💧Episode 3🩸
by Tiana
“Alvary! Maja exclaim, she was surprise to see him standing at the door with a woman beside him, probably his nanny.
“Al..vary.. how did you get here? she asked very surprised.
“my nanny bring me here, don’t be scared because i told dad nanny will take me for shopping,” he grinned.
“is that Alvary? Joe asked while Alvary walked in.
“yes grandpa am here to see Maja,” he smiled.
“you don’t have to worry,” he said.
“so what about Jordan? Maja asked.
“she’s at home, will you mind if my nanny take us to the park,” he asked looking at her grandpa.
“what! what did you mean? Joe asked
“yes sir if you don’t mind Alvary so much wanted this,” his nanny spoke up.
“please grandpa, we’ll come before mom arrives! please..” Maja pleaded.
“please Grandpa, just this once,” Alvary pleaded.
“okay, just this once Maja, please make sure they are safe,” he said to Alvary’s nanny while she smiled.
“thank you grandpa,” Maja jumped on his body and kissed his forehead.
“you’re just the best grandpa i’ll just change into something good,” she smiled then rushed to her room.
“thank you grandpa,” Alvary smiled.
Alvary and Maja arrived to the park, Maja was amazed by everything it been long she went somewhere like this, the last time her mom brought her here was during her last birthday.
“you’re so lucky Alvary,” she whisper
“yea- you have the life everything can wished for,”
“aren’t you happy with the life you have? he asked looking at her.
“of course i do, having grandpa, mom and also an amazing friend like you is more than enough for me,” she smiled then held his hands.
“here, i just got you this,” Alvary’s nanny said then as she hand an ice cream to them.
“thanks,” Maja muttered.
“thanks nanny! Alvary smiled.
“but why did your sister hate me? Maja asked Alvary who was busy with his ice cream.
“Jordan doesn’t hate you, she’s just like my dad and i guess i took after my mom. Jordan is just jealous…
“Jealous? that crazy, i mean you’re are the rich guys why will she be jealous of a poor girl like me,”
“yea, she’s jealous of us. With time Jordan will change so don’t mind her, okay..?
“sure,” Maja nodded.
..The rest of the day was so much fun for the two kids and later in the evening Alvary’s nanny took Maja home as agreed.
“today was great, thank you Alvary,” she smiled holding the box of chocolate the nanny got for them.
“thank you and hope to see you soon again,” Alvary smiled.
Maja walked back to the house surprise by she who she saw- her mother.
“where the heck are you coming from? Claire asked.
“mom..” Maja said slowly her head was down, she knew she was busted!
“where the heck are you coming from? she yelled making Maja to flinch, the box of chocolate she was holding fall from her hand.
“and who got you this? Claire asked again.
“enough of the questions Claire i told you i was the one who gave her my permission to go out with Alvary so it not her fault,” Joe defended.
“am sorry mom,” Maja muttered.
“i have warn you like several times Maja, why are you so stubborn you don’t even listen to me again,” Claire said bitterly.
“am sorry mom, you couldn’t allow me follow you to your work to see Alvary so he decided to come here,” Maja explained.
“am sorry mom, i promise not to disobey you again! i guess it for the best if i just stay away from Alvary even thou it gonna hurts,” Maja said trying to hold back her tears. Claire sigh, not knowing what to do, she knew the two kids were really into the each other, they were the best of friends but she always sense danger and she don’t want anything that will end up hurting her daughter.
“come here dear,” she said then pulled Maja into a hugged.
“am not trying to separate you from Alvary am just scared of the outcome, i have lose someone before and i don’t want to lose you too. I love you so much Maja,” she sniffed then hugged her more tightly.
“you’ve lose someone before? who was that mom? Maja asked as she disengaged from the hug.
“it nothing,” Claire said wiping away her tears.
“but mom what about dad? you’ve never told me anything about my father? who is he? Maja asked while Claire stood up.
“today was really tiring, i need to rest Maja,” Claire said as she walked to her room.
“grandpa.. mom never like to talk about dad? Maja asked as she walked closer to him.
“yes that’s because he’s no longer part of our life,”
“but who is he? where is he? please grandpa tell me,”
“aren’t you happy with us? he asked.
“i am grandpa, am just curious! she said in a sad tone.
“don’t worry Maja you’ll get to know that when the right time comes,” he said while i just nodded. Seems non of them are ready to tell me anything. I picked up my chocolate and headed to my room. This my favorite Chocolate and i guess eating it now will change my mood to a better one. I smiled when i remember about my day with Alvary. It was just the best. I guess mom was right when she said am really into Alvary and that’s because he has been my friend ever since i was six, he’s my best friend, someone i shared everything with, we understood ourselves so well but the only obstacle between us was that his sister and also his dad, i sighed remembering those two devils well at least Alvary always gat my back- i smiled at the thought as i chew my chocolate. so sweet!
✨After much quarrel and trouble for Sebastian he later decides to just let go of Liza, he realize she wasn’t even the right woman for him since she don’t love Janelle for the past one week she have been staying in his house- it was so troublesome, because she hated Janelle and Loren so he have no choice than to ask her to leave, he haven’t even married her, yet she keep multiplying more troubles.
…Janelle sighed as the stare at the sitting room, the past one week has been like hell to her because of her father so called fiancee as she thought.
“so dad what are you gonna do? she asked.
“do about what? he asked, he was already dressed up ready for work.
“about Liza, i mean you desperately need a wife or a mother to me as you claim to,” she said.
“am not desperate Janelle, if am desperate i would have still push through with my wedding with Liza even thou i know she’s just the little devil,” he said sadly.
“am sorry about, i don’t just like her that why and i guess she’s not the right one for you,” she said.
“whatever Jane,” he said.
“i don’t like it when you call me Jane.. Janelle is the name i love,”
“Jane- Janelle, is all the same to me, your mom gave you that name,” he said slowly..
“she did but i guess she never really care for me because if she did, she would never dumped me with you but as saying says: every disappointment is a blessing, i don’t regret being with you daddy because you’re always the best,” she smiled then hugged him.
“thanks and daddy loves you too, i have to go now,” he smiled back.
“take care,” she waved at him.
“Janelle! Loren called..
“nanny.. i don’t want to be late for school please get my things ready,” she said then hurried to her room.
💢few Years Later…💫

Maja smiled as she stare at herself in the mirror, she looks so more beautiful and that’s what Alvary have been telling her. Tomorrow’s gonna be her birthday and she’ll clocked fourteen years of age. Her mom promised her a surprise and also Alvary..
Claire was at the sitting room busy with her phone when she heard a knock on the door, she quickly went and open it but was surprise to see Gerald, standing with a bouquet of flowers. He smiled revealing all his teeth.
“this for you,” he grinned while Claire sighed.
“am not interested Gerald, you’ve become so annoying these days,” she grumbled then slammed the door.
“let me guess, it Gerald,” Maja said as she walked in seeing how angry her mother was.
“i don’t like him one bit, am not just interested in any man not after what your dad did to me,” she sighed while Maja sat down beside her.
“but you just have to open up your heart to someone who really love you,”
“am happy being with you and your grandpa Maja, you have to get ready so you won’t be late for school,” she said.
“and i guess you should thank Alvary for me whenever you see him, i was surprise when his dad gave me a good job, like a more pleasing job in one of his winery company and the pay is quiet okay,” Claire said happily.
“that’s good of him because you’ve been working for him so many years now and not am glad he’s no longer bothering Alvary to stay away from me,” Maja smiled.
“he’s a changed man now,”
“i hope so, i have to go now,” she smiled then walked out happily.
Claire smiled but her smile faded away when she remembered Gerald, she rejected his advances but yet he kept pushing. She remembered about Maja’s birthday, Janelle will also be fourteen tomorrow and she wished her daughter is here with her. She scrolled down her phone as she kept seeing more pictures of Janelle and Sebastian on the internet.
“tomorrow will gonna be a blast, my princess will be one year older*” she read the caption attached to their photos. Janelle has grew to be this beautiful looking so much like her sister Maja. What will Maja say if she eventually find out that she has a twin sister, she haven’t told her and even Sebastian doesn’t know of this. Maybe it was a bad idea taking Janelle to Sebastian after all, she felt so angry with herself. That’s the biggest mistake she have ever make,” she thought..
💞Alvary was done playing a video game with Jordan..
“am always the winner Jordan you can’t beat me to it,” he smirk while she rolled her eyes.
“whatever, am not just a in a good mood today that’s why i allow you win,” she said making him laugh.
“that’s what you’ve always say, dumb girl!
“am not a dumb girl! she yelled.
“yea, i know exactly how to get on your bad side,” he chuckle then stood up.
“tomorrow is Maja’s birthday, and am planing to surprise her,” he said to Jordan while she frowned.
“am telling dad right away,” she said.
“go ahead and tell him then i will also tell him about you and that crazy Jake,” he threaten while Jordan scoffed.
“is she now your girlfriend? Jordan asked angrily..
“am seventeen Jordan and i guess their’s nothing wrong in having a girlfriend,”
“of course something is definitely wrong Alvary, why are you so into that girl? she asked.
“because i like her Jordan and not even you will separate me from her,”
“okay.. we shall see,” she smirk then walked out while Alvary sighed…
❣Maja just arrived home and was surprise to see a car parked outside, it look so expensive and she wonder if it might be Alvary- she smiled at the thought then walked in but was surprise to see her mother and Mr. Lewis, looking so happy….why is he suddenly becoming friendly with us.. she thought!!!🙄🙄

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