💧Episode 5🩸
by Tiana
Maja quickly picked up the cake and the flower then walked back to the house, she wanted to throw it anyway but that’s way to stupid of her, she knew Alvary was only angry for now and by tomorrow they’ll try to set things right between them, after all he’s her best friend and she knows how to win him back again.
“what! Joe said in surprise when he saw the cake she was holding.
“huh.. Alvary gave me this,” she said.
“i mean this too much,” he said.
“yes grandpa, that’s what i told him too but he wouldn’t listen,” she shrugged and was about going to her room when her mom walked in.
“all these are from Alvary? Claire asked, staring at her, she was surprise to the shining necklace on her neck.
“and this too? she asked pointing at the locket on her neck.
“yes mom,” Maja answered slowly.
“i mean how can this boy give you all these,”
“maybe it Lewis that ask him to do so, am not just comfortable with all these,” Joe said.
“i know grandpa but Alvary is my friend, we’ve been friends for years so there’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about,” Maja defended.
“i know Maja but it not just right, and why will you even the accept this from him. I told you this before Alvary is just a friend and i hope you two are not in any form of relationship? Claire asked while Maja’s heart was beating so faster, this what she wanted to avoid.
“mom! Alvary is just a friend! Maja sighed then briskly walked to her room, she closed the door and dropped the cake on the table and also the flowers the smell so nice.
“i guess i will just share this my friends tomorrow at home,” she thought staring at the cake.
“don’t you think are guys are getting way to close with the Dela cruz? Joe asked Claire who was confused already.
“first it Maja and now you,” he said.
“i know dad and he also told me he have something important to tell me so we are going out tomorrow,” she said.
“i know what am doing, am just curious i need to know what he have in mind and that’s what am gonna do! to find out that tomorrow, you don’t have to worry dad,” she sighed.
▪▪▪ Alvary return home that evening so angry, so angry with himself and what Maja told him but of course he can’t possible stay angry with her for long. But why will she only want them to be friends? he wondered, He remembered about their kiss and a smile curve on his lips, he don’t even know what push him into doing that but it felt so great and sweet. He knew deep within him how he felt for Maja and he’s ready to wait until the day she’s ready to date him perhaps they can just be sweet friends for now.
“so why are you smiling like a dog who saw a bone? Jordan asked as she hit him on his shoulder.
“huh… when did you even come to my room?
“just now and you were busy smiling, let me guess you visited Maja today because today is her goddamn birthday,”
“so what did you want? he asked.
“mom want to talk to us,” she said, immediately a call came into her phone and she quickly answered, it was a video all and Alvary smiled when he saw his mom, it such a very long time ever since they both saw her.
“mom! they both said happily.
“oh, look at my kids now. You’ve grown so beautiful,” their mother smiled.
“yes mom we missed you so much,” Alvary said.
“i miss you too but the problem is that your son is already in love, he has a girlfriend already,” Jordan blab.
“oh.. Jordan can be so stupid atimes,” Alvary shook his head.
“don’t her mind mom, it not what she thinks,”
“you both should just be careful okay, i wish i will come and see you but work here is very tight and what about your dad? she asked sadly.
“dad is fine mom, don’t worry during the holiday am going to your place whether dad likes it or not,” Alvary said.
“me too mom,” Jordan pout…
They two kid talked for a long time with their mom it been six years ever since they both saw her because when their father divorce her she went back to Mexico and ever since then she never came because Lewis always threaten her, only him know her secret and that’s why he never gave her the access to see the children, she only call them on phone to know how they’re doing but promised never to tell Alvary about anything this was her agreement with Lewis before the divorce.
✨After work Lewis keep insisting to talk to Claire and she have no option but to allow him do so.
They drove to quiet but beautiful restaurant with less people around, that remind Claire about her first date with Sebastian, he only deceived her because he has a fiancee already the only time he told her that was then she was pregnant, after all he ever wanted was her body, she felt so much hatred for him and wished she never gave Janelle to him, if only she can changed the sand of time she will get back Janelle by all means and manage to take care of her.
“have a seat,” Lewis said while Claire sat down opposite to him and was surprise to see the meal set on the table, with flowers well decorated and she wondered if he planned this all along ed.
“you like it? he asked while she nodded.
“don’t tell me you have to go through the stress of doing this?
“i paid them to do this,” he smiled then picked a bottle of wine and poured the drink in two different glass cup. Claire glance at her wrist watch, it getting dark already and she’s not even comfortable with this so-called date with her boss.
“you’re not a kid Claire, by the way you glance at your wrist watch i bet you’re not even uncomfortable please feel free with me i don’t bite,” he said while she fake a smile and nodded.
“so what did you want to tell me? she asked.
“maybe i can tell you that when we finish eating,” he said while she sighed getting so frustrated already why can’t he just spilled everything to her.
They eat in silence but Claire didn’t eat that much.
“thanks for all these,” she said.
“it nothing Claire, after all you deserves it. I just want to know you more, i want to know you better and i hope you’ll give me the chance to know you dear,” he said while Claire nodded wondering where he’s heading to with that.
“most especially to know if you have any man in your life and what about Maja’s father, you’ve never talked about him? Lewis asked while she sighed.
“yes and that’s because i don’t want to talk about him,”
“oh! i guess you two might have some bad memories together but believe me Claire my intentions for you are pure because i love you,” he said, Claire was speechless.
“oh! thanks but am not interested,” Claire then stood up, her instinct were right after all this might be what he wanted to say.
“please Claire,” he said, his voice was cold and dark to her, it doesn’t even sound romantic to her ears, it even irritate her the more, that’s what Sebastian told her and it was all lies, lies and she vow never to be a victim of it again that’s why she’s still a single mother until now.
“you can’t just walked out on me,” he said while Claire stopped then turn to him.
“that the point Sir Lewis, you’re my boss and we are just two different people from two different world, you have a wife already and also two kids,” she said slowly.
“we are divorced already and that’s even a very long time ago, you also have a daughter but i still choose to love you,” he said.
“but you never like Maja, i don’t understand this! why are you even so close to us now? why now? Claire asked angrily.
“because i realize my mistakes and am sorry, i mean every word i said Claire, i love you and am willing to get married to you by all means just to prove my love for you,” he said making Claire get more angry with his words, it sound all lies to her ears.
“am sorry but i don’t think i feel the same way for you,” Claire said as she turn to leave but Lewis grabbed her wrist.
“i will make your life so good if only you choose me but if you don’t i can still make it miserable,” he said in a low tone, Claire landed a heavy slap on his cheeks, drawing more attentions on them.
“did she just slapped Lewis Dela Cruz,*
“*oh my God*
*she just played with the fire* few people around keep whispering that.
“stay away from me and my family and i will never marry you. I know am fired already and i accept that but i regret working you for all these years,” she said then picked her bag as she walked out immediately. Lewis stood gobsmacked, the slap really hurts and his cheeks was itching already. Claire just embarrassed him, his worker, how can a lowlife just slapped him all because he reveal his true feelings to her,” he thought bitterly and quickly left the restaurant in anger.

▪▪Claire arrived home, so sad about everything. She can’t believe she just lose her job within a blink of an eye, even thou he didn’t tell her he fired her she knew that’s what will come next, maybe she shouldn’t have slapped him but how he dare he tell her he can make her life miserable if she didn’t marry him, it doesn’t even sound right at all, she told her dad what really happen.
“i told you Claire, he have something up his sleeves, i guess you have to stay away from him and maybe apologies for slapping him in order to make peace,” her dad said while she nodded, she felt so scared now, all she wanted was her family to be saved.
▪▪Maja was in her room, today was such a great day for her because she shared the cake given to her by Alvary to her whole classmates and it was so much fun, she heard her mom’s voice down outside and quickly rushed to the sitting room to her.
“Welcome mom,” she smiled then hugged her.
“thanks Maja,” Claire replied sadly.
“and you look so sad,” Maja said.
“am just tired Maja, i have to go and rest,” she said then kissed her forehead before heading to her room.
“mom is not only tired but also troubled, what’s wrong with her grandpa? Maja asked.
“she’s just tired, you should just set her food ready and stop asking questions okay,” he said
“okay grandpa,” she nodded then walked to the kitchen.
@Lewis Dela cruz Mansion..💫
Lewis arrived back home that evening so angry, he vowed to make Claire pay for what she did to him, no one mess up with him like this. He called Alvary immediately.
“you’re going to Mexico on Thursday, to your mom,” Lewis yelled at him.
“but dad.. i mean today is Tuesday.. that’s too soon,” Alvary said surprise, that’s what he wanted to, he want to see his mom again but what about Maja, that’s the first thing he thought of.
“but why? he asked.
“don’t ask me stupid questions Alvary, that’s final, am gonna book your flight tomorrow,” he said.
“Alvary is leaving? Jordan asked as she walked in looking so sad.
“yes, he’s going to Mexico,” Lewis said.
“to mom, am also going with him,” Jordan said.
“not yet Jordan, you’ll stay here with me for now,” Lewis said then walked upstairs to his room.
“i guess he’s drunk,” Alvary said surprise by the sudden plan.
“aren’t you happy you’ll gonna see mom and even get the chance to stay with her,” Jordan said.
“of course i am but this really took me by surprise i don’t want to leave you behind Jordan i want to grow up with my sister beside me and i also don’t want to leave…” he paused not wanting to say anything.
“you don’t want to leave Maja too? Jordan asked while he nodded.
“i told you, you can’t continue being with her. Maybe dad is right we have been so far away from mom for good six years and it time we both should get to know her. You have to go Alvary to see our mom,” Jordan said while he nodded.
“I know that…,” he said sadly then walked to his room.

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