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The next morning, I wake up from bed, I check the bed time, it’s some minutes past seven. The thought of my yesterday’s make out with Dave creeps into my head and I can’t help but smile like an idiot. Dave made me felt so good.

I hurry off bed and go downstairs. Dave’s mom’s already in the kitchen preparing to make breakfast. She’s placed the ingredients for the meal she wants to prepare on the table in the kitchen. She’s slicing tomatoes on a board on the counter.

“Good morning ma” I greet her.

“Good morning Lucy, hope you slept well?” she asks me.

“Yes ma’am, and you? ” I ask her.

“Slept so well” she replies. “Coffee?…” she says pointing a mug to me. I’m surprised on where she got that, I mean I didn’t see her making one.

“Yes sure… thanks. ” I say and smile at her as I collect the mug and sip. “Lemme help with that ” I say and collect the oil she’s holding and I help her pour it in the pot on the gas.

“Thanks dear.” she mutters.

“You wanna cook Jollof?” I ask and she nods.

I take the onions she already sliced from the table and pour it in the oil as it makes a ‘shhriin’ sound . I pick up the meat and I begin to slice them too.

“So you love my son?” she asks and I freeze. A bombshell question. I stop the slicing for a while then continue as I look up and smile at her.

“Maybe” I say and she smiles.

“Maybe?……. And you guys made out?” she asks with a furrowed brow and grin.

I crease, God I’m so embarrassed right now. I can’t even look her in the eyes. I guess I moaned too loud.

“it’s nothing Lucy. You don’t need to be shy about it. ” she says to calm me down. I pour a little milled pepper with the tomatoes as I mix them together.

“I’ll say I do……. ” I say and pour it in the cooking pot. “…..but I don’t know if he does. ” I say as I go carry the sliced meat and shrug. “I don’t know” I say and smile as I pour the meat in also. I pick up a spoon and stir.

I feel her stare at me for a while, then she opens a cupboard and brings out two cans. I turn to face her and she points the cans at me.

“You should add some green beans and sweet corn” she says and nod at me. I collect them and walk to the table to do the needful. I continue with the cooking.

“He loves you” she suddenly says out of the blues. For some reasons, I feel really happy for that. But how sure is she?

I turn to face her, “How do you know?” I ask.

“It’s in his eyes, he’s only trying to hide it…. ”

Same thing Domie said. Is it even possible hiding your love for someone. Like I don’t even see any love in his eyes. Just me making my hormones run for him. And I hate the fact that he didn’t even answer when I told him I love him.

“Lucy… ” Dave’s mom snaps her fingers at me. Shit!, I zoned out. “…you zoned out” she says.

“Sorry ma’am” I apologize.

“It’s okay, you can just call me Mary” she says and I nod. Nigerian culture forbids that, has she forgotten. Maybe.

“Just know he loves you okay….. ” she says continuing the conversation. “………no need to be confused. Very soon he’s gonna say the word. Trust me, I’m his mother you know?” she says and wink and I laugh.

She goes to the refrigerator and brings out a whole chicken. Raw. She cuts and divide it as she go to fry it.

“Go call everybody… Food’s almost done” she say.

“Okay.. ” I say and walk out.

I walk upstairs to my mum and dad’s room. Mum’s already coming out.

“Good morning mum, hope you slept? ”

“Yeah, thanks dear. What about you? ” she asks.

“I slept well too. Is daddy still in bed?” I ask her.

“No dear, daddy fully woken….. 100%” daddy whines already at the door. I laugh.

“Breakfast is almost done.. You can go downstairs. ” I tell them.

“Alright, what about Domie?” mum asks.

“I’ll go wake him up.” I say and walk away moving to Domie’s room.

I knock on his door, no response. I knock again and still no response. I open the door and I gasp. Domie has a headset around his head as he plays video games.

“Oh. My. God…… Domie! ” I half yell and pull the headset from his head. And he jolts like he just noticed my presence.

“Oh.. Mum… You scared me ” he say. Dave’s really gonna pay for this.

“Really? …. Domie really? Video games this early?” I glare at him.

“Sorry mum, just cruising.” he says and shrugs. “Good morning ” I run my hand on my face as I ignore his greeting.

“Brushed yet?” I ask him with a glare.

“Bathed too” he says and wink. I shake my head.

“Go downstairs, breakfast’s ready….. “I say and made to walk out as I stop and go back to pack all his gaming gadgets. “….no more games” I say and walk out.

“Why mum… ” I hear him mutter. I pack the stuffs to my room and drop it on the bed.

I go to Dave’s room and his door is opened. I put my hands on the the door frame. His back’s facing me, his face facing a mirror as he dress up. Just looking at his back’s giving me goosebumps.

“Hey” I call smiling.

He turns back his head to face me, and I was expecting a smiling face but no smiles no frowns just the normal Dave.

“Hi” he says and face his front. Attitude?

“Breakfast’s ready…. ” I tell him.

“Okay” he replies coldly not sparing me a look. Okay what’s with the cold attitude. Did I do something wrong? I walk to his figure to touch him but he walks past me not glancing at me. Fuck! That hurts, and that attitude made my heart break like someone just stabbed me in the heart. Or was I slut to give myself to him twice?

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