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Her head pops out of the water, and gradually gradually she walks out of water in her yellow bikini. That’s Lucy. She now has a baby bump. I watch her as she walks towards me. She means the world to me now. Domie sits beside me too.

We’re currently at the beach, the whole family. My mum and Lucy’s mum stands somewhere away from where we are as they gossip about whatever. Daniel, Lucy’s dad stands at a counter holding a coconut with a straw in it discussing with a group of five ladies. Whatever he’s saying must be really funny cos I can see the ladies laughing their hearts out.

Lucy comes sitting on my lap with her wet butts.

“Do you really had to wet my shorts with your wet ass?” I whine.

“Tutututu… Language Dave, little Domie his here” she says placing a finger on my lips.

“Alright, I’ve heard alotta swearing lately. I’m not little too” Domie says and stands up.

“Where to?” I ask him.

“I’m going for surfing.” he replies not looking back.

“That might be dangerous for your little ass you know?” I tell him.
“Language Dave” Lucy say.

Domie turns back and wink as he face his front and go away.

Wanna know how I got freed?



The policemen leads Dave to the van as they lift him in and sit him down. They turn back and walk away. Lots of media houses are already present. Cameras clicking.

“Hello inspector Josh, how did you get the killer so easily?”

“Hard work and competency, and so we’re gonna keep working till all bad acts are put behind bars in this nation. I had to fight alotta fight to get him.” he says.

“Can we have a word with the killer sir?” a journalist asks.

“I’m sorry NO… bye for now” Josh says as he goes to the van and two officers enters with Dave. Dave and him stares at each other for a while as Dave takes his eyes off and Josh close the van door.

“Let’s move guys.” Josh says and gets in a car.
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Two cars move ahead of the van with not less than four police in each cars. Two follows behind too. Josh’s in the first car. And they keep moving.

On the road, a missile bomb lands ‘GBAMS’ and explodes the car behind the one Josh is as the effect made Josh’s car tumble three times as it stops with it’s head down as Josh pass out. The van driver stops the car and mutters an “Oh shit”..

Another missile ‘PHIIII….. GBAMS’ and the two cars behind the van explodes. A sniper shot hit the van driver’s head as his blood splatters in the car and he lays his head on the steering wheel dead.

A helicopter surface as it comes hovering over the van. A mask man like a SWAT comes down a rope as he fix a device on the van’s back door and the door melts down. And he shoots four rapid shots at the two policemen in the van as they fall down dead.

“Let’s go” he gestures at Dave.

“Who are you” Dave asks moving out.

“I’ll answer later.” he replies him.

“I fucking told you Lucas, don’t come to save me” Dave grits.

The man slaps Dave twice. “Get some sense Dave, I’m not Lucas okay. ” he tells Dave. Dave holds his cheek as the man drags him to the helicopter rope ladder as they climb up and sit. The pilot takes off.

“Thanks though” Dave says. “I really didn’t think this shit through, I can’t imagine my life in jail or been killed putting my loved ones in pain. Mum, Lucy, my dear Domie. Her parents. It’s so gonna hurt so much…… Thanks, I appreciate.”

“Good you appreciate” the man say and takes off his mask as Dave gawks at him.

“What the….. Hell….. Phil?” Dave mutters baffle. “How did you get me”

“I’ve been in Bangladesh all this while. And when you talked Lucas into not saving you, he didn’t wanna break a promise, and he didn’t wanna use any of his boys. So he hired me. I jumped at it cos you’re a good man. You didn’t fail your promise then, reason why I’m living a good life now with my family. So I agreed into saving you, for free… Even though he wants to pay but I don’t wanna collect money.” Phil explains.

“Jesus, Lucas…… ” Dave mutters and laughs softly “……..thanks alot Phil.” he says as they exchange handshakes.

“You’re welcome man, it’s good to be good” Phil says as they smile.


I run into this hospital I was called to, since I work now, I didn’t get to know when she was gonna give birth. Mum says Lucy’s gonna give birth.

“Hey I’m looking for Lucy David, she’s my wife. She wa……”

“Hey Dave, come, Lucy already delivered” mum walks to the lobby cutting me off.

“Oh thank God” I sigh as I follow her.

We enter the ward and I see my Lucy there in the bed. Domie’s with her too and her parents.

“Dave.. ” she calls softly with a smile.

“Lucy… How are you doing now” I ask her as I walk beside her holding her hands.

“I’m good Dave.. You should see the baby.” she says pointing to where our son is placed.

I walk there and carry him in my hands, this kid looks so much like me. He opens his eyes and looks at me with his clear morning dew eyes. He makes some baby sounds.

“Dad what’s his name gonna be?” Domie asks.

I stare at the kid for a while. “Hero”

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