💧Episode 2🩸
by Tiana
“wow,” this for me daddy? Janelle asked surprise by the gift, her dad just got her a new expensive car.
“this just too much,” Loren exclaimed
“so instead of using the bus to go to school from now hence forth you driver will drive you in your car,” Sebastian explained while Janelle hugged him.
“thank you daddy, i love you so much,” she giggle and stare at the car.
“at least that stupid Salome won’t have to brag about the car she drives to school, mine is way too expensive,” Janelle smiled. She loved the life she had, the luxury, enjoyment, pampering and all the expensive gifts her dad offered to her. Everything was just perfect and she sees herself so lucky for having a very rich dad.
Loren tuck Janelle to bed but Janelle couldn’t stop blabbering about her new car.
“since dad got me a new car i guess he should also get me a new driver am damn tired of Seth, i need a new driver,” Janelle said.
“don’t be too commanding Janelle, just let your dad decides- he loves you so much and you should make him proud,” Loren said while Janelle grinned.
“anything for my dad,”
“okay then early to bed early to rise, i have to go,” Loren said as she stood up.
“good night Loren,” Janelle smiled.
“good night Janelle,”
Loren was about walking to her room when she saw Sebastian.
“is she asleep? he asked while she nodded, knowing he was referring to Janelle.
“she couldn’t stop talking about her new car, but Sebastian don’t you think you’re giving her too much expensive gifts, she too little for that,” Loren said.
“she’s my only daughter the only one who i have left, i sometimes wonder if Claire hasn’t dumped her right at my door step i wonder how life will be to me, i would say Janelle is a blessing to me. I feel so sad and very guilty for chasing Claire out of my life, i wish she’s here,” he said remorsefully with a sad face.
“i know that the greatest mistake you did by chasing away Claire but am glad you still have your child and you love her so much,”
“Mrs Loren i guess i should let you know about something,” he said while she nodded.
“am getting married soon,” he said while Loren looked at him, he seems serious about it.
“i know it been long ever since Nessa and Kenny died, i miss them so much but am glad i have Janelle in my life, i just want to move on and i guess it better if Janelle has a mother,” he said while Loren sighed.
“i know you’ve been like a mother to her but you know i can’t remain like this…
“i know, i understand you Seb, but i just hope you’ve choose the right wife, someone who Janelle would like and someone who will take good care of Janelle,”
” i know that but that doesn’t means you’re leaving this house, you’re still staying with us because you’re Janelle’s nanny,” he said while she smiled.
“wish you all the best Seb,” she said while he nodded.
@San Francisco***✨
“i guess it better you stay at home Maja, what if that Jordan truly reported you to her father,” Claire scolded at Maja who was already in tears.
“leave the young lady Claire,” Mr. Joe her father said.
“i don’t want to get on Mr. Lewis bad side he has warn me several times about that,” Claire said.
“am sorry mom,” Maja sniffed.
“come here my dear,” Joe pulled her into a hugged and kissed her hair.
“it okay Maj, you don’t have to cry, just go to your room now!” he said while Maja nodded before leaving.
“you know I’ve been working on Mr. Lewis plantation ever since we moved here, this what has been feeding us, i don’t want to lose my job,” she said sadly then sat down.
“i understand, but the poor girl just want to be friends with Alvary i guess his sister is just the spoilt brat,” he said.
“am just so worried… have you even heard of Janelle? her dad asked.
“not really, it been so long and it getting me worried but am very sure Janelle is having a good life but i still regret ever giving Janelle to him, i regret it dad what if Janelle grew up to hate her mother,” Claire sniffed, thinking about that tore her apart, why did she ever give out Janelle to the same person that rejected and threw her out of his house.
“Janelle is fine Claire, you don’t have to feel guilty! at least Janelle is the lucky one here, living a life of luxury,” Mr. Joe said while Claire sighed.
@Lewis Dela Cruz Mansion***💥
“you’re such a bad ass Jordan for once in your life can’t you live Maja in peace,” he yelled while Jordan smirk.
“i don’t like her, she’s not even up to our standard,” Jordan said peskily.
“you should stop being the bad guy,” Alvary yelled then pushed Jordan down making her fall on her but.
“and what the heck are you two doing? Lewis walked in, surprise to see the two children that way.
“are you two arguing again? Alvary why the heck did you push your sister,” he yelled at him.
“let her learn to mind her business,” he yelled.
“i hope it not about Maja,” he asked angrily.
“Alvary is just full of himself,” Jordan yelled.
“you started all this Jordan,” Alvary fired back.
“quiet! Lewis yelled at them.
“just go back to your rooms, you two little brat we’ll discuss about this later!” he yelled then walked pass them while Alvary sighed then glare at Jordan before walking to his room.
At Manila…🌸
Sebastian and his fiancee Liza walked in, he already told Janelle about it and she seems okay with it.
“welcome dad,” Janelle rushed and hug him, then stare at the woman beside him.
“this Janelle my daughter,” he introduced to Liza who just nodded then stare at the large sitting room.
“and this Mrs Loren, she’s Janelle’s nanny but has been like a mother to her,” he said.
“nice meeting you both,” she said then held Sebastian’s hand
“we need to talk if you don’t mind,” she said while he nodded then walked upstairs with her.
“i don’t think i like her,” Janelle said with a disgust face.
“she’ll soon be your new mother,” Loren explained.
“i don’t want that, am telling my dad right away,” Janelle said as she hurried to the stairs, Loren kept calling her but she gave her a deaf ears.
Janelle walked upstairs and heard whispers.
“i don’t like that her nanny.. if am getting married to you then you have to fired her,” she heard Liza’s voice.
“but… i can’t,”
“you have to and beside i hope the little daughter of yours is not a spoilt brat? she asked.
“uhmm.. i thought we’ve talked about this Liza, if you have to love me then you have to love Janelle,” he said while Janelle open the door.
“you little witch, how dare you eavesdropped on our conversation? Liza yelled at her.
“nobody is gonna fire my nanny Loren and dad i don’t think i like her so get rid of this trash, she can’t be my mother,” Janelle said while Sebastian gasped surprise by what Janelle said, he never knew she could say something like this, he glance at Liza and saw how angry she was..
“how dare she….” she yelled in anger….
Later in the evening Sebastian sat down as he played the keyboard slowly. He was able to clam Liza and took her home himself.
“daddy,” Janelle called as he walked up to him.
“Janelle, Liza was very angry with what you told her,” he started while Janelle frowned.
“i know dad,” she said sadly.
“you have to apologies!
“no way,” she almost yelled while he looked her surprised.
“you have to! i love Liza am getting married to her,” he said.
“okay dad, what about my mom? where is she? what the heck happen to her,” Janelle asked as she sat down beside him.
“i don’t know Janelle… your mom is nowhere to be found, she just dumped you at my door step when you were little i guess that the only thing you should know for now,” he said while she sighed.
“but why.. don’t she want me? she asked and Sebastian could sense the sadness in her voice.
“of course she does, i know mommy loves you so much but the thing i that why can’t i find her.. i sometimes feel.. she’s…
“feel.. what dad? Janelle asked. He wanted to say he sometimes feel Claire might be dead but he stopped himself from thinking that, that might make Janelle so sad.
Claire has gone to work while Joe was at home with Maja.
“staying home all day is so bored i just wished this holiday will be over so i can go back to school and see my friends,” Maja said.
“so don’t you like staying with grandpa? Joe asked.
“of course i do and you just remind me of something… your stories! she exclaimed happily.
“can you tell me more stories today,” she pouted.
“anything for Maja,” he smiled making her laughed.
“okay grandma,” Maja grinned looking so interested to hear one of his stories, suddenly she heard a knock on the door and she looked at her dad.
“are we expecting any vistor? she asked her grandfather.
“i don’t think so,” he said while she stood up.
“i will just check to see who’s at the door,” she said as she walked to door and open it- surprise by who she saw, is this for real…?? she was damn shocked!!!😲😲😲

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