1. When you were young, you have worked so hard and now you are enjoying the fruit of your labour and they are saying does he/she deserve it?????


2. Respect that man in your life, other girls want him but he still choose you.


3a. If kWASU is using 4.00 as their highest CGPA and Some Universities are using 5.00.

My brother you tried if you finished with 2.80 at KWASU.

b. Don’t tarnish lanre’s image, call him to know his final result.

4. If dagrin is bad and he’s now in heaven, I can also make heaven if I repent today.


5. My brother if you marry your wife, your mind will be the same.


6a. You can include a man but you can’t conclude a man.


b. Lord, light my candle.


7. Tea and bread is good in the morning, how many of you believe it?

8a. I know my level, so I needs to be humble, because fumble can leads to grumble.


b. Right hand is the best hand when it comes to eating semovita with melon soup.

c. But when it comes to drinking of water, any hands can be of help.

9. Where am i running to when I have somebody that is cooking good food for me? God will punish you devil.

10. Good morning Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, ok let me simply put it like this…. Good morning world.


Note: You may not start well, i believe you know that your  beginning doesn’t determine your ending. 

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