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I walk around this building in rage, running my hands endlessly on my hair. Guards stands around. Been waiting for the fuckers to bring Dave for me since, but no trace of them. Been contacting them too and no way to reach them. I’m so gonna kill them if they double cross me.

“Try to reach them one more time.” I tell Manny.

“Okay boss.” he says and try calling them again.

“Boss… Something’s wrong” a man say.

“What!” I yell at him. I’m too angry.

“All CCTVs are out” he let’s out panicky as everyone turns to face the CCTV screen and they’re all blank.

“What. The…. ” just then the glass door breaks and shatters as one of my men flies in with the shattered glasses as he falls to the floor in pain, and then he walks in.





“You can go from here Lucy, go away, go back home…. And let me finish business” I tell her with our foreheads meeting.

“Good luck Dave.” she says and walks away.

” Time for business” I mutter as I change the gun magazines walking to the building entrance and cock my gun.

I meet a guard at the door. I jump at him as I grab his neck and throw him at the door as the door shatters with him flying inside with it. I walk in with my face facing down.

I look up and I’m faced with Mark’s men. Ten of them. Having two guns made it easy to take them out. Before they could bring out their guns, I had shot 1,2 and 3 and took three men out. I duck as I shoot again. And I killed them all.

Now I’m in the middle of two persons, I point guns at them as they point back at me. Mark and a man.

“How possible…..” Mark says baffle “……..i saw the picture.” he lets out.

“You’re not the only one with brains Mark, do you really think you could take me so easily?” I ask.

He smirks. “I couldn’t, but now I will” he says with a smirk.

I smirk back. “If you think Manny’s gonna save you, trust me… I’ve gat many ways to shoot holes in his body and take him out.” I tell him.

“Really? ” he asks. And now I’m surprised at his courage. I mean I already took all his men out. Manny smirks too, and then I begin to sense a foul play.

Mark whistles, and like witches, I see four men swing down from the top of the building’s angles as they collide irons on me and I sunk down. My vision blurry, and I hear voices faintly.

“You’re no match to me Dave, Manny when you’re done with him, bring him to my circle….. We’ll decide next.” I hear Mark say faintly and I feel him walk out.

A slap landed on my face and my unconsciousness disappears. Manny picks me up as he slaps me twice.

“You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into” he laugh-says and push me to another guy as they kick me among each other. I fall down again. I rise and focus on them. They pick up their irons again.

The first man approach with his iron as I hold it and jump kicked another man as I collect the iron and hit it on him. They groan as they fall down. Manny approach me with his, I swing the iron to hit him but he dodges as he hits my belly with his. I fall again as they come hitting the irons on me. I’m too weak to retaliate. I’m dying soon.

And as they continue hitting me, I don’t feel the pain anymore, their groans the effect of the irons on me is not what I’m hearing or feeling, but the picture of Anita’s painful moan and how she was shouting for help on that painful day. The picture of her on the cold floor. With every hit I receive, the more of her painful pictures I see. They stop hitting when for a while.

“You think you could just get us anyhow… Nah” Manny says and bring out a knife. He groans and raise the knife up, but his groan isn’t what I heard but the shrieking cry of “HELP” from Anita that day. And then I grab the knife when it was almost reaching me. The blades tearing into my palm as blood trickle down the knife.

“Aaarrgh” he groans and jams his hand on the knife so it’ll move further but my grip on it is strong. My eyes turns black, my stomach clench in anger, energy running through me like a sci-fi test.

“Game’s changing” I mutter coldly as I drag his hand down and coil myself around him and take him down. I punch him twice as his nose breaks and he groans.

“You’re no match with me” I say and stand up. I look at the rest coldly.

“Come on!! ” I shout at them.

The first approach me as I groan and knee-kick his ribs and I feel three of it break and he collapse. I jump and punch the second in the forehead so strong that the bone there breaks and he falls.

“Aaarrrgh” I groan and lift the third one up and hit his back bone on my knee and it breaks as I throw him down. The third one tries to run out but I follow him, he turns back hoping to collide a rod in my head but I bent down and lift him in my shoulder as I raise him high up.

“Aarrrrrggh” I groan and slam him down as the ground cracks. This power running through me is too much.

I move to Manny in rage as I pick him up and slap him twice hard across the face. I see a chain, I roll it on my hand in a fist as I begin punching him with it on the nose. First punch, second punch, third, fourth and fifth… I keep punching until I feel he’s tired. I punch him one more time and he falls down dead. I exhale, and just then I feel a gun click. I turn back slowly and I’m faced with the guy I broke his ribs struggling up pointing a gun at me. I don’t know how amma get to him, and just then I hear a gunshot and he falls down dead. I look to the entrance and I see Lucy there.

“I thought I told you to leave.” I tell her.

“My spirit didn’t leave” she says with a shrug and smile. I walk to her as I hold her waist and kiss her deeply.

“Thank you” I say after unlocking my lips. I take out two C-4 bomb from my body and attach them to the entrance as we walk out.

Outside, all the cars were gone, I’m surprised cos no man was with him. But no matter what, I’m ending Mark today.

“Go now” I tell her and she nods and left with the car. I climb my bike and start it, I activate the bomb as I leave too. And the building explodes behind me.
I hit the road as I ride furiously away. I place the tracking screen in front of me so I can see it clearly. And I sight the four cars on the screen. I hurry sliding between cars and lorries so I can get to them fast.

A yellow light beeps on the screen and I know they already know someone’s tracking them.

Mark takes the intercom. “He’s tracking us guys….turn back and kill him” he mutters coldly.
“Shit.. They found me” I mutter at the realization. I see three of them turn and I have no idea where they’re going. I keep riding, tracing the last car which I believe Mark is.

The three cars appear behind me as they begin shooting at me. Bullets keep hitting my bike, and I keep dodging behind cars. The bullets keep hitting.

“Time to end this.. ” I mutter as I turn my bike back to face the cars. I bring out the bomb controls as I press them and the cars explode GABMS. GBAS. GBAS one after the other. A car jumps at the effect of the blast almost landing on me as I raise the bike up and jump over it passing through the flames of the blast.

I stop, turn back and ride off following the trace of the last car. I keep riding for what seems like minutes. The car already stopped and I’m almost reaching there.

I’m on a road like the top of a hill that has no sides but deep slopes, I see them enter a jet and the jet almost takes off, the door still open. I control the bike as I ride off the road, I grab a riffle beside the bike as I shoot out the rope arrow on it and it attach to the jet and that drags I and the bike closer, the door almost close when I zoom into the jet and the door close as I fall down with the bike on me inside the jet.

The guards in the jet are quite many as they shift attention to me, I bring out a gun as I shoot them, PA. PA. PA. five shots and I already take five down. I rise up as I shoot 1,2,3 shots shooting three down. I grab one by the head as I use him as cover against shots as I change the gun magazine with a hand and shoot the remaining four down. I keep the gun and draw out a knife from the guard I’m holding as I stab him twice in the neck and I throw him down. The jet has finally taken off and it’s moving in air, I know those in the cockpit doesn’t know what’s going on.

“Fuckers.. ” I mutter. I turn and I see Mark as he smirks and shoots me two bullets in the chest as I fall down beside the jet wall.

“No, no, no, no, you can’t die so easily… ” Mark mutters as he comes to me. I can’t die, I have a bulletproof vest on. “….i still need to hang your ass”he says touching me.

I grab his hands and open my eyes as I slap the gun out of his hand. “I’m gonna blow your ass” I mutter as I stand and lift him up as I slam his back on the jet roof and slam him down. He groans.

“Fuck you Mark ” I say and kick him with rage as he moves and slams on the jet side. I move to him to punch him but he holds my fist.

He smirk, “You ain’t the only one who can combat Dave” he says as he drags me down and stand up. He lifts me up and throw me on a surface. He comes again as he punch me. I block his punch and struggle up. He jabs me with his elbow and my face peel adding more injuries to my face. He throws his fist as I dodge and punch his rib and he hits his elbow on my back bones as I groan and push him away from me. He charge forward again as he gives me a round house kick on the face and I fall down again. He raise me up and punch me. I free myself and punch his face, he kicks me but I hold his leg and he leans forward and hits his hand on my face as I leave his leg. I throw my kick and he grabs my leg and jam his elbow on my knee cap.

“Ahhhhh” I groan in pain as he punch my chest and making me to go backwards as he kicks me in the chest again and I fall down, weak.

He raise me up… “What were you thinking……” he says and punch me again. “………I’m no match to you” he says and punch again. “……..I’m gonna fuck you up” he says and punch me again. I groan as he kicks me in the belly and I fall down weak.

Looks like Mark’s using a weakness voodoo on me. He kicks me as I turn lying down flat so that I’m facing him.

“It’s gonna be nice killing you and throwing you out to the streets” he says as he moves to take a sword.

“GET UP DAVE… I’M WITH YOU” a voice whispers to me. I know that voice. Anita. I feel the strength run through me again, my eyes turns dark. And as Mark stabs the sword, I dodge and it stabs the floor. I kick his legs as he falls to the ground. I stand and jam my leg on him. I lift him up as I throw him and he slams on the wall. I go to him and lift him up again as I throw him again and he slams on a surface. I move to him as I lift him with his neck.

“This is for the troubles…” I say as I groan loud and slam him down as he coughs out blood.

I raise him and pin his back beside the emergency exit, my eye dark. I punch him in the face and blood comes down. I bring out a knife.

“This is for Anita’s parents” I say coldly and stab him in the belly.

“This is for my mum… ” I say and stab him in the same spot as yells and swallow.

“This is for Stanley” I say and stab him in the neck as he yelps.

“Dave we were once friends” he says amidst cries. “…..you should pity me” he sobs.

“Friend my foot, that was a long time ago……” I say and stab him in the groin and he gives a loud deafening yelp. “……that’s number one for Anita.”

I take out a C-4 bomb and put it in his clothes, “That’s a number two for Anita. No one’s gonna see your remains. You’re not worthy to be buried.” I say and open the emergency exit as breeze blows in and I smirk at him.

“Please Dave, please please don’t do this. ” he pleas rushing his words. A pilot comes out of the cockpit and shoot. I attach another C-4 bomb on the roof of the jet.

“Goodbye Mark… ” I mutter and push him out..

“Nooooooooo” he shouts as he goes down. I jump out too as I pull a string and my parachute activates floating above me and Mark explodes beneath me with all his body parts exploding in different directions. The plane explodes above me too and I smile, a victorious smile. All is done.
Immediately I land on the floor in the city, policemen surrounds me with their guns. Lots of them, like they’ve been waiting for me.

“You’re under arrest” One of them mutters. I keep calm, no more fights. Fight has ended.

They come closer as two of them holds me down with my face on the floor as they handcuff my hands behind me. I don’t feel regret at this, but I feel happy, so happy that I’ve done what I have to do as they lead me to their van.

I keep smiling, I know I might die or be sent to jail, but that doesn’t concern me. I’m just happy I fulfilled my pledge.



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