1. At my age, how can you be decieving me this Small boy?

2. Quadri don jam quadratic equation for exam hall… E shock am

3. Beauty has sent a lots of ladies to Marriage but character is busy, Returning them back to their Father’s house. 莞……Na wa woooo……we move

4. I know the economy is bad and everyone is broke

But why you go flash me for WhatsApp 不不不

5. My sister giving a good salary to your house help doesn’t mean treating her well.

6. If you want an argument with your fiancee to get intense, just say ” My mother was right about you.

You don kill her finish.

7. Small chat you are already saying
“I can’t wait to have you as my wife”

Oga Coat Of Arms

8. Question of today 剁

The okra soup

Say this 養n English.

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