1. Your husband is one of the best
husband in the world but you wouldn’t
know because you’re comparing him to
your friends husband.


2. If a man can cheat on a rich woman who drives big cars, who are you Rita with an itel phone with no charger.

You are just a stepping stone.

You need God

3. You know exactly that you wrote nonsense in your waec exams but you are still posting “God no go shame us”
Your village witches be hard pas the devil 🤣🤣🤣

4. Assuming one of our teeth is one million
how many will remain ???😂😂

Don’t come and lie oooo 🌝🌝

5. Palliative no reach us but now you wan make vaccine reach all of us🤣.
Abeg they should hide this vaccine the same way they hide palliatives.

6. Na Girl Wey No Get GOOD Character Dey FEAR Mother In-law 😂😜🥴

7. A woman only remembers 3 things in life:
a. The good she did to you
b. The bad you did to her
c. And the evil she is planning to do to you

8. Every child was once light skinned and cute. The problem begins when we started bathing ourselves 😍😍🌹🌹 *#*😀😀

9. 😲😲 Stop asking why some ladies cry on their wedding 💍 day⛪ Settling down with one man 🍑 is not easy😢😭😭😭

10. Some people will come to ur inbox and ask “Can i know you more! Something they haven’t said to their God and personal Savior 😂



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