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Look up, that plane passing, I’m inside. The flight landed safely that same night. I and Lucy, but we had a different face. Disguise masks, we’ve been declared wanted you know. We walk out of the plane with our travelling bags crawling behind us.

We enter a hotel for a room. I greet the woman at the lobby as we chat a while and I collect the key to two rooms.

I open the room door and enter as I remove the mask. I place my bag on the bed and turn to face Lucy who already drop her bag and remove her mask too.

“Take…” I say pointing her a key “……..the key to your room.” she chuckles.

“Are you mad?” she asks me.

“No.. ” I answer and shrug.

“Out of your mind right?” she asks again.

“That still is not correct” I say.

“I was gonna ask you at the lobby, just don’t wanna cause a scene. Why would you collect two rooms.” she asks.

“I don’t want us sleeping together in a room” I say and open my bag and she chuckles sadly.

“Not what you think dear, if we stay here together, I won’t be able to resist you… ” I say walking towards her and hug her “…….and the mission is a day after tomorrow. I don’t wanna loose energy.” I say and I feel her smile.

“Alright…… But I’m sleeping here” she mutters.

“Okay, I surrender.” I say and she laughs.
“I’m gonna go see Anita’s parents tomorrow” I tell her as I sit on the bed.

“Why?” she asks sitting beside me.

“I’m doing all this for their daughter. ” I say.
“And I wanna let them know it’s been me doing the killings all through”

“That’s good. But be careful out there…. This battle….., we shall win” she says bringing her fist forward.

I smile, “We will win” I say meeting my fists with hers as we stare at each other endlessly.
I sit at this spot I used to sit back then staring at the lake. I smile at nothing as I remember my days with Anita. I feel someone sit beside me as the person places head on my shoulder.

“You’re already getting bored of me, ain’t ya” the voice say. Anita.
I look down to her head on my shoulder.

“Who told you that Anita?” I ask her.

“No one, just saying.” she answers. “Why’s the mission slow? You should have ended Mark by now.”

“Still waiting, Mark isn’t the then Mark anymore” I tell her.

“You’re giving way to fear?” she asks as she lifts her head from my shoulder. I look at her and nod.

“I don’t know Anita.” I say almost sobbing. Dunno why I wanna sob.

“I’ll help you…” she says and walks into the lake. She walks away about an arm length. She turns to me and smile. Then she places her on the water surface as the water vibrates and she raises her hands curling them like magicians do as the water stirs, a hole forms in the water in the cause of the stir, she raise her hands up controlling the water up as the water forms a kind of floating water TV.

A video popped up on the water like TV. The video of how she was raped, my jaw clenches at the sight, how she screamed, how she yelled how she so yearned for help but nothing came. How she was brutally harrassed and how they left her lying there on that cold floor. I couldn’t take it as I slam my fist on the wood I’m sitting on and scream, a loud vibrating scream.

She claps her hands once and the water went down. She comes to sit beside me again.

“Whenever you’re weak in the course of this revenge, you should remember this… And it’ll empower you” she says.

“Thanks Anita” I say and hold her hands in mine and sob. “I’ll forever love you” I tell her.

“It’s time to love someone else, that girl Lucy, love her well.. And take care of her son. I wish you good luck” she says and I see her no more, my hands still hanging in air.

I woke up, it was all a dream. I rise from the bed and look to my side, Lucy lay there sleeping peacefully. I check the time and it’s past 6. I stand and walk to the bathroom to take a shower. I move out of the bathroom and clean myself dry as I dress up and walk out.




A knock sounds at the door.
“I’ll go get it. ” I tell Paul (my husband). I stand from the chair and walk towards the door, I open it to see a young man putting on gray trousers, black shoes, black hoodie and a cap under his hoodie cap, and his face’s downwards.

“Who are you?” I ask and he looks up to me.

“Good afternoon mum” he says.

“What. The. Hell” I mutter and gasp.

“What’s that Hunnie.” Paul asks from inside.

“Dave!” I squeal and jump on him hugging him. “Oh God, How’ve u been” I ask as I lead him in.

“Fine ma.” he replies and go to prostrate for Paul.

“Get up boy…. How are you doing” he asks smiling.

“Fine sir. “Dave replies sitting down and takes off his hood cap.

“What should I get you?” I ask him.

“Nothing ma….. I’m not gonna stay long” he replies with a smile. I stare at him for a while and sit down.

“What’s so important?” I ask him.

“I just wanna say…….. ” he says and looks down fiddling with his fingers “…….sorry for Anita…..” he looks up “……….though it’s been a while but I still feel it in my heart. And I know you guys still feel it too” he says and I see traces of tears threatening to fall in his eyes. I’m almost moved to tears too.

“It’s nothing Dave.” Paul replies.

“And I wanna tell you…….. That……. I’ve been the one killing those guys involved in Anita’s death recently.”

“Like seriously?” Paul says.

“I always knew it. ” I say with a smile.

“Where have you been? Like how have you been doing it?” Paul asks.

“I’ve been in India. But I come to Nigeria when I wanna do a mission.” he say.

“Wow… Thanks Dave.” I tell him. I’m so relieved and happy now.

“And I wanna tell you guys that, Mark, the last person remaining is the one I’m going for tomorrow… And after that, I don’t know if I’m gonna survive it, but incase I don’t, I’ll want you guys to be happy. And if I do? I’ll be in India incase you need me. ” he says.

“Come off it Dave, in this battle….. You’ll win” Paul says firmly.
“You’ll win Dave, nothing’s gonna happen to you.” I tell him.

“Thanks ma and sir… ” he replies with a smile mixed with sadness.

“When it comes to liquor competition, you know you guys all suck right?” Chris says as everyone round the table laughs at his unending jokes.

I’m at a get together dinner party and it has been fun since the beginning. My phone rings. I look at the ID and it’s Dave. I stand from my seat.

“Excuse me, I tell someone beside me as I answer the call and walk out to answer Dave.

“Hey kid long time no see. How are you?”

“I’m fine. ” he replies. That doesn’t sound like Dave. He’s kinda cold and maybe not happy.

“What’s wrong, you don’t sound happy” I tell him.

“Nothing’s the matter” he says obviously not the truth.

“Whatever is bothering you, you can tell me you know? Don….. ”

“I told you it’s nothing Lucas….. ” he replies “…lets move to why I called you”

“What? ” I ask him.

“You need to promise me something Lucas.”

“What’s that?”

“You need to promise me from the bottom of your heart, not just saying it.” he says.

I sigh. “Alright kid, I promise I’ll do whatever you tell me, what’s it”

“I’m going for the mission tomorrow, whatever happens, incase I get caught, or arrested, never come to save me. Let me serve what I’ve done” he says and I gasp.

“What?….. Are you nuts? Have you thought this through Dave” I ask half yelling. What the hell is wrong with him.

“Deal…. Done deal” he says.

“I’m not gonna allow that, do you know what trauma you’re gonna keep your loved ones, Lucy, Domie and your mum….. ”

“Remember you promised Lucas.” he says.

“Dammit” I say and clench my jaw. How can he say this kinda thing.
“If it happens, I’m coming down to come save you, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you” I tell him.

“Lucas, you promised… never go down on a promise.” he says.

“Fuck” I say and huff.

“Good” he says and hangup.

I walk back into the party with my mood changed.

“What’s wrong Mr. Lucas” Chris says.

“I’m fine” I reply gritting my jaw.

“But you don’t look fine sir.. ”

“I said I’m fucking fine… “I yell jamming my hand on the table as drinks and cups shake, some falling down and everyone’s surprised. “I’m sorry” I state as I stand and walk out.

Dave just ruined my mood.

I sit on the bed playing a game on a phone. The door opens, and Dave comes in with a big bag in his hands. He drops it on the bed and open it. grenades, attaching bombs and pistols with knives. I drop the phone.

“What are this for?” I ask him.

“Tomorrow’s equipments” he says.

“What I’m I doing in this mission?” I ask him.

“When we get there, the place he is currently, four cars are there. I’ll shoot down the guards outside. So incase he’s gonna escape, you’ll place trackers and bombs under the car. Then you’ll leave and I’ll handle the rest.” he say and I stare at him.

I drive in a car while Dave rides a bike as we arrive the Mark’s building. I come down from the car dressed like a woman assassin with various things strapped to my body. He’s dressed like a man in an action movie going for an important mission too.

He comes down from the bike as he takes two pistols with silencers on it in his hands and we head to the building.

The two men in front of the building were gonna say something but Dave shoots them down at once.

We enter the building and we’re faced with lots of them, and a shot two and three shots, ducking and hiding we take them all out without a single noise.

“Attach the bombs now and the trackers too” he say and I get to business. I attach to the cars bombs and trackers. I return to Dave and give him the controls for the bombs and the trackers too.

“Good luck Dave.” I tell him. He nods and kiss me at once. Though it’s a short kiss but it’s deep and holds lots of meaning.

“You can go from here.” he say

Thanks for reading 💕

Let’s start praying for Dave o, I pray he survives this mission 🙏😓
Because…. Hmmm….. lemme nur talk 🚶🚶

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