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I sit down on his bed with my hands on my chest. I’m gonna have a heart attack soon. Is this how men behave? How come I didn’t realize Dave could do this and I should have kept my pussy tight under me and control my hormones.

“Mum, ever……… ” Domie’s voice sounds from the door. “Mum are you crying?” he asks with a puppy voice walking towards me. Crying? I touch my face and I just realized I’ve been shedding tears. I quickly wipe my tears and smile at him.

“I’m not crying you see” I say and give him an awkward grin.

“Mum what’s wrong… Tell me” he says.

“Nothing okay… Let’s go downstairs” I say and take his hands.
At the dining room. I sit down and Domie sits beside me.

“What took you so long Lucy?” Dave’s mum ask.

“Nothing…. Was just doing something upstairs” I say and fake a smile as I face my food. I couldn’t even eat, I just lost my appetite. I look up at Dave, and he doesn’t look bothered. I’m crying soon.

“You don’t look okay Lucy.” mum says and I sigh.

“I’m fine” I say and stand up.

“Where are you going? ” Dad asks.

“Upstairs.” I say as I climb up the stairs.

“Did you do anything to her?” Mary asks Dave. I don’t know what he replied with, I think he shrug.

I climb up the stairs as I let tears flow freely down my face. I hasten my steps, I run as I enter my room and close the door. I slump on my bed as I begin crying. I soak the sheets with my tears as I cry.

A knock sounds on my door, I didn’t reply, a second knock and I ignore and another knock and his voice sounds from outside.

“Lucy” he calls softly. Asshole, I’m not opening that door. Part of me wanna open but another doesn’t.

“Lucy let me in” he says softly.

“What do you want?” I yell.

“You.” he says and I chuckle sadly. He wants me Huh!

“You want me so you could trash me again?” I yell at him.

“What?” he says and I see him inside. How did he get in? “Spare key… ” he says answering to my thought.

I glare at him. “Get out” I say.

“Why……. ” he asks. I stand up from the bed as I go to him and swat him in the chest.

“You fucking prick…… ” I say and swat him again. “You made me fall in love with you……” I say and swat his chest again. “…….so mad that I couldn’t help but think about you every goddamn day…..” I swat his chest and he’s gradually moving backwards. I’m running mad “……….I had promised myself that I’d never fall in love but here I am… Inlove with your ungrateful ass” I say and swat him again. “…….how stupid I was to have fell so quickly to making you fuck me, why don’t you love me Dave….. “I say and tears are already flowing down my face.

He sighs. “I don’t know” he replies. I chuckle sadly.

“He doesn’t know….. you dick” I yell and made to swat him again but his hand grabs mine as his back was already leaning against the door. I rest my head on his chest and weep.

“I love you Dave. ” I weep against his chest and repeat the words. His hand hugs me.

“I had heard you the first time. ” he say and for once, I stop crying.

“You heard me yesterday? “I say against his chest and I feel him nod.

“I’m just confused Lucy….. ” he says. I disengage and look up at him.

“How do you mean confused?.” I ask him.

“Our first make out, I felt like I’m betraying Anita. I love you Lucy, but I can’t love you now. ” he says and I’m sobbing again.

“Then when Dave” I say with tears. He sighs. He slids a ring from his finger.

“I want you to have this… ” he says and takes my hand as he slids the ring down a finger.

“Who gave you this?” I ask.

“Dad gave mum, mum gave me. It’s special…. ” he says and cup my cheek. “I’m going for the last mission soon, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it, so it’d be better if you ain’t deep into the love now than been deep and harm yourself at the end. But I promise you, when all this is over, I’ll love you with all the love you want in life.” he says giving me an assuring smile. I smile at the ring and look up to him. At least, he loves me.

“Nothing is gonna happen to you Dave. You’ll make it, Mark is no match to you” I tell him and hang my hand around his shoulder.

“I pray so, Mark isn’t the same as before anymore” he says and kiss my forehead. “I’ll take my ring back when I’m done” he says and grin and I laugh too.

“Thanks for saying you love me” I tell him. He smiles and nods.

“So you were gonna hate me?” he says with his hands snaked around my waist.

“Never….. You’re my first in everything, except Domie. First things are always special.” I whine.

“Didn’t I promise to teach you how to use a gun?” he says.

“Yeah.. ”

“Get ready, we’re starting soon, plus… After class we’re taking Domie out.” he says as he kiss my forehead and walk out.
“Yay! India here I come.” Domie squeals as he gets down from the car. Dave chuckles as I laugh. I put on a short tight white dress that stops at my mid knee with just a strap. Dave puts on a black trousers, black inner wear and black leather jacket with black shoes. Domie puts on a black tight trousers and black shoes with a white top and a no hand black jacket with a black cap. I hold his hands as we walk into the heart of this funfair.

Dave decided we take Domie to a funfair after my gun lessons. It was really sweet learning under Dave. He’s got a basement, you’ll pass through his bathroom. I sucked at first trials, but later I got good and let me say, I’m almost perfect. Dave gave me two guns to bring along to this place. He says no one knows what’s gonna happen.

“Where would you go first Domie.” Dave asks.

“Let’s go for a ride.” Domie answers and the fun began.

And everything was going on well until……

“Domie I think you’ve had enough fun, let’s get going. ” I tell him.

“No mum, I still need to throw balls at boards so I can get a teddy” he pouts with balloons in his hands. I look at Dave and he nods.







I watch as Domie struggles with the balls he’s throwing just to hit the target to get a big teddy. I chuckle at his attempts.

I sense something strange as I look around, nothing looks unfamiliar. I watch back as Domie throws the ball, this time he got a medium size teddy. I look around again and I notice strange movements. I look up at a building and I sight a small opening at the top with something blocking it. Looks like a sniper gun but I’m not sure. I pull off my jacket and wear it on Lucy.

“We might need to run soon…” I tell her wearing the jacket for her. “…..I’m noticing something strange. ”

“Oh God, Domie…. ” Lucy panicks.
“What’s that dad?” Domie says looking up at us.

“Nothing Domie” Lucy replies him as he faces his front

“He’ll be fine. ” I whisper.

“Why are you wearing me the jacket?” she asks.

“It’s bulletproof….. Incase anything happens, carry Domie in your front and run to the car, I’ll face it” I tell her and she nods. With the look on her face, I know she’s afraid.
“You’ll be fine.” I say patting her and She fakes a smile.

In just a minute after that, I feel a steel behind my head. A gun.

“Don’t try anything stupid, just turn gently and follow me” the man holding the gun say. I calm myself down for a while.

“RUN!! ” I shout at Lucy as I turn back swiftly and hold the man’s hand up as he fires a bullet. People scream and run as Lucy run too with Domie in her front. I kick him and raise him up and his head explodes as blood splatters on my face.

“Jesus Christ” I mutter.

Now I know there’s a sniper. The sniper just shot him, I know the bullet was aimed at me. I drop the man slowly and look to the direction of the sniper. I drop him and run.

As I begin running, gun mask men shoot at me. I don’t stop as I continue running to catch up with Lucy and Domie. I calculate the number of men shooting by the virtue of the bullets I’m hearing, and I know they’re four. People still running and screaming. I catch up with Lucy almost getting to the car.

“Go to the car fast” I tell her as a bullet whisk pass my upper tearing up my skin, it burns. I groan and remove my two pistols from beside my trousers as I turn and slide down and shoot, a shot, two and three and I roll then stand and shoot a fourth shot as I kill them all.

“Pricks” I mutter and stand for a while caressing my peeled skin. I turn back and run to the car but I stop when I almost reach there. Two mask gun men stand there as one of them holds Domie with a gun pointed to his head. Where the hell is Lucy. Right now I don’t know what to do as I stand transfix at a spot looking at them.

“We’ll not harm the boy… ” Indian accent, “…..just follow us gently.”the one without the gun say. And PA,. PA, Two gun sounds, head shots and the two men are down already. I turn back to see who fired the shot and I see Lucy. Domie comes running to me.

“Lucy where the hell were you?” I ask her. Everywhere now quiet, cos everyone left.

“I was there,…” she says pointing to a kiosk behind us.

“How come. Domie was with the men.” I ask her.

“I pushed him to them” she says and I gasp.

“What the hell you mean?” I ask.

“I’ve gat brains too Dave, I know they ain’t after us, and I had sighted them so I hid and push Domie towards them.” she says smiling.

“Don’t try that shit again” I say and glare at her. I mean what if things go the other way round.

I lift Domie up amd take him to the car, “You guys go ahead I’ll meet you” I tell Lucy who’s now at the driver’s seat.

“Dad let’s go home together” Domie says.

“I gat business to handle.” I say and as I start running to that building. Everywhere is silent.

I pass by a man putting on a black outfit with a bag behind him on getting to the entrance of the building. I stop and bring out a pistol.

“Stop” I say and turn back to him.

“Me?” he replies with his back still facing me.

“I don’t repeat my self.” I say and he turns back swiftly with a gun as he shoots, I duck and shoot his hand holding the gun and his knee too, he groans as he throws down his gun and sits on the floor.

I move to him and open his bag, and there it was, the sniper. I groan as I punch this guy twice in the face. I lift him up….
And slam him on the glass table in the basement as it shatters. I pick up my gun and walk closer to him.

With a cold face, I lean closer to him. “I’m just gonna ask you one last time. Who sent you” I ask. He didn’t answer as he stares at me blankly.

I punch him in the mouth as he groan and spit out blood. “WHO SENT YOU!!!” I yell.

A bombshell.


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