He works through everything


Beth Murray

Every morning it’s the same ole’ story, the same ole’ song and dance, (as some people might say). You’d think that after 43 years I would have moved on buy now. Nope it’s just me, all by myself, no kid, no husband, no marriage, no grandbaby to take over to Mom and Pops’. I got me a house, I work in my garden, (even though it’s getting cold,) but nothing exciting comes around these days. Well, I guess I ‘oughtta’ count my lucky stars that nothing exciting comes around these days. In fact if something to exciting came around Mamma might have another heart attack, and well ow that Daddy’s gone I am just not sure I’d like the added responsibility of taking care of Mamma again, and getting her back to health, again. It was hard enough after the first stroke and heart attack. But now she seems to be doing pretty good. You know what dear diary, she brought a letter over last night that’s about six 2 years old. It was addressed to me, and she lost it for two years! How about that, tomorrow is Valentines Day, and my only valentines is a 2 year old letter from…. I didn’t even look at the address to see who it was from.So Daisy goes to get the letter, and sees that there is a wax heart seal that sealed this envelope. It was on thick paper, and yes it had an aroma to it. Come to think of it, the lettering was gold calligraphy. “Oh no, it’s some kind of joke, or a scam. But who do I know that would want to pull a joke on me, no one even knows that I hurt so much, that just the idea of more deferred hope would make my heart sicker. No one thinks my heart is sick, but sometimes when I’m alone I think about my past marriage gone really really bad, and I think about my little girl at eight years old being put in a children’s home by me because I was to scared to try to raise her by myself, and fail.” You see Daisy had developed a habit of verbally coaching herself through life’s ups and downs, because she was so reliant on God that she rarely would trust a human being. This may sound quite ridiculous, but God is the only one that knew hew through and through. He’s the only one that would dare have the resources, and ability to ensure her sanity after yet another disappointment. Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. “Daisy, open the card!” she commanded herself in a serious matter of factly tone. She opened the card with eyebrows raised, pursed lips almost as if her response was spoken through her body language. Wait, before the could allow herself to read the letter, she had to know from where it came from. The letter was opened, but dare she read it before she looked at the return address? Daisy loved surprises, but only if she were in control of them, and the surprises were pleasant. But how would she know if this surprise was pleasant, if she didn’t read who it came from first? What if it were bad. Daisy just couldn’t do that. The suspense she held herself in was completely ridiculous, but this was the most exciting thing that had happened since before the computer had crashed. Every since the pandemic, Daisy hadn’t left the house because of her mother’s auto-immune system no one could come to the house except the doctor and nurses. Franny, (that’s Daisy’s mother,) insisted that anyone who entered the house take off there shoes, and wash there hands. Anyways, Daisy felt so lonely, even though she had friends to talk to, most had families of there own, most had busy lives, all were quarantined like her too, people have problems too. But Daisy had an envelope, and she was reading that letter. Who cares if it was a joke, Daisy was reading it. She took the letter out it was an invitation. The card was so nice, it looked like expensive paper. Daisy had felt so important that someone would send her, her of all people an invitation. Now she had to look at the return address.Southside Church of Christ2101 Hemphill streetFortworth, Texas 76110

She knew of this church, she actually grew up attending the Church of Christ. So she googled it on her phone, and it was only 3.6 miles from her location. She actually was attending services there online until her computer crashed. There was a lady that she emailed with from the jail ministry department to at one time before the pandemic. Maybe the invitation was from her. But were the churches safe to attend? Her mother would want her to be sterilized before she came in the house. What a dilemma, oh well she’d have to pass up on this invitation. Wait a minute, there was a letter that was in with the card. The letter was from a the downstairs neighbor named Mr. Kelly and it read as follows;

Ms. Daisy, I know you like to go to church on Sundays, and I know you don’t go anymore because of your mamma and this pandemic. I have encouraged you to go back to church down the road, and you are to nervous to go to that church. I tell you what, I will take care of mamma, or be on call for her Sunday and I’m sending you an invitation to this church. If you accept, then be ready by 10:45am on Sunday and I’ll send a LYFT driver to take you to this address. We will figure out something to tell mamma to appease her worried heart. It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Sincerely; Mr. R. Antonio Kelly

PS Happy Valentines Day

Oh my word, what a Valentines gift; and what a man. I always privately admire him, he always fixes things for me. I’m going to church Sunday; yippee!

Sunday comes, and mamma’s wearing her apron and sitting downstairs in her chair. I am ready and head downstairs. Mr. Kelly acts so impressed, and he’s dressed up too. I say, “Oh I didn’t know you were going, what about my mamma?” He says, “Oh no my beauty I am dressed for the Sunday dinner me and your mamma are going to prepare for you to eat when you get home. Now, scat cat we gots’ us some cooken to do, right mamma?” What a dream, that man so impresses me quite frequently. He is so nice, and thoughtful. Oh how I am so excited to go to church for the first time in two years.

Mr. Kelly has always been so kind to me, he’s always been so respectful too. He treats me like mother, sister, and friend. He is respectful and honors me like a good husband honors his wife. But until things change for him, he cannot ask me to be his wife. So we are friends, the best of friends. He’s supported me through so many trials, and ups and downs. His failing health prevents him from being a more active man, I see him as strong and active. But I think he is really a lot sicker than he lets on, don’t tell him that I said that dear diary. But what a dream this man is. However friendship is all he can give. Which is fine, but what this man gives me is nothing short of the devotion I need, until you see Jesus take us all home.

1 Corinthians 15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet ; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.

You see, now I understand why every Sunday Mr. Kelly has been downstairs and a LYFT driver has left without a passenger. You see he’s a really private man, and I rarely speak to him. I guess because he’s really big and muscular, plus he has a really deep authoritative voice that kind of intimated me before I got to know him and witness his generosity. I met him kind of on the fly after mammas first heart attack, and stroke. He and I met at a group meeting for stroke victims, care-takers, and it was kind of like a support group. He invited Mamma, and I to live at his house because we became homeless. He took us in, a lady from church had invited us to stay with her, but she began facing financial issues that deemed necessary for her to request $300 a month from us. How was I supposed to save any money for an apartment. After all, I had to leave my home and possessions behind. Anyways, mamma was going to assisted living now, and I was going back to church. Mr. Kelly is such a nice gentleman.

Oh my that’s Jesus for you……


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