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Mark, I chuckle and look to Lucy’s direction. “Mark is a spider. He sure got legs everywhere” I say and Lucy just stare at me.

“What’s your name?” I ask this criminal.

“Manav” he says. His phone rings on the table I placed it, I check the ID and it’s Mark. I smirk and pick up the phone and move closer to Manav. I sit on a chair opposite him.

“You’re gonna pick this number now, talk calm and play along. If you tryna act smart………… I’ll blow your brains out. Loudspeaker.” I tell him and he nods. I give him the phone and he answers the call.

“Hello.. ” Mark’s voice sounds from the other side. “Is the work done?” Mark asks.

“Yes sir, it was stressful though, Dave wasn’t an easy person to tame.” he says. Hmmmmmm I smile and Lucy muffles a laugh. he’s wasting his career being a hit man, he should be an actor instead.

“Alright, send me a picture of him tied to a chair severely beaten.” Mark says and I chuckle.

“Okay sir. ” Manav replies.

“And I’ll need him tomorrow.” Mark tells him.

“Sir, this area isn’t clear yet, but you’ll get him the day after tomorrow.” Manav say. Good casting.

“Okay then… “Mark says and hangup. Is smirk and I collect the phone from him and toss it aside. He looks terrified.

“You should be an actor….. ” I say going to him and he moves back a little. “……hey cool down, I don’t bite.” I say. I lift him up ground and tie him to a chair firmly.

“Lucy, come make me up, like a wounded severely beaten person.” I say and she smiles.
In few minutes, the job was done. I look like shit when I stared at my own picture. It made me laugh. I wink at Lucy as she moves out. I send the picture to Mark.

“What should I do to you now” I say walking to Manav.

“Please don’t kill me, please.” he pleas.

“You would have killed me if you were me you know?”I say and he sobs. “Don’t worry I won’t.” I say as Lucy comes in with a chilled drink.

“You look nervous, drink this to calm your nerves.” I tell him as I place it at the entrance of his mouth and I make him drink it. I drop the cup to the floor and made it shatter.

I walk behind him. “I’m not killing you, I’m just helping you. That shit you just drank, won’t make it painful. You’ll just die in your sleep.” I say and pat his hair. “……….be a good boy in hell, you can as well start a job there too. Selling cold sachet water, it pays.” I say and Lucy chuckle.

I seal his mouth, “imagine how much you’ll earn in few days” I say and he muffles screaming through the seal and we move out.

“Lucy, plan’s changing, we’re going to Nigeria this night” I say as I get to my room.

“Okay…. Why the rush?” she asks.

I stand and move to her form as I hug her waist and draw her closer.

“It’s time I finish all this. Anita has waited for too long.” I tell her.

“What I’m I gonna do for you?” she asks.

“Nothing much, I don’t wanna involve you too much, you’ll do something little and come back here immediately.” i say and claim her lips at once.







I sit down drinking wine outside in the balcony, my phone buzz and I check it. A picture of a severely beaten Dave. I smirk.

“Dave’s mine now.” I say and smirk. “Manny.. ” I call.

“Yes boss” he replies.

“It’s been long I got laid. I’m getting laid today. Get me a girl” I tell him and he nods.
I sit in my room shirtless, just a boxer short, on my bed when she came in. A heavily loaded girl, good front, nice back. She puts on a blue gown that reveals a great deal of her breasts. And the opening in the gown from the down part reach almost her waist. I watch as she comes in majestically seductive and walks over to the only couch in my room. She sits down and cross her legs as I stare at her.

“Is this how you entertain visitors…… “she says seductively placing a finger on the sides of her lips. “………..just staring at them?”

“Ohhh…. I’m sorry, what would you like” I ask smiling at her.

“Champagne” she says.

“Alright” I say and stand up moving to the bar as I smirk. Many bad things amma do to her, or it might be the other way round.

I pop the Champagne and pour it in two wine glasses before her. I give her a glass and I take mine too.

“Cheers.. ” we mutter as the glasses touch.

I go to sit on my bed. “So how are you doing? ” I ask.

“Beautiful” she says and sips from her glass. She drops it. “So let’s get to business…… I don’t kiss, I don’t give blow jobs…. If I’d have to do that, then extra charges.. We good?” she asks. And who needs a blow job? We’re just gonna go straight to the point and fuck.

“Okay…. ” I say. She stands up and walks to me.

“Hope you have a hard dick, cos amma slack it off…. ” she says standing between my legs. She loose the knot tying her cloth from the back as she let the cloth fall down on its own. She’s purely naked under, no pants, no bra. And my young man responds immediately as it nods in my pants.

“I asked if your dick was hard… ” she says climbing me so that she’s rocking me.

“You don’t wanna imagine how hard it is dear.. ” I reply her.

“We’ll see to that.” she says as she lay me down on the bed. She dips her hand into my shorts and feel my dick as I breathe in.

“Okay that’s hard… ” she says and wink at me biting my her bottom lip. She brings it out and take off my boxer shorts.

She raise her butt up a lil bit and insert just the cap in her..

“Yeees….. hard… di…c..ks mak…e… My p….u..s.. Sy sensitive” she says and moan as I groan at her teasing my cock cap. She sits on it as she begin riding me up and down moving her waist back and forth. I groan and moan. I hold her butt cheek as I thrust hard from under her.
“Fuck.. ” she moans loud and groan. I thought she was gonna slack me up.

I keep thrusting hard in her, my lower belly hitting her butt cheek as it shakes and makes sounds. I turn her back down and I’m on her as I jam hard in her….. I’m so shifting her womb

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