutters looking up at me and I nod absentmindedly. He removes the panties gently and toss it off.

He rubs his hand on my pussy and I moan. He teases my clit as he rubs it hard. I curl my toes as I shudder on his bed.

“Oh…. God.. ” I say with my eyes shut. He’s so taking me away.

He keeps rubbing my clit. He then brings his mouth down to my entrance as he place a soft kiss on my pussy lip and I moan. Another soft kiss and I moan. He places soft kisses on the thighs around my pussy area and that made me moan. I moan at every of his kisses . He teases my clitoris again with his tongue, my sensitive area.

“Oh God…. Fuck… Stick it in me already” I mutter with my eyes close. How come he’s so good.

“Not yet baby….”he says looking up at me with a smirk. He place his mouth on my pussy as he eats me up. I shudder at the effect of his mouth on me. He sucks me like his life depends on me. I couldn’t hold it as I mutter gibberish, I tug to his hair. He slid his tongue in me as he tongue fucks me. So sweet is the pleasure. I whine my waist and hips in pleasure up and down the bed, his strong hands around my hips and waist holds me down. He lifts his mouth and rubs my P up and down as I shudder holding the bed sheets.

“Da… V.. E” I stutter. I’ve been moaning his name like forever. He slid in a finger and I gasp at the feeling. He thrusts the finger in and out of me.

“You’re so wet for daddy” he mutters but I’m too busy enjoying what he’s doing to me to answer. He adds another finger making it two fingers sliding in and out of me. I grip tighter to the bed sheets and curl my toes in pleasure as I moan profanities. He tries inserting one more finger but it’s not penetrating.

He increase the pace of his finger thrust in me. I feel my stomach clench, my hips twitch and I know I’m close.

“I’m… cu..m.mi..ng soon” I stutter. And in on split second I cum on Dave’s face as I vibrate on the bed. I try fighting for breath as I hold tight to my hips.

“Isssh…. Ohh” I moan when I feel Dave open my pussy with his hands and sucks the inside of me with his tongue.

“Amma stage a coup too…. Cos I’m taking over” I say and I’m hovering on top Dave. I grab his dick and suck the cap alone. I couldn’t concentrate on the sucking cos my pussy won’t let me. It’s too wet and yearns for a dick. Dave made it that way though. Lots of heat down there.

I continue sucking just the cap and he moans out loud. I stop sucking and I climb on him. I wanna ride him on a cowgirl stroke. I place his dick at the entrance of my pussy as I tease myself with it and I moan.

“Yesss…yess” I moan at his dick teasing me. My pussy clenches.

Gently, I insert his dick in me slowly as I sit on it.

“Fuck… ” he groans at him inside of me. I move my self up and down his dick with my hands on his chest as I mutter gibberish and he holds my waist grabbing my butts as he moans too.

I lift myself up still going up and down of him as I touch my nipple teasing it and I rub my entrance too. My eyes are shut as I moan. This continues that way.

“Fuck… ” he mutters as he grabs my waist tight and he push hard in me. He keeps thrusting in me as I moan his name.

“Fu…c. k you Da..ve” I mutter as he thrusts in me with his eyes close.

“Ahhh… ” he mutters moaning profanities. He calms down and I resume moving up and down on him.

He turns me over with his D not leaving my P and he’s ontop of me with me under him. He thrusts hard into me. And everything looks too sweet for me

“Fuck me Dave.. “I mutter as he keeps thrusting. He leans down as he kiss my lips. He bites my bottom lip as he thrusts deep into me and pause with him still in me.

“Auuw..” I moan loudly not caring if anyone hears us. He kisses me and repeats the same thing again. I curl my toes at the feeling of what he’s doing to me. I feel his dick cap harden in me. He moves his lips to my neck as he resumes his thrust in me slowly as he sucks on my neck skin. His breath on my neck makes me hornier. He increase his thrusting pace in me as he keeps thrusting. I feel my stomach twitch. I know I’m cumming soon.

“I’m cumming Dave. ” I say in between moans.

“Wait for me baby.” he groans as he thrust faster in me. And in a split second I explode as I shut my eyes and shudder on the bed. He pulls out of me too and he empties his cum on my pussy entrance.

“Fuck.. ” he groans and collapse beside me. I breathe in and out from the desperate make out. I turn to face Dave and his eyes are shut. What a good man to make me cum twice.

“I’m gonna go clean up” I say and stand up moving to the bathroom. I switch on the water heater at the entrance as I enter. I stand under the shower and switch it on as cold water runs over my body.

The water becomes warmer as I run my hands over my body, I touch myself as I bite my bottom lip and absently moan at the thought of my latest make out.

I feel a presence behind me, Dave, his strong arms snakes around my belly and his hard on throbs my lower back.

“I don’t know what you’re doing to me” he whispers against my neck as he kisses it. I moan as he hand rubs my pussy under.

I turn to face him. “But whatever it is…… I’m so in” he says and kiss me at once. My hands around his neck as I lean tight on him. The warm water running over our body.

He lifts me up so that my legs are hugging his waist as he carries me and lean my back on a wall.

“I’m never getting enough of you ” he says as he groans penetrating into me and I gasp and moan.

I’m not getting bored either.
After the make out in the bathroom, we lay on the bed naked under the duvet. My back leans on his front and his hands curls around me. Our legs intertwine and his dick is between my legs at the entrance of my pussy. His dick cap throbbing against my pussy lips. I bite my bottom lip at the feeling.

“I love you Dave.” I say but he didn’t answer. Maybe he’s asleep.

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