💧Episode 4🩸
by Tiana
“anyway thanks for the ride,” mom smiled.
“Maja, you’re back,” she said when she saw me, i smiled then walked up to them.
“hi Maja,” Lewis said to her taking her by surprise.
“good day sir,” she replied then walked to her room.
“so are you that busy tomorrow? Lewis asked Claire while she nodded.
“yea, tomorrow is Maja’s birthday and i need to take her out,” she replied.
“oh! thanks for reminding me. If you will permit me i will throw a grand birthday party for her,” he said while Claire was surprise to hear him say that.
“what! that’s not necessary, you’ve done enough already. Am not planing anything special just that i and my dad will take her to her favorite place,” she said while he nodded.
“so when are you free, i just want us to talk because i have something very important to tell you. Please Claire i seriously need to tell you this,”
“huh.. you can say that now,” she said nervously wondering what he have to tell her, is he gonna fired her? but he’s been too nice to her these days and he can’t possibly fire her. Lots of thought kept running through her mind.
“not now, whenever you’re free just call me and i will come and pick you up myself,”
“that’s sound like a date! she said.
“maybe, you can call it whatever you want to,” he smiled while she sighed.
“i have to go now,” he said walking towards the door.
“thanks,” she muttered.
…Claire watched until he’s car was fully out of sight, she sat down so confuse and lots kept running through her mind.
“are you now friends with him? Maja asked, she walked close to her mother and tapped her.
“yes mom, why is he been so friendly with us, i thought he was one grumpy and very rude man who never like me just because am a friend to his son and because you’re his worker,”
“he’s my boss Maja and today being my first day at work he insisted to bring me home, i guess he’s just being friendly because he realize his mistakes,” Claire said while her father, Joe walked in.
“so do you trust him? Joe asked.
“he’s just my boss dad, and i don’t trust him one bit and just trying to act nice too, it couldn’t be nice of me i act rudely all because he want to be friends with me,” she said.
“but he have to know his limits and you also have to know your limits, you shouldn’t let this man deceive you,”
“i know dad, and am always careful around i just hope he’s intentions are good,”
“i hope so too, he’s Alvary’s dad and i don’t want to say bad things about him but the truth is that i don’t like him either,” Maja said.
“it okay, i understand you guys,” Claire breathe out.
The next morning…💫

“happy birthday my little princess,” Claire smiled as she playfully pinched Maja’s nose.
“mom,” Maja smiled, she open her eyes fully and stare at her mom.
“you just wake me up from my sleep!
“yea and that’s because today is your birthday,” she giggle while Maja smiled.
“am so happy and i think today will gonna be the best,”
“not only the best but the sweetest day of your life,” Claire concluded with a smiled.
“breakfast is ready, your dad is already waiting for us at the sitting room,”
“okay mom, i will just brush my teeth,” Maja said as she hurried to the bathroom.
“Noddles and egg sauce, my favorite,” Maja clasped her fingers together and smiled. She was already on the dinning table with her mom and grandpa.
“thank you mom, you’re just the best,” she smiled….
▪▪Later in the day… Claire and Joe took Maja to her favorite park…
“and i have one more surprise for you,” Claire said happily as she held her hand and they walked to a more nice place. Maja stare at a table which has three sit. She walked closer and notice the table was filled with different varieties of dish.
“i reserved this for you,” she smiled.
“thank you mom,” Maja smiled as she took her seat while her mom sat beside her and also her grandfather.
“you’ve all made my day grandpa,” she smiled
“you deserves more than this Maja, so enjoy your day and eat as much as you can,” Joe said.
“i love you all, let eat!” she yelled happily.
It was just the three of them and they looked so happy but then Claire felt so sad seeing Maja that way even thou she looked so happy she still deserves to know her father and also her sister. She haven’t know she even have a twin sister and she’s not ready to tell Maja about it. She felt so sad, this wasn’t the kind of family she wished for, all she ever wished for was to have a loving husband someone who will cherish and love her so much and for her family to be complete but now Sebastian is left out and also Janelle even thou it was all Sebastian fault because he left her, he chased her out of his life, she did nothing but to love him but he broke her completely and she even regretted why she have to dumped Janelle at his door step, she wished she could just get back her daughter from him and then her family can be complete again, she missed Janelle and hope she will one day see her daughter.
“you seem so lost mom and you’re not eating anything? Maja asked as she dropped her fork staring at her mother who was looking all sad.
“today is my birthday and you supposed to be happy!
“yea and am happy Maja,” Claire smiled then held her hand.
“i know i don’t have much to give you but i hope you’re happy with this, i just want to give you the best i can Maja, please be content with whatever i give you,” she said while Maja smiled.
“i know mom and am not complaining, you and grandpa are just the best and i guess am the most luckiest people having you as my family. You don’t have to feel bad because you’ve done enough to me already,” Maja said blinking back the tears forming in her eyes.
“wow, my daughter think so matured now, am just so lucky to have you,” Claire smiled.
“enough of mother and daughter moment, it time to enjoy,” Joe said while Maja laughed.
“yes grandpa is right, let catch some fun,” Maja yelled happily…

“happy birthday once again Princess,” Sebastian smiled.
“thanks dad,” Janelle smiled she was gorgeously dressed in a pink ball gown that looks perfectly good on her. The party was a very grand one and lots of guest attended, Sebastian friends, business associate and also Janelle’s friend from school. It has always been like this ever since Claire dumped her at his door step, he never missed to celebrate any of birthdays, it a good thing Claire indicate Janelle birth date to him in the letter she left for him.
Sebastian was so happy to see his daughter add another year today, she’s already fourteen and with time she will soon be of age to helped him out in the company. Janelle has been his source of joy and he wonder if Claire hasn’t bring her to him then he will end up being a sad man. He still miss Nessa and Kenny and wonder why life has to take them away from him but he misses Claire so much and wonder where she might be, he realize his mistakes ever since he lost his wife and son at a spot maybe that’s his punishment for pushing poor Claire away at the same time with his unborn, he wished he could get to see Claire and plead for her forgiveness, he just want to set things right with her because ever since Nessa died he hasn’t been in a serious relationship and all the relationship seems to crumbled, He broke up with Liza then Natie. Maybe these things weren’t for him and if only he could find Claire and ask for her forgiveness then he might able to find that peace of mind and maybe a good wife again.
“could Claire be still alive, what about her father? he thought sadly as he stare at Janelle who was happily talking to her friends.
💔Janelle smiled as she keep talking to Sally and Jones, she sighted Eric talking to Ruby making her smile fade away. She’s the school queen and everyone likes her, everyone wants to be her friend but she only choose Eric among all the boys to be her friend but she kind like him and now here is he, talking to another girl.
“is it Eric? Sally asked while Janelle rolled her eyes.
“seems she’s getting more attention from Eric more than you,” Sally smirk.
“you know how Ruby can be atimes,” Janelle frown.
“and seems you like Eric? Jones asked.
“whatever, anyway enjoy the party,” she said with a faux smile then turn to leave but bumped into Eric who was coming from behind.
“hey! she yelled angrily.
“oh, sorry. Actually i was coming to say hi but Ruby couldn’t stop blabbing nonsense to me,” he said .
” and you stood like a fool listening to her,” Janelle scoffed.
“am sorry, so happy birthday,” he smiled trying to change the topic.
“hold that to your ugly face,” she said mockingly then hurriedly walked away…
💦It 5pm already and Maja just return home with her family, she was so happy because it quite some time she hang out with her family like this.
“today was just the best, thank you for everything mom and grandpa,” Maja smiled.
“and thank you too,” Joe smiled.
“just go and freshen up,” Claire said while Maja nodded, she walked to her small room and smiled but her smile faded away when she remember Alvary, he couldn’t even come and she have no phone to call and know what happen. He wished Alvary was part of her day but it seems he won’t showed up. She quickly took her shower and dressed in something simple, she wore a pink bum short and a singlet then packed her hair in a ponytail, she walked to the sitting room and saw her mom and grandpa talking, they looked so serious but they quickly stopped when the saw her.
“is.. is there anything wrong? she asked curiously.
“oh.. nothing at all, we are just discussing something,” Claire smiled then stood up.
“i will just go and freshen up too,” she smiled.
“Happy birthday Maja,” a familiar voice when their door went open and Maja was surprise to see Alvary..
“Al.. vary..? she called, he smiled then walked in.
“good day aunt,” he greeted her mom then her grandpa.
“Alvary,” Claire called looking surprise as well.
“am just here to say happy birthday to Maja,” he said.
“oh, well here she is,” Claire replied then walked to her room.
“i thought you’ll not gonna come? Joe said.
“of course not grandpa, how can i forget my friend birthday,” he smile staring at Maja.
“i want to show you something,” Alvary said then held her hand and dragged her out with him.
“why are you coming now? she asked.
“because i know you’re going out with your family, what a perfect timing,”
“huh! how did you know that?
“my dad told me. Anyway happy birthday sweet friend,” he said making her to blush already.
“thanks sweet friend,” she smiled then pinch his nose playfully.
“am so happy to have a friend like you,” she laughed. He held her hand as he led her to where he’s car was parked, he ordered his driver to bring out the bouquet of flowers and also a cake.
“where did you get all that! Maja yelled in surprise.
“am seventeen Maja and i guess you’ve forget who my father is,” he said while Maja smiled. He picked up the picnic mat and rolled it on the green grass over there. He kept the flowers beside them then gently collect the cake and kept in on the mat.
“sit down here,” he said to Maja while she smile then sat down beside him on the mat, he lit the candle.
“it our small celebration Maja, now make a wish, just one wish and blow the candle,” he said while Maja was lost staring at him, how did Alvary know all these, he’s so sweet to her and she couldn’t understand this feeling, she knew she was too young for this but this feeling was something different, only Alvary can make her feel this way.
“make a wish…” he said pulling her ear.
“ouch! that hurts you know,” Maja scolded.
“you seems lost staring at me, probably because am so handsome but am jealous,” he said.
“jealous! of what and who? she asked with a puzzled face.
“am jealous because you’re more beautiful than me and only your smile can melt my heart,” he teased while she laughed.
“you know how to sweet talk Alvary,”
“yea, i got that from my mom,” he said sadly while Maja notice the sadness in his voice.
“you miss her, don’t you? she asked while he nodded, she pulled him into a hugged.
“it gonna be okay,” she cooed, they spent a while hugging each other but Maja pinch him, then tickle him making him laughed so hard.
“this the only way i can change your mood,” she laughed.
“now make a wish and blow the candle,”
“okay.. okay,…” she smiled then close her eyes, Alvary was lost staring at her, at her beautiful face, even thou her eyes were closed it still look pretty, her nose was perfect and her lips was the most tempting thing, she has a small pink lips and one could tell it was very a soft one. Alvary was tempted to kiss her as he drew his head closer but Maja quickly open her eyes and caught him.
“huh! you jerk what are you trying to do,”
“oh, nothing! he replied shyly. Maja just nodded and was about to blow the candle but he stopped her.
“what! i have already make my wish,” she seethe
“but i didn’t heard that..
“i said it in my mind,”
“but am suppose to know it, am your friend and you have to say it out to me,” he said while she sighed.
“okay.. my one wish is to always be with you Alvary, i don’t want this friendship of ours to fade away, i don’t want to ever break this friendship because it means a lot to me,” she smiled while he held her hand and squeezed it gently.
“wishes do come true and so be it, i also don’t want to lose you,” he said..
“huh.. okay.. okay, thank you i don’t want to get too emotional now, let cut the cake,” she sighed.
“okay,” he replied.
They cut the little part of the cake and Maja was so excited when she ate it, it tasted so sweet perhaps the best cake she have ever tasted.
“thank you for this,” she smiled.
“i have something for you,” he said then stood up and went to his car, Maja also stood up in surprise wondering what he have to give her again.
“a necklace! she said in a whisper when she saw it in his hands.
“it a locket,” he smiled then open the small ornamental case and Maja was surprise to see her picture on the other side while he’s own on the left side. It look so beautiful.
“Al.. vary, i can’t accept this,” she quickly said.
“it’s for our friendship Maja, so you can always remember me,” He said then walked behind her as he put the locket on her neck.
“it looks so beautiful on you,” he smiled.
“thank you,” she smile then hugged him tightly, this her best moment ever and she couldn’t describe how she feels- Alvary is one special person to her. She slowly disengaged from the hug but they kept staring at each other, she was completely lost staring at him, Alvary moved his head more closer as he held Maja then kissed her which took her by surprise… she wanted more of it but she resisted herself and pushed him. She can’t believe she had her first kiss with Alvary at this age, she’s just fourteen and he’s seventeen.
“we are not suppose to do this Alvary,” she said looking around to make sure no one was seeing them, if her mom get to see this she will be so mad at her.
“there’s nothing wrong…
“of course there’s something wrong Alvary.. i mean we are just too young for this and we are not even suppose to feel this way towards each other, we are just friends and nothing more to it,” she said then turn her back on him.
“is that what you see me as, just a friend? he asked
“yes Alvary, whatever you feel or think is just infatuation as mom always told me. We are just best friends and i will be glad if we keep it that way,” she said while he frowned.
“yes i know that but you’re more than just a friend to me, i know we are too young as you said Maja but i think i.. i think i love you,” he said while Maja was surprise to hear that, everywhere was so quiet and she stood speechless. Alvary went and stood in front of her.
“i love you Maja and am willing to wait for you.. until we both grow up as you want, i know you feel the same way for me but we should just be patience enough to wait for each other,” he said while Maja shook her head.
“it not even right to feel this way towards you Al..vary, we are just friends,” she said angrily, her heart was beating so fast as she told him that. They can’t be in love, it just infatuation, just he way her mom always said, they are just too young to fell in love and it wrong, so wrong,” she thought.
“is that what you want, to be just friends with you? Alvary said pissed off while Maja kept quiet.
“it okay Maja,” he said as he walked back to the car and ask his driver to drive. Maja stood in tears as she watched the car zoomed off, she stared at the mat then the flowers and the cake and lastly the locket around her neck- could she be in love with Alvary? she asked herself.. it just so wrong to fell in love at this age.. at least not now,” she thought trying to hold back more tears from her eyes…

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